Time Is Timeless Classic Five Blancpain Precious Watches Awards

Blancpain started from the Swiss watch ‘Silicon Valley’ in the Jura Valley in 1735, adhering to the spirit of innovation and tradition of the brand, insisting on the belief of making only mechanical watches, reflecting the distinguished taste of high-end Swiss watchmaking. All movement production, complex functions and extraordinary craftsmanship are completed completely independently. Since its birth, its powerful movement factory has only provided movements for high-end brands. It is known as ‘the founder of classic timepieces’.
Caruso Minute Repeater

   If there is no Blancpain, Carloso’s legendary function can only be the icy name in the history of watches and textbooks, but Blancpain does more than that. It also combines this function with the three questions and uniquely combines the Spring Palace activities. Puppets, when you start the minute repeater function, the grace of the moving Spring Palace puppets can only be viewed closely and not verbal.
Meteor Rain Tourbillon

   The meteor shower cuts through the sky, and it is rare to see it spectacularly. There is an old saying in the West: The wish made in the face of a meteor shower will soon be realized. This shows the romance and mystery of the meteor shower. Blancpain, which has always been pursuing top-level complex watchmaking craftsmanship, has used brilliant diamonds to create an unprecedentedly gorgeous meteor shower between square inches. The realization of such a spectacular scene can be attributed to the unremitting research of Blancpain mosaic masters.
Chinese Calendar Form Platinum Edition

   For those who love Chinese traditional culture and Chinese studies, Blancpain Chinese calendar will make you love it. This world-famous, Blancpain unique watch integrates the traditional Chinese calendar with the western timekeeping method. It has a total of 5 and a half years of research and development, with 464 parts. Unique and elegant.
Caruso Moon Phase Watch 6622L

   Without Blancpain, Carloso’s legendary function could only be reduced to a noun in the history of clocks and watches. This is Blancpain’s unparalleled technology, and it is also a reflection of Blancpain’s top watchmaking skills. When the rare Carrousel Blancpain legendary moon phase face, this watch is a legend on your wrist.

   The Ladybird watch has always been with its exquisite and exquisite shape, like a cute mini beetle flying around the world of women’s watches, and is favored by countless women. Its 15.7mm Cal.6150 self-winding movement, which has been on the market since 1995, has been one of the smallest circular movements in the world, perfectly interpreting the ‘small and exquisite’ aesthetic inner drama of women. And this watch is unique in that the beetle pendant at 6 o’clock is in the shining room, adding a charming style to your wrist.