The Fusion Of Time And Image Tasting Hamilton Odc X-03 Watch

Among many film and television works, a classic timepiece can highlight the character’s personality, make his image fuller, and impress the character from the side. Such watches often come into people’s sight with a special mission, making them have a strong interest in this special wrist watch. Well-known watch brand Hamilton has participated in film and television dramas many times. In 2017, Hamilton and Star Trek jointly launched a modern technology OMD X-03 watch with inspiration from modern technology The ‘Endurance’ spacecraft in the film combines the high quality, superb craftsmanship, reliable and durable performance that Hamilton has always required, and the beautiful and attractive appearance of the spacecraft, injecting the charm of modern technology into traditional mechanical timepieces. Among them, the brand’s unique watchmaking style. (Watch model: ODC X-03)

Timepieces born to celebrate classic dedication

   Since the beginning of 1951, Hamilton has been inextricably bound up with Hollywood. In the Oscar-nominated film ‘Frogman Undersea Wars’ at the time, the Navy Frogman wearing a Hamilton diving watch created a distinct image of underwater heroes. Since then, Hamilton has continued to collaborate with producers and prop makers to create a number of classic wristwatches, making each character wearing it fuller. As of 2017, Hamilton has collaborated with Hollywood masterpieces such as ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘Interstellar’ to launch new era masterpieces with distinctive characteristics.
Maverick design

Hamilton ODC X-03
   As the third theme watch for Hamilton, the brand also incorporates the classic elements of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ into it, showing the unique charm of combining time with science fiction film and television.

Black PVD-coated titanium case
   The watch uses a 49mm PVD black titanium case. Compared to traditional metal cases, titanium is more lightweight, sturdy and durable. Under the technical appearance, it can protect the watch well at the wrist. It is modern Popular watchmaking material for tech watches.

3D printed Jupiter dial and function display
   The bold and subtle dial consists of three small black dials that “encircle” around Jupiter, inspired by the gaskets and rivets of the “Perpetual” spacecraft, all highlighting the design style that fits the space age. The three-time zone time is displayed by three small dials. ‘HOME’, ‘LOCAL’, and ‘UTC’ correspond to home time, local time, and world standard time. The unique dial is an innovative design that pays tribute to Kubrick’s giant system. The dial is made with the latest technology such as 3D printing and laser engraving, showing a strong sense of technology in the watch.
Triple Movement Concerto Overture

ETA 2671 automatic movement / 2 ETA 901.001 quartz movements
   On the back of the watch, key figures of the magnificent Jupiter are engraved. Using ETA 2671 automatic movement / 2 ETA 901.001 quartz movements, the ‘performance’ movement makes the dial three time zone functions more intuitive and easy to adjust individually.

Black fabric strap display
   The black fabric strap is lined with rubberized leather, which is comfortable, practical and durable. With a black PVD-plated titanium buckle, it can protect the watch well and not fall off easily.

Hamilton ODC X-03
Summary: The outstanding elements of the two classic films are combined into one, combining reliable and practical functions with modern technology materials and craftsmanship, showing the unique sci-fi charm and style of the watch. Limited edition of 999 watches, watch friends who like this watch, may wish to enter the brand store and see its style. Watch price: CHF 3,500