World’s No.1 Gps Solar Watch Seiko Astron Asia Limited Edition

SEIKO, a Japanese watchmaker, celebrates the successful launch of ASTRON watches in Taiwan, and today (11/29), on the eve of Christmas, we have launched a special ‘SEIKO ASTRON Asian Limited Edition SAST013G ‘. As the world’s first wristwatch equipped with revolutionary GPS solar technology, SEIKO ASTRON and the brand spokesman international superstar Wang Lihong jointly launched a product launch in Taiwan in 2012. Its innovative technology not only shocked the watch industry, but also won the market. Affirmation and selling. The SEIKO ASTRON watch can grasp the user’s location through more than four satellites, automatically recognize 39 time zones around the world, and automatically adjust to obtain the local time. The new technological breakthrough symbolizes the future of quartz chronographs, and will move towards a new generation based on ‘100,000-year error one second’. Therefore, it has been favored by watch collectors who love advanced technology. SEIKO ASTRON GPS Solar Watch launched the ‘Asian Limited Edition Watch SAST013G’, with a suggested price of NT $ 108,000 and a limited edition of 80 in Taiwan. A strong silicone strap and an exclusive ASTRON watch box are included with every purchase. The luxury luxury watches tailored for the business people of Universe are more suitable for the global elites who live in all parts of the world as precious collector’s watches.
[Watch Model: SAST013G Recommended Price: NT $ 108,000]
Epoch-making taste innovation
     In order to highlight the value of SEIKO ASTRON’s limited edition in Asia, this time, a distinctive ceramic bezel design is used, embellished with a warm blue color, and a black and black dial. It is delicately carved. The silver hands and time markers are like a traveler travelling through the dark night sky when the stars and moons are empty. Before waiting for the dawn to rise, between the sea and the sky and the first light, they see the endless blue sea of ​​clouds , Or lingering in the mountains, or blending into the bay, giving people a sense of stability and harmony. With the morning sun pouring down, the calm blue constitutes an extremely important element in this beautiful scene. SEIKO ASTRON Limited Edition in Asia, the most dazzling design, let the travelling elite exude their stable style and luxury taste everywhere.
     Inspired by the lightweight structure of GPS satellites, in addition to the crown and push handles on the side of the case, in addition to the blue treatment at the same time, a new lightweight groove is used as a design to strengthen the three-dimensional layer; the case and the watch The belt is made of high-density white titanium with high gloss and excellent wear resistance. It is the most suitable watch for business people to wear for a long time.
Comes with a strong silicone strap to purchase
     Every purchase of SEIKO ASTRON Asia Limited Edition comes with a silicone strap and exclusive case, and a new reinforced silicone strap, which is 4 times stronger than the previous strap and enhances durability. With the replacement of the strap, it creates a strong personality Sporty style. SEIKO ASTRON’s unique Asian limited edition allows gentle and elegant hands to exude confidence and personality charm, symbolizing the ultimate taste of boutique watches. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you can see the sky, SEIKO ASTRON can accurately correct the time through more than four satellites. ‘Looking at the sky, you know the time’, SEIKO ASTRON will ‘time’ and ‘ ‘Space’ becomes one, and ‘time of the world’ is now at your wrist.
SEIKO ASTRON Asia Limited Edition Specifications:
Model SAST013G
Price NT $ 108,000
Case High-Density White Titanium
Strap High density white titanium / Tri-fold push buckle / With strong silicone strap
GPS satellite radio wave reception / automatic time correction / time forced correction / reception result display / ceramic bezel / hand position automatic correction / flight mode (receiving closed) / solar charging (full charge can store 6 months of energy) / Power reserve display / Power saving mode (about 2 years) / World time (39 time zones, 26 cities) / Perpetual calendar (until February 28, 2100) / DST daylight saving time setting / Two places time / Daily life waterproof 10 Air pressure / sapphire crystal (super anti-glare coating)
Luminous White Luminous color
Weight 132g
Table diameter 47mm
Thickness 16.5mm
Description Asia Limited / Taiwan Limited 80
With limited exclusive watch box and certificate