Tissot Valence Series Automatic Mechanical Watch Introduction

This is another main thrust of Tissot. The Valence series automatic mechanical chronograph with both fashion and sports elements! The Valence series combines fashion elements and dynamic design to bring the wearer’s sports characteristics Show no doubt. In addition, the latest automatic chronograph is equipped with an advanced C01.211 movement, which not only successfully integrates sports and fashion elements seamlessly, but also meets more people who have special hobbies for mechanical watches.

Sports fashion
The Valence series is called Veloci-T in English, which means? # 36805; 捷? # 65292; with a sense of speed. The watch is exquisitely decorated in the dial and bezel, which reflects the strong sports style. The circular lines on the dial’s outer ring are reminiscent of a passionate race track; the chronograph dial resembles a racing oil gauge; the small seconds dial resembles a racing tachometer, full of mechanical feel; the dial’s outer ring is particularly marked with the scale of every minute -Arabic numerals 1-15, more direct when reading, suitable for speed racing of electric light flint. The watch also has a tachometer that measures speeds from 60 to 400 km / h. It can be used to measure the average speed of a car while driving, closely linking motorsports with the high-end watchmaking industry. At the same time, the watch’s three-dimensional scale and rich texture crown reflect Tissot’s unswerving pursuit of detail. In addition to the 316L stainless steel strap of the Valence series, the Valence series also uses a rubber strap, which is similar in material to racing tires and has strong wear resistance.
The Tissot Valence series automatic mechanical chronograph with a sporty appearance is equipped with C01.211 movement. It is the latest mechanical automatic chronograph movement developed by ETA. It relies on more efficient? # 38646; 件 块? # 32467; structure, using fewer parts to achieve very good timing results. Because the reduction of parts can minimize the mechanical wear caused by friction between parts, thus ensuring accurate timing.
Fashion tension
The powerful Tissot Valence series automatic chronograph mechanical watch provides different styles to choose from, and the wearer can match according to his own style. One of them uses black as the main color, and the overall design and shape of the rubber strap is full of engraving. All the chronograph dials on the dial are black to match the black tone of the entire watch. The other one uses a metal strap, and the two chronograph discs on the dial have a silver-white background to form a strong contrast. The chronograph hands are black for easy viewing by the wearer.
Tissot also specially designed a more fashionable tension white tape with pink gold bezel for women.It perfectly integrates trendy fashion elements into this Swiss-made automatic chronograph mechanical watch, which can be said to be fashionable and high-grade Best endorsement. No matter what kind of combination, you can observe the balance wheel working constantly through the round transparent window on the back of the case, so that you can feel the instant flow of time.