Why Not Treat Mechanical Watches As Contemporary Works Of Art?

Capital LAURA Lan Siqing / Chinese well-known watch and jewelry critic / Life art writer / Founder of Imagination Studio I think high-end manual mechanical watches are a game Not only that, the representative of performance art and contemporary art, this performance art also includes inheritance, tradition, cultural history and humanities, and handmade art. A guest at a friend’s house that day, a neon tube on the wall of his living room bent into cursive English words is Neon Art, which has been very popular in recent years. This is a new style of contemporary art creation, and it is also a less-familiar area. Like all contemporary art forms, all forms may be continuously developed. ‘You Never Know How Much I Love You’ by Korean contemporary artist Jung-Lee (picture from website oneandj.com) In September 2017 I was a contemporary Art event: At the Kassel Documenta in Germany, the first time I saw the ‘Perspective Dhuizon’ by the famous Polish artist Piotr Kowalski in 1970: a forest scene printed on canvas, integrated into a curl The neat English word ‘Perspective’ is fixed on top, and people keep taking photos to take pictures during the visit. Another unfinished ‘Neon Square’ produced for the 6th Kassel Document Exhibition, with the same color of cardboard lined with a neon background, mysterious and weird, mixed in all large-scale works, it was given to it for a while. Confused. Artist Stephen Antonakos created part of 1977 ‘Neon Square’. Can a neon-made work be called art? A ‘Monument’, created by artist Dan Flavin in 1969, is made of fluorescent tubes and is an installation art work that has been sold at Sotheby’s for more than $ 1.5 million. Artist Joseph Kosuth created it in 1965. The neon tube English sentence ‘Five Words In Yellow Neon’ also sold at Sotheby’s for nearly $ 340,000. Perspective Dhuizon by Polish artist Piotr Kowalski in 1970. In the 1960s, when Pop Art was in power, I think everyone at the time felt that such an art form was not desirable at all. Finally, the works known as Pop Art representatives are important works of the Museum of Modern Art. One of the favorites. The development of neon art is not as recent as we imagined. In fact, such an art form has already sprouted since the 1960s. Dan Flavin’s ‘Monument’, created in 1969, sold more than $ 1.5 million at Sotheby’s. Neon tube English sentence ‘Five Words In Yellow Neon’, created by Joseph Kosuth in 1965, was also shot at Sotheby’s. Over $ 340,000 (pictures from the website liveauctioneers.com). If you look at the design of a watch, especially a high-end watch with a higher handmade content, few people will discuss its aesthetics and artistry. We discuss artistic works and their media, methods, and techniques. We can return to watch works. We appreciate that it is mostly based on utilitarianism and pragmatism. Is that so? With the involvement of technology and machinery, can we not call mechanical watches one of the forms of artistic expression? The Excalibur Huracán Performante watch is made of carbon fiber with a self-winding skeleton movement RD630, limited to 88 pieces (photographed by @Kyle Kuo). I saw the creative ambitions of my friend Gregory Bruttin in Roger Dubuis’s latest work. As a young watchmaker, movement builder, and director of product strategy for Roger Dubuis, he took over Geneva The tradition of watchmaking is dedicated to creating the artistic representation of contemporary watchmaking. He is a watchmaker who has shocked everyone’s senses with technology and has created four escapement watches. He is also a movement builder who led Roger Dubuis to take the ultra-sport as the inspiration and bring the carbon fiber material into the movement structure. Gregory Bruttin, Director of Commodity Strategy, Roger Dubuis Headquarters. In recent years, Roger Dubuis has used hollowwork, tourbillon and other devices as the core design core elements. Hollowwork can be done by everyone. Roger Dubuis redesigned the hollowed-out bridge to transform the structure itself into one. As an expression of line art, the bridge is not only a necessary structure for fixed gear trains and stability, it is itself part of the aesthetic transmission. The star-shaped bridge fixes the main barrel of the barrel and the movement. It is both the core part and the first sight and highlight of the movement. Roger Dubuis has a unique mechanical mechanism: a double tourbillon device. The so-called artistic neon effect of Roger Dubuis presents: Excalibur Blacklight Roger Dubuis’ latest watch work Excalibur Blacklight (Photography Cong Day). Gregory Bruttin and I seemed to have the right heart. The inspiration for creating Roger Dubuis’s latest Excalibur Blacklight watch was neon. Gregory Bruttin saw the verse and text works made by neon tubes and decided to bring the concept of neon to watch design. After several experiments and attempts, the final method was found: a micro-cylinder made of artificially cultivated sapphire, and the fluorescent coating was introduced in a groove manner to distribute the entire sapphire cylinder, and this one was fixed. At the top and bottom of the movement, even through the miniature pendulum ring at 11 o’clock, the column structure is fully integrated into the design of the star-shaped bridge. The sapphire crystal will shine when it encounters ultraviolet light. Neon light. Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight watch, 42mm white gold case, equipped with RD820SQ automatic winding movement, 60 hours of energy storage, limited to 28 pieces, RMB reference price 91,5000 yuan. (Photos @ 丛 日) Like sculptural works presented by contemporary art, in the space with sparkling light and creative forms, spark people’s hearts, the use of lines and colors in the structure of Roger Dubuis’ movement, They are carefully arranged and sculpted into rigorous and striking works of art. I think all art is rooted in rigorous design foundation and strict and precise execution production. Contemporary art works may seem absurd on the surface, or they may only look like sensory shocks, but only rigorous and strict creative execution. Only in this way can the work itself be called as shocking pure art, then this is why I think Roger Dubuis can be regarded as a masterpiece on the way to contemporary art creation. The front and back of the Excalibur Blacklight watch are interspersed with sapphire microtube cylinders, which will shine neon effect colors under ultraviolet light. (Photography Day Cong) Roger Dubuy, who took the Geneva Seal as his brand’s self-expectation, must abide by the standard of watchmaking artisans that have been passed down for hundreds of years in Geneva. The modern way of obtaining the Geneva Seal is stricter than before. Not only must each movement design sketch be approved by the Geneva Imprint Committee for each assembly step, material and manufacturing method of each part, it is also monitored and supervised by the committee during the production process. The watch must also pass seven consecutive days of testing and observation for accuracy and performance testing. The entire process is not only time consuming and step by step controlled. In my opinion, Roger Dubuis is not only challenging the aesthetic advancement of traditional watches and clocks, but also challenging the traditional views and insistence inherited by the Geneva Imprint Committee for more than 100 years. In fact, the insistence of the Geneva Imprint Committee has brought Roger How does Du Bi’s driving force maintain the value of traditional handicrafts, while showing an extraordinary and closer artistic sense of contemporary aesthetics. You must know that the Geneva Seal has its own set of traditional and strict standards for manual polishing, assembly, and material use. I often worry about my friend Gregory Bruttin. He is so unconvinced and uncompromising. The standard of thinking is sawing and reaching consensus. But the most interesting thing is also here. Since the establishment of the brand, Roger Dubuis has been an avant-garde brand in the case, movement and mechanical functions. From the current point of view, it seems that the classics are just right, the unique and unconventional but also the most exciting. Twenty years later, Roger Dubuis is still advancing the pursuit of contemporary aesthetic pursuits, without letting go of himself or anyone. Roger Dubuis 1999 SYMPATHIE CHRONOGRAPH chronograph in rose gold. (Image from website acollectedman.com) Excalibur carbon fiber three-question tourbillon watch, the performance art of complex machinery, said ‘don’t let go’, but still have to talk about the creation of the Excalibur series carbon fiber case three-question tourbillon watch The resonance effect of the carbon fiber case conducting the time-sounding sound has been proven to be about 20% higher than that of ordinary precious metals. For Roger Dubuis, not only did the mechanical mechanism of creating the minute repeat timepiece not be a problem at all, but the creation of carbon fiber was already proficient, but this minute repeater watch still advances creativity and technology in several places. : Because of the hollow design advantage, Roger Dubuis will display the time, minute, and hour indications through the words on the dial. Under the hollow bridge, the viewer can observe the knock with the instructions. The action of the click component is normal or not. Roger Dubuis Excalibur carbon repeater tourbillon watch, carbon fiber case diameter 47 mm, RMB reference price 4,345,000 yuan. (Photographer Tony Wang) The wearer can also see through the 9 o’clock position indicator. With a hollow face plate, you can directly observe the movement of the movement parts, and you can know whether the safety mechanism of All-or-Nothing is in a completely normal state. In addition, the watch is also equipped with the gear shift function used by Roger Dubuis on the Lamborghini Tourbillon model, which can display the crown shift timing and winding two gears. The overall model uses neon green paint on the hour markers, bridge outline, hands, and part of the display. The stitching of the strap is also matched with the same color system, which runs through the prominent design style. The movement of the dual miniature oscillating weights works as a single winding at the same time. All the overall design is to achieve a more balanced aesthetic. It does not hide the slightest beautiful movement, nor does it miss the perfect harmony of every aesthetic detail. All-or-Nothing security mechanism and question mark, question mark and question time display on the faceplate are indicated by the words on the faceplate. In the Roger Dubuis watch factory, each part needs to be trimmed and decorated by human hands. The chamfers, surfaces, and every corner must be performed in Geneva based on the tradition of 200 years of watchmaking. The design of the building must also strictly adhere to the detailed and strict regulations of the Geneva Seal. Even the sapphire micro-cylinders, which are made of high-tech materials, dazzling designs, and even glowing neon light under ultraviolet rays, have broken through the serious classical style of traditional watchmaking and entered the colorful world of contemporary art under strict manufacturing techniques. The crown is switched between timing and winding. But the ‘rebellion’ behind them all ranges from the ideas of movement builders and case designers to watchmakers, watchmakers, and even craftsmen and engineers who operate microcomputer precision instruments to cut parts. A performance art performed by both hands, it takes them six months or even a year to complete a watch, and it may take several years to build a test prototype. The transparent bottom cover observes the watch’s unique dual automatic winding mechanism. If this cannot be called art, I doubt that art can ever be produced in this world. When we can begin to appreciate writing poetry with neon tubes, creating visual impact with space, and appreciating and collecting them as contemporary art, how can we neglect hand-made watches, such as Roger Dubuis, who study aesthetics and machinery Art watch is not an art? Lori-Hersberger’s ‘Momentum: I Would Rather go blind, than to see you walk away from me’ (picture from the website casadosantapau.com) join the circle of friends to search daxiedeluola My friends circle, and have the opportunity to join Luo Luo table friends.