Wrist Dreamer Fairytale Watch Touring

It is said that everyone has a fairy tale of their own, this fairy tale is wonderful or plain, or mature or naive. No matter what, it represents the secret in people’s hearts. Today’s editor will show you the fairy tales on the watch and how watch designers can integrate their dreams into the square inch of small watches. Dreamer on the wrist, dreaming is wonderful.
编辑 Today’s editors will show you the fairy tales on the watch and see how watch designers can integrate their dreams into the square inch of small watches. Dreamer on the wrist, dreaming is wonderful.
Van Cleef & Arpels Five weeks in a balloon watch
     The watch was unveiled at the 2011 SIHH Geneva International Watch Fair. The design was inspired by a novel created by Jules Verne. The dial is decorated with enamel and mother-of-pearl inlays, and an orange hot air balloon slowly floats through the blue sky of Zanzibar. Soaring birds and hot-air balloon anchors mark the cheerful flow of time as retrograde hour and minute hands, respectively.
Details of the watch: Engraving or reeling to make enamel dials has always been Van Cleef & Arpels’s best practice. In a round white gold case, a dial made of filigree and inlaid enamel, combined with mother-of-pearl inlays, depicts a hot air balloon traveling the sky; the left side of the dial is a small fly-back trajectory. The bird is the hour hand, and the balloon rope anchor on the right side of the dial is the flyback minute hand.

Daniel Roth’s Venetian craps questionnaire This watch is inspired by the masterpiece ‘The Liar’ by Italian painter Caravage. Someone in the watch throws the dice and raises his arm while the onlookers can see the result of the dice, which is full of playfulness. It is a perfect and complex watch that integrates the 16th-century Venetian dice automaton and the minute repeater watch equipped with micro dynamics.
Watch details:
Daniel Roth’s manual-winding mechanical movement can sound the hours, quarter clocks, and minutes according to requirements, and is completely separated from the roll’s automatic mechanism. The coin thrower’s automatic mechanism is decorated with precious materials. The case and dial are made of gold, and every detail on the dial is manually painted, then dried and sent to the furnace for calcination. It also highlights the finishing touch. Daniel Roth’s long-lasting creative ideas.
Van Cleef & Arpels Bals de Légende watch Bal du Palais d’Hiver watches with dials decorated with mother-of-pearl and gold carvings, depicting a Hermitage ball in the snow and ice, like a magical world emerging from Russian fairy tales . The crowns of the Hermitage gathered. The prom theme was decided by Queen Alexandra: 17th Century Russian Palace.
Watch details:
Bals de Légende watches are decorated with mother-of-pearl, each with a diameter of 38 mm, and are set with diamonds on the case. The watch is equipped with a self-winding 24-hour poetic complication movement. The dial rotates once every 24 hours, which is full of creativity. The case of Bal du Palais d’Hiver is crafted in pink gold with a white leather strap. Van Cleef & Arpels uses different colors and materials to make the watch unique and noble.
Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Féerie watch In the wonderful world, all time is controlled by a mysterious fairy, and the fairy stick in her hand is the master of time. VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels brings dreamlike wonderland to life. The novelty of this watch is that it turns the mysterious tool of the fairy’s wand into an hour hand and at the same time turns the wings of a fairy like a cicada into a minute hand. The hand-carved dial is decorated with the Guilloché rope pattern decoration effect, which makes the dial appear thicker, and the highly saturated velvet blue enamel is painted, as if at first glance the fairy is dancing in the evening sky.
Watch details:
Most watches display the time with the hands around a fixed central axis. However, creative watchmakers are unwilling to be controlled by traditional methods and invent different display methods. This watch also cleverly combines the reverse bounce display technology, that is, the pointer will go to the appropriate position along the circular arc, then immediately rebound to the starting point, and repeatedly run on a certain arc. This repeated pointer action makes the flow of time moving in a beautiful and retro form.