Tissot Watches World’s Largest Flagship Store

Adhering to the brand spirit of ‘Extraordinary Creativity Originating from Tradition’, Swiss Tissot has been committed to the development of high-tech fashion sports watches. While actively participating in sponsoring many world-class events, it is also actively exploring Hong Kong. As for the Asian market, Hong Kong now has 14 Tissot flagship stores and specialty stores. In view of this, Tissot held a simple and grand opening ceremony for the world’s largest ‘Swiss Tissot Mongkok Nathan Centre Flagship Store’ on August 9th, and also launched the ‘Seastar 1000 Multifunction Chronograph Deep Dive Automatic Watch’. series’.

In order to highlight the uniqueness of the ‘Seastar 1000 Multi-function Chronograph Deep Watch Automatic Watch Series’, the conference specially built the new store as a dock, and invited the heroine of Gu Juji’s latest MV ‘Burst’, known as ‘Megan Fox’ Popular models such as Juliana S., Angelababy, newly-promoted advertising queen Sarah, ‘former girl’ Russian supermodel Marina V., and Korean supermodel Tsai Enzhen (EJ) put on branded swimsuits to perform a series of Tissot watches Nautical and deep diving watches.

In addition to the grand launch of the ‘Seastar 1000 Multifunction Chrono Deep Dive Automatic Watch Series’, Tissot has also continuously expanded its retail footprint and created a strong sales network. In order to be solemn, Mr. Fran? Ois ThiĆ©baud, the global president of Tissot, also came to Hong Kong from Switzerland, announcing the grand opening of the flagship store of Nathan Centre in Mong Kok, together with Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, President of The Swatch Group (HK) Ltd., and Tissot of Switzerland Hong Kong and Macau Vice President Ms. Wen Jinglei (Lenna), ‘Swiss Tissot Global Image Ambassador’ Huang Xiaoming and supermodel Zhou Weitong performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the lion’s eye-catching ceremony. , VIP guests and media representatives attended to witness this historic moment together.