Tissot Watch Authenticity Identification, Tissot Watch Authenticity Identification

The most direct way to distinguish the authenticity of Tissot watches is to judge from the appearance of the watch. The dial and back of the Tissot logo and Tissot brand on the original watch are clear and complete; the number of diamonds marked on the dial is consistent with the actual number of diamonds in the movement; the material of the back cover is consistent with the material used for the case; the glass is smooth and clear; the case There is no sharpness on the outer edges of the module; the coating has no bubbles and does not fall off. The dial of the counterfeit Tissot watch, the Tissot logo on the back cover, and the Tissot brand are illegible; the number of diamonds marked on the dial is inconsistent with the actual number of diamonds in the movement; the outer edges of the case component are rough, and there are plating bubbles, peeling or broken parts.
   In addition, for further identification, you need:
1. Look at the movement
   First of all, you must be very familiar with the movement model and movement identification used in the real watch. If you encounter a fake watch with a transparent bottom, you can discern the authenticity at a glance. Secondly, we must carefully observe the words of the movement. The engraving of the genuine movement is clear and beautiful, while the fake watch is rough and has no beauty. Finally, it is necessary to deeply understand the performance of the movement, such as the winding mode (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), the sound of the movement of the movement. The Tissot brand tag is marked on the splint or pendant of the genuine Tissot watch trademark; the movement is stable in the case assembly; the inside of the movement is clean. Counterfeit Tissot watch’s splint or pendulum does not have the Tissot trademark sign or the Tissot trademark sign has rough, fuzzy, skewed, or simply pasted with small copper pieces; the inside of the movement is not clean, and some movements have copper in it. Dust, hair, fingerprints, etc.
2. Look at the back cover tag
   If you look at the factory label on the bottom of the watch, usually there will be a brand logo and a watch model number on the watch label. Some watches also have laser laser anti-counterfeiting on the label on the bottom of the watch.
3. Look at the subtle places
   First of all, we must carefully observe the appearance of the watch, including the polishing of the appearance: see if the polishing method of the watch is delicate, the polishing of the famous watch is very particular, and the technology of the fake watch is far from it. Fonts: The fonts of true watches are full, while those of fake watches appear to lack confidence. Function: Most fake watches will work hard on the function. This is a breakthrough to see through fake watches. Many fake watches have functions (such as moon phases, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, etc.) that actually do not have this function. Pointer: The pointer of the real product can be distinguished from the fake by the length, thickness, shape and material. For example, the ‘blue steel hands’ often used in high-end watches, the hands of real watches are full of bluish blue, fired by complicated processes, and the blue of fake watches is brushed up. Panel: The dials commonly used in high-end watches include enamel, engraving, metal radiation, shell shells, etc. Some watches also have their own unique technologies, such as Rolex’s computer disks, Cartier’s pure gold-plated silver carving Disk surface, etc. Diamond and setting technology: Look at the setting technology, quality and size of the diamond.
4. Watch glass
   Tissot official website official watch glass is made of sapphire crystal glass, the easiest way to distinguish is to tap the surface of the glass with your finger, the real sapphire crystal will emit a crisp sound.
5. Look at the digital number identification
   Take a closer look at all the numbers and signs on the bottom cover of the Tissot watch. The fake watch is usually irregular, and it does not even correspond to the number of digits of the real watch. The true watch is individually numbered.
6. Look at the icon mark
   Includes the strap imprint, buckle imprint, case imprint, lug imprint, and gold-specific pattern and digital imprint.
7. Look at the hidden place
   Observe all sides, such as the inside of the strap (the head has a number). These are the hardest things to do with fake watches and the easiest place for buyers to overlook.
8. Look at the traditional craftsmanship
   They are all traditional craftsmanship, such as the shape of screws, the grinding and engraving of the bottom of the watch, and the special markings of some watch factories on their watches.
9. Watch strap
   The straps of high-end watches are made of high-quality crocodile leather, hand-stitched, regardless of material technology.
10. Watch box and certificate
   The workmanship of the watch box also reflects the value of the famous watch. The watch box of the high-end watch is very elegant. The certificate will also be printed with the watch model and unique production serial number. Some certificates will have pinhole drilling technology to put the watch number on the certificate to prevent counterfeiting.
11. Look at the check mark identification
   At present, local trademark offices must conduct batch inspections on imported Tissot watches operated by some large-scale shopping malls and reputable collective and individual stores, and issue a certificate of compliance if they pass the inspection, and issue a laser security mark. When purchasing imported Tissot watches, you should check the vendor’s inspection certificate and whether the number on the laser anti-counterfeiting mark is within the number listed on the certificate.
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