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Expect ‘seagulls’ To Spread Their Wings And Fly High

The editor, according to one of the ‘three big pieces’ that were in short supply by ticket, has carried generations of memories of domestic watch brands. Under the impact of the international watch competition market, it was once silent. In recent years, Chinese brand watches represented by ‘Seagull’ and ‘Yibo’ are struggling to achieve the transformation and upgrade of ‘Phoenix Nirvana’ and compete with international brands in the market.

多 How far is the ‘dream of famous watches’ of Chinese brands? Starting today, we are launching a series of reports on reinventing domestic watch brands, so stay tuned.

The predecessor of Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd. is the prestigious Tianjin Watch Factory. This state-owned enterprise, almost the same age as the Republic, has a glorious past: In 1955, it independently developed and produced China’s first domestic watch ‘Dongfeng’, and later changed its name to ‘Seagull’ for export.

However, with the passage of time, under the impact of the market economy tide, the ‘Seagull’ once fell into a dilemma of survival and development. Squeezed by international brands, domestic watches are difficult to enter the first-tier city shopping malls, and can only stop at second-tier shopping malls in large cities and second- and third-tier cities. In this scenario, seagulls can only survive by innovation.

Open wings for independent innovation

‘To break through the predicament and make domestic brands rise, the key is to take the road of transformation and upgrading, accelerate independent innovation, and make the brand grade.’ Lu Jun, general manager of Haiou Watch Industry Group Co., Ltd., told reporters, Level, to build the Chinese people’s own world-class mechanical watch brand, this is the new positioning of the seagull. ‘

In order to achieve this dream, ‘Seagull’ has adjusted and compressed electronic watches and other products since 2008, gathered research and development forces, and extended to high-end technology and complex movement manufacturing, especially to Switzerland, Germany and other high-end watchmaking technologies-tourbillon. Intensive battles in the field of complex movements.

At Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd., the reporter saw a high-end watch with a variety of functions including ‘Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar, Three Questions’. According to reports, the precision of this watch’s high-precision parts reaches the level of 0.001mm, which is equivalent to one tenth of human hair. ‘This is the second’ Tour Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch ‘released in 2008 after the ‘Seagull’s first’ Tourbillon Complex Movement Watch ‘was released in 2005. In 2008, we challenged high-end complex movements. A masterpiece of the pinnacle of technology. ‘Lu Jun proudly said.

‘Seagull’ has a huge investment in innovation. Since 2008, the investment in ‘Seagull’ technology has accounted for more than 7% of sales revenue, and the investment in hardware alone has reached more than 100 million yuan. In addition, ‘Seagull’ has also introduced international talents, technology, funds and other development factors, established innovation mechanisms, reformed employment mechanisms, innovative patents and project reward mechanisms. As of the end of 2012, ‘Seagull’ had applied for a total of 566 patents, and its technology development capabilities and patent ownership remained the first in China’s watch industry. At present, the ‘silver hairspring’ independently developed by ‘Seagull’ has reached the state-of-the-art technology level in Switzerland.

The successful research and development of ‘Seagull’ in the field of high-end complex movements not only excites domestic watches, but also wins the respect of international counterparts. ‘At the Basel International Watch & Clock Fair 2012, international brand exhibitors showed their thumbs up in admiration after watching this ‘Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar, Three Questions’ three-in-one watch in our showcase.’ Lu Jun said. It is this watch that has triggered international lawsuits between Seagull and a well-known Swiss watch company. In the end, ‘Seagull’ won the first international lawsuit in the Chinese watch industry in 13 years.

Brand marketing needs to be improved

Innovation enables ‘Seagull’ to win a ‘market cake’ for itself in the field of mid-range and high-end watches. At present, the highest technical level and the most expensive watch representing the ‘Seagull’ have been priced at 1.68 million yuan. The price of more high-end complex movement models is about 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, such as the ‘double tourbillon’ high-end The international top brands of complex movement watches are between 1 million yuan and several million yuan. ‘Single tourbillon’ watches, international brands at least 400,000 yuan, first-line brands reach 600,000 to 800,000 yuan, while the price of seagulls is about 100,000 yuan.

“’ Seagull ‘watches with similar quality and lower prices are gaining more and more consumer favor and collector’s pursuit in the market. Not long after the ‘Seagull’ watch was priced at 1.68 million yuan, two were bought by collectors.

The pursuit of the market is the best motivation. According to statistics, in the official flagship store of the ‘Seagull’ watch Tmall [Weibo], 98 men’s limited classic retro mechanical ‘Seagull’ watches sold for 3,200 yuan in one month. On the day of ‘Double 11’ in 2012, ‘Seagull’ watches achieved 11.87 million yuan in sales, and this figure was almost 10 times the same period of the previous year.

‘Support for domestic products, purchase of domestic mechanical watches’, such a call gave a good opportunity for the development of domestic brand manufacturers such as ‘Seagull’. However, some experts said in the interview that the ‘Seagull’ still has a long way to go before it can fly higher and farther, surpassing Switzerland’s top level. Because both in terms of investment intensity and scale, there is still a big gap between ‘Seagull’ and high-end Swiss brands, and the establishment of corporate brand culture also requires time to accumulate, and brand marketing needs a higher level of improvement.

‘Building an international ‘Seagull’ is our unswerving dream.’ Lu Jun is full of confidence in this.

Women Are About To Release Elegance

Women are always gentle and watery, gentle and graceful. Everything related to women seems to have been given a special temperament. Take watches for example. All women’s watches lack the masculinity and toughness of men’s watches. More so, they can read the exquisiteness and elegance of women. Today’s Watch House will recommend several wrists suitable for female friends Each watch is extremely elegant, exuding the unique charm of women.
Tissot Flamingo T094.

Basic Information
Watch Series: Flamenco
Watch model: T094.
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 316L stainless steel
Strap material: patent leather
Case diameter: 26 mm
In-store public price: New products are not yet priced
Watch details: 2671 automatic winding mechanical movement, precise operation under the transparent bottom, precision mechanical skills and soft and beautiful inner heart linger in harmony.
Summary: Although the above models lack the embellishment of diamonds, they are also extremely elegant. They are from people-friendly brands and the price is not too luxurious. For ordinary office workers or low-key and restrained ladies, the above models are very suitable for wearing , If you plan to buy a watch in the near future, you may wish to pay attention. Note: There are new products just released by Basel in 2015, and the specific price has not been determined. If there are changes, the editor will update them in time.