Watch House Forum Tablemates Meet In Beijing Station Successfully Concluded

On July 30, 2014, the theme forum event of Watch House [Beijing Club Friends · Beijing Station] was successfully held in Beijing Wangfujing Commercial Circle. After work that day, we hurried to our destination. This event is completely supported by the Watch House. It is intended to invite everyone to eat and eat together, talk about watches, and have a complete zero-distance contact with everyone.
  This event has a large number of registrations. We have selected 10 cousins ​​to participate in this offline gathering. Don’t be discouraged by those who haven’t participated in the success, we still have the next stop. Here is a little publicity. If you have a better idea about the content of the next stop, you can tell us. Specific address:


  Netizens rushed in from all directions, it was really hard, so we can’t wait for it. At 7 o’clock on Wednesday, we met at the dinner place on time. There were a lot of senior watch fans at the scene, and the moderator Lao Nian also came to the scene. Of course, there is the editor of our watch house. At the party, you and I were separated.


   With the netizens coming to the scene one after another, we also arrived at the dinner time, cousins, one after another, I had to stay and watch the baby.
During the party, the cousins ​​who met late and hate naturally became more and more familiar. There were a lot of topics during the meeting. From Tiannan Haibei to ancient and modern watches, everyone talked openly, not only talking about the development of national watches, everyone proposed their own Insights, and watch friends’ choice of watches has also received the advice and help of many senior watch fans.

   Food at the party:

  At the beginning of the event, when we got to know each other, everyone took a group photo to take a commemorative photo. The forum forum friends who were present included Xiao S classmates, old noodles, one ear of Beijing, and several senior cousins ​​from Weibo. We have recruited the country’s smallest cousin Andy, a kid who loves to mess with the camera, and a senior cousin who can distinguish all the brands present.

   Next, I would like to introduce the good friends who are present:

  First from my left hand, senior cousin Xiao S and his baby son.

  Next is the long-awaited watch home forum watch knowledge section moderator Lao Nian teacher-a teacher who takes good care of children. Lao Nian teacher himself likes children very much. Here is a quote from Lao Nian teacher ‘The most beautiful The picture is the child’s eyes, and the sound of nature sounds like a child’s voice. I would like to be with the children forever, giving them knowledge and purifying my heart. ‘

  New and active netizens in the forum-one ear in Beijing.

   The man in black in the second position on the right is senior cousin Pang, a senior cousin who is full of watch knowledge.

   Next, the deep male paper is also a senior cousin-Brother Wang (first left from above).

  The last two are cousin Mr. Sun (middle) and his friends.

   Towards the end of the event, everyone left contact information to meet each other next time-to continue to write the story of the watch family meeting of watch friends.

   Finally, we took a photo of the watch. For details, please click the link: 259 / 159272.html