We Are Helpless In The Face Of Fakes

Thirty years ago, it should be my first encounter with ‘fake goods’. Three ‘Hasbro’ Transformers bought at a toy stand not far from home. After a while, he ran home and ‘fitted’ with the other two transformers in the Wangfujing shopping mall. The plug of the link is loose and easy to fall off, and a little bit of toilet paper can be used to fix it. My dad said that it was fake for you to buy it.

   A robot model called the Devil’s Hero Altar was popular in elementary school. It ranges from 36 to 93 yuan in size. The most special thing is that each robot has a part that has been painted and painted. Students will love it. Do more than any robot. It didn’t take long for the robot at the entrance of the school to sell a robot for 20 yuan. The gloss and texture were slightly less than the original but not obvious. It was sold well because it was cheap.

   When I was in high school, I loved playing basketball, so I naturally bought Jordan shoes. Around 2000, it was difficult for Beijing to buy Jordan shoes at the counters of shopping malls, which were all sold in private sneaker stores. At that time, Internet access was not popular, and the source of information was very limited. Except for the original Jordan shoes, some training, special edition Jordan shoes, or basketball shoes with Jordan standards, we could not find its origin at all. Look at the workmanship, I bought it well, I’m sure there must be fake shoes.
   At college, you can wear tide cards, BAPE, NBHD, etc. You can basically buy the same copy of the copy in the underground of Zhongyou, Xidan, and only a few hundred yuan. For thirty years, fakes have been appearing in my life, and I believe everyone is the same. The 3.15 CCTV exposure every year is just the tip of the iceberg. For counterfeit goods, we are helpless and unavoidable.

   E-commerce and micro-business, we can see a lot of luxury fake purchase information every day, and watches are the hardest hit area for fakes. Teacher Yan told me last week that he recently came up with a Longines but could not find his next home. The reason is that the fake watch technology has been improved, causing some watches with a price of about 10,000 yuan to be unreal, and the watch seller simply can’t see it and simply refuses to accept it. For table friends, although we will not buy fake watches, it does not mean that the proliferation of fake watches will not affect us, and who can’t guarantee a watch.

   Many people think that the proliferation of fakes in China is caused by the rise of the e-commerce industry and the inability of the regulators to reach the Internet. In fact, when China’s fakes were the worst, it was around the 1990s. At that time, the market economy had just been established, and a perfect socialist fair market supervision mechanism had not yet been established. Many enterprises and individuals had found no way out, and the cost of making and selling fakes was very low. In 2001, the ‘two bureaus’ were established, namely the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to manage the fields of production and market circulation, respectively. Today’s regulatory framework is still based on this.

   Since then, China’s e-commerce industry has developed rapidly, but the supervisory layer of the ‘two bureaus’ is still mainly offline. It is precisely because of the lack of supervision, that we can now see a lot of fake purchase information on the Internet. Take Taobao as an example. We always say that the reason for the flood of Taobao fakes is that Ali’s supervision is unfavorable. In fact, Ali does not first represent the public power of the state. It only has the obligation to report offenders, and it does not have the right to punish these people. Secondly, as an enterprise, it is unrealistic to use all the power of the company to fight against fakes. Therefore, the proliferation of e-commerce fakes is still a system issue in the final analysis. This statement seems to justify the e-commerce platform, but it is actually the truth.
    The only way to combat the proliferation of counterfeit goods is to change the system and legislation so that counterfeiters and those who know and sell fake products will be severely punished. Under the existing circumstances, amending the law and managing counterfeit goods like drinking and driving is probably the only way to ‘there is no fake world.’