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Anthony Mary is Abraham-Louis. Breguet’s most charming and loyal customers. The style and dignity of the French queen inspired the inspiration of Breguet, thus making the most gorgeous works. Breguet’s Marie-Antoinette ‘Dentelle’ fine jewelry watch. Praising the French queen’s love for fashion, especially the lace decoration, Breguet’s jeweller further perfected this platinum jewelry watch.

BREGUET Marie-Antoinette ‘Dentelle’

Lace trim surrounds the curve of the case and is set with 89 round diamonds weighing approximately 5.30 carats. The mother-of-pearl dial is also embellished with 123 round diamond laces and weighs about 0.3 carats, charmingly winding for a minute and a second. The spherical decoration at 6 o’clock makes the oval ruby ​​weighing about 1.3 carats more magnificent. The winding crown at 3 o’clock is decorated with a pear-shaped diamond with a triangular facet, which is integrated with the diamond lace decoration. Breguet buckle set with 26 round diamonds. The entire watch, including the case, frame, bezel flange and lugs, is set with 245 diamonds and weighs about 3.36 carats. Equipped with a manual-winding movement, this jewellery watch can be combined with a diamond-set riviere necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring, all designed with lace as the theme. Total diamonds are about 9 carats.

Breguet Le Désir de la Reine

The dress worn by Queen Mary at the time was as admirable as her jewelry or hair style. Most of these dresses are decorated with lace, ribbons and bows. Breguet was fascinated by these details, and inspired by this, he created the ‘Le Désir de la Reine’ fine jewelry watch. The bow that adorn this watch stretches to the partially frosted mother-of-pearl dial, and the pear-shaped diamond adds light to the bow, reminiscent of the dress of the time. Since women also appreciate mechanical technology, this 18K white gold watch with silk satin strap is equipped with a self-winding movement. The jeweller at the Breguet workshop also performed a bow on the ring, set with an oval diamond in the center. Total diamonds are approximately 5.2 carats.

Breguet Secret de la Reine

In 1783, Elizabeth. Vis-Le. Brune painted the portrait of ‘Marie Anthony and the Rose’ for the French queen. To commemorate this most famous customer, Breguet took inspiration from the world of Mary Anthony and created the elegant ‘La Rose de la Reine’ series, with the theme of roses held in the portrait of the queen, and made with shell relief techniques. This traditional shell carving technique originates from southern Italy. Today, Breguet has added a new member. This watch is named ‘Secret de la Reine’ and is also accompanied by a set of jewelry accessories including rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and made of Arcoy pearls, one meter or Two meter necklace. Generally speaking, the secret watch is to hide the time, and push the shell embossed rose to display the time. This beautifully embossed relief depicts rose petals, diamonds set on the watch and the symbol of this series, adding beauty to the relief rose. Available in 18K rose or white gold, this fine jewellery watch does not abandon Breguet’s promise to assemble a mechanical movement in a women’s watch. Therefore, this timepiece is equipped with an automatic winding movement 586, which can be coated by The top two sapphire crystals with anti-glare coating on the back cover demonstrate the movement. Total diamonds are about 3 carats.