World’s Top Three ‘artifacts’

Among mainstream luxury watches, IWC is my favorite watch. I have bought several because of the high value of IWC, which is in line with my aesthetic. (I bought a 150th anniversary of Bo Tao this year. A friend wanted this watch the other day. I did n’t have the heart to give it to him. I still prefer iwc of). There are now 6 regular series and 1 limited series in the country. The six regular series are Portugal, Portofino, Da Vinci, engineer, pilot, and marine timepiece; one limited series is the 150th anniversary series. One of the great things about IWC is that both the entry-level IWC and the mid-to-high-end IWC are very popular, and there are watches worth buying at various prices. Today I want to tell you about the three ‘artifacts’ of IWC, Mark 18, Bai Taohong 60, and Marine Timepieces. These three watches are all cost-effective, wearable, playable, and can be made, and they have bloodlines. pure.

From left to right, Mark 18, Portofino three-pin, marine timepieces, three great artifacts for the introduction of IWC.
IWC 18, 31800
 IWC Mark is a watch that I like very much, and it is also a watch that IWC is very “conscientious in the industry”. Anyone familiar with the nations knows that the history of Mark can be traced back to the 1930s, and the first Mark was launched in 1936, Mark 9. The historical mark is a true military flight watch. It was originally designed to adapt to extreme flight conditions and has served in the British military (and some Commonwealth countries). Later, Mark turned to civilian use and gradually evolved into a luxury sports watch. From the time of Mark 9 in the 1930s to the present, there has been no epoch (because the numbers 13 and 14 are not good, so skip 13 and 14 and go directly from Mark 12 to Mark 15). What is currently on sale is the latest Mark Section, Mark 18.

IWC 18
 IWC’s ‘industry conscience’ is that IWC did not turn Mark into an ‘unreachable’ watch (as high as the price of Dafei), but instead used the well-known and famous series of Mark as the entry-level watch of IWC It’s easy for everyone to have, I think that’s great. After decades of evolution, the value of Mark 18 has become very high. Mark 18 uses large broad sword pointers, digital time scales, and the 12 o’clock position is a double-dot triangle mark, retaining the consistent characteristics of Mark in history. The calendar window at 3 o’clock is very suitable for daily use.

IWC 18
 Many flight watches are very popular nowadays. Mark 18 is restored to 40 mm size (Mark 17 is 41). 40 mm is a medium size. The thickness of the wrist and all kinds of clothes can be worn. The Mark 18’s case is heavily brushed. This is the standard sports case treatment and it is easier to cover up scratches. IWC entry-level watches mainly use general-purpose movements. Mark 18 uses the 35111 movement, which is the 2892 improved and polished by IWC (the SW300 movement is actually more convenient to understand). After the improvement of IWC 2892, 7750, I personally feel good and very accurate. In addition, the Mark 18 also has a magnetically shielded inner case. While increasing the antimagnetic capability of the watch, it also conforms to the historical characteristics of the IWC Mark flight watch.

IWC 18
IWC marine timepiece, public price 40400
 The Aquatimer is a relatively small watch in the IWC. Compared with Portugal, Portofino and Mark, the circulation is less. However, those familiar with the watch market will know that the recognition of IWC in the secondary market is still relatively high. The IWC Marine Timepiece is actually a very historical series. The IWC Marine Timepiece was first introduced in 1967. But similar to Rolex Daytona and Paul Newman, when it was first launched, there was no fire. The IWC Marine Timepiece started to slowly fire until 1998. In 2014, IWC introduced the latest version of the Ocean Timepiece, which is also currently on sale.

IWC Marine Timepiece
 IWC’s new marine timepiece is a watch that I am very interested in, because IWC’s new generation of ocean timepieces are very individual, look like a deep diving helmet, are unique, and include the unique diving watch technology of IWC. The biggest technical feature of IWC’s new generation of marine timepieces is its unique rotating bezel technology (official name, safe diving system). The new generation of IWC marine timepieces uses a rotating inner ring, but this rotating inner ring is controlled by the outer bezel. This bezel is very powerful, there is a clutch between the inner and outer bezels, the outer ring turns forward, the clutch engages, and the inner ring also follows forward; the outer ring turns backward, the clutch separates, and the inner ring does not move. So as long as you repeatedly rotate the outer ring back and forth, you can control the diving inner ring to rotate forward (counterclockwise). This design of IWC is to facilitate the divers to operate the rotating inner ring under the water or wearing gloves, without the hand leaving the watch, they can always control the inner ring to rotate forward. This technology is unique to IWC’s new marine timepieces.

IWC Marine Timepiece
 IWC’s new marine timepiece measures 42 mm in size, with huge luminous hands and luminous hour markers on the dial, and the luminous light is sharp. There is a calendar at 3 o’clock. The entry-level version of the IWC Marine Timepiece also uses a universal movement, namely the IWC 30120 movement, and the IWC improved 2892 movement. Because I am very interested in this watch, I deeply remembered that I had met two people wearing this watch in Beijing, one was at Spres Ole and the other was at Joy City in Chaoyang.

IWC Marine Timepiece
Portofino, IWC 33600
 IWC Portofino’s three-pin, commonly known as ‘Red 60’ (because the 60 at 12 o’clock is red). Red 60 is one of the hottest watches in the world, because the face value of this watch is really high. The history of the IWC Portofino series is not as long as that of the previous marks and marine timepieces. IWC Portofino was first introduced in 1984. The earliest design was based on a pocket watch in the 1970s. The watch was named after the Italian town of Portofino. Although Portofino’s history is not long in IWC, it is now one of the most popular watches in IWC.

IWC Portofino Big Three
 IWC Portofino ‘Red 60’ has a very high value. In IWC entry-level watches, Mark is a flight watch, marine timepiece is a diving watch, all sports watches, only Portofino Red 60 is a formal watch. . IWC Portofino Red 60 uses willow hands, three-dimensional bar-shaped hour markers, and 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock are three-dimensional Roman numerals. Calendar window at 3 o’clock. The iconic willow pointers are beautiful and highly recognizable. IWC steel case Portofino Red 60 is available in three versions: white plate silver needle, white plate gold needle, and black plate silver needle. They also use the universal movement, which is the IWC 35111 movement (same as Mark).

IWC Portofino Big Three
 We know that Russian President Putin once wore the IWC17. Not long ago, the Italian Prime Minister visited the United States. When meeting with US President Trump, it was photographed that the Italian Prime Minister was paired with IWC Portofino Red 60, which shows that IWC is also a watch often worn by foreign leaders.

The Italian Prime Minister (left) wears a three-pointer of Portofino.

Russian President Putin wears the IWC 17.
 IWC, Ocean Timepiece, Portofino, the biggest feature of the three watches is the high cost performance. The three watches have a public price of 30,000 to 40,000. The public price is reasonable. The three watches are very distinctive, covering the three major areas of flight, diving, and formal wear. At the same time, the face value is among the watches of the same level, which can be said to be the face value. Take it. If you consider the discount, exchange rate, secondary market and other factors, it is easy to get started. Mark, Portofino and the ‘National Leader Aura’ bonus. The three watches of IWC, both new and old players, are very suitable for playing and wearing.
 PS. As for the question of universal movements. What I want to say is that the big complicated watch, the four-digit perpetual calendar, and the tracking needle in the history of IWC are all transformed by 7750. IWC is a master of movement reformation. IWC has always been like this, so I do n’t think IWC has a universal movement what is the problem.