Vivid Carp Lively On The Clock

There is ‘fish’ every year. This is the most commonly used greeting during the traditional Chinese New Year. If the vivid carp can be reflected on the clock, it must be well received by Chinese traditional culture lovers and watch lovers. welcome. Patek Philippe, the top watch brand from Switzerland, has customized a ‘Chinese carp’ clock to celebrate the opening of its source, the only one in the world! Patek Philippe Chinese Carp Clock
Patek Philippe’s ‘Chinese Carp’ clock adopts Baccarat crystal carved platinum-plated dome. Its dome, curved clock body and dial are all handmade by two layers of crystal: orange outer layer and transparent Inner layer, and the base is transparent crystal.
Patek Philippe Chinese Carp Clock
The carp embossed pattern of the cymbal clock body is hand-carved, and the dial is processed on a lathe with a cutting wheel. Use a cover screen during production to achieve a sharper cut and make the parts of the pattern more prominent. The edges of the pattern are etched to make the contrast between the frosted transparent crystal on the inner layer and the orange highlight pattern on the outer layer more vivid. Hand sculpting alone requires nearly 150 hours of intensive work by professional craftsmen. Platinum-plated hour dial with embossed Arabic numerals.
Patek Philippe ‘Chinese Carp’ Clock Patek Philippe ‘Chinese Carp’ Clock