The World’s First Mb & F Store Opened In Beijing

The new MB & F store will open in Beijing Yintai Center in mid-October, and will hold an opening ceremony in early December to officially enter the essence of Beijing’s business district.

MB & F Beijing Store is the world’s first watch store dedicated to the brand, presenting the most complete watch series of MB & F, including Horological Machines, Legacy Machines and Performance Art series with 3D design, presenting art and exquisite watch craftsmanship. A masterpiece of excellence.

The store will open in mid-October, and for the solemnity, the brand will hold a grand opening ceremony in early December. At that time, MB & F will launch a limited edition Horological Machine exclusive model to celebrate the opening of the store.

Beijing Yintai Center, where the specialty stores are located, brings together a number of fashionable luxury brands, high-end bars and restaurants. The style of the mall is low-key luxury with a beautiful sky garden, which is one of the best high-end boutique malls in Beijing. Not only does Beijing have China’s famous dynasty palaces and quaint temple buildings, plus magnificent stone walls and city gates, countless treasures and a glorious history and a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere interweave a magnificent vigor, making Beijing a MB & F The first choice to open the world’s first specialty store.

The MB & F store will be operated by the designated distributor, Jiahua Hezhong Investment Group, and its group president, Mr. Li Shu, hopes to bring MB & F into the Chinese market by cooperating with the brand China’s general agent, Europe Square Group and MB & F Share this unique watch art with domestic watch lovers.
MB & F founder Maximilian B├╝sser said: ‘I am very happy to open the first MB & F store in Beijing, which has strengthened our relationship with our Chinese distributor partners Jiahua Hezhong Investment Group and Europa Group.’- –