The Hublot Hublot In China Polo Open Is The Official Timekeeper, Helping To Experience Speed And Passion

September 30, 2018, Beijing at the end of September has already entered the autumn. Coinciding with the golden autumn season, the final of the Chinese Polo Open was held in Beijing Tang Polo Club. As the official timekeeper of the Chinese Polo Open, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT Hublot will race against time and take us to experience speed and passion.

   The Tang Dynasty Polo Club, which is holding the final of the China Polo Open, is located in the Tongzhou District of Beijing. The club has two international standard playing lawns, 100 stables, and a 5,600 square meter indoor polo equestrian training center. Most of the horses in the stables come from Australia, Argentina, Britain and other countries. They are professional polo horses with proven pedigree. Since its inception, the Tang Polo Club has been committed to promoting polo in China, developing professional polo events, and contributing its own strength to the sport of polo.

China Polo Open Finals

    At the event, HUBLOT made a stunning debut with the BigBang series, following the classic design of the brand, incorporating bold design and colorful colors, showing the brand’s exclusive charm.

HUBLOT exhibited works
    One of the most eye-catching watches on display is this brand new special watch from the China Polo Club. This watch is a brand specifically tailored for the Tang Polo Club, incorporating polo elements into this tourbillon chronograph, the small seconds at 2 o’clock and the polo elements on the outer edge of the tourbillon at 6 The design is the icing on the cake of the watch, showing the spirit of hard work in polo.

China Polo Club Special Watch

   HUBLOT Hublot invited Mr. Liu Shilai, the founder of the Tang Polo Club, to explain the history of polo development and the basic knowledge of polo, so that we can better understand the polo knowledge.

Mr. Liu Shilai, Founder of Tang Polo Club
    A total of three teams participated in the final of the Chinese Polo Open this time, competing for the final championship. On the field, the players were galloping, sweating, and the autumn wind ignited the battle on the field.

The heroic players on the field
    As the official timepiece of the final of the China Polo Open, HUBLOT Hublot not only helps the referees record the game time, make more fair and fair penalties, and control every square inch, but also witness the players on the field Moments of passion and wonderful moments. HUBLOT is not only the time controller on the field, but also the recorder of sports moments. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)