Swatch Reveals That Its International Can Support The Creative Contest Champion

Every summer, the ITS International Talent Support Creative Contest, hosted by the legendary godmother Barbara Franchin in the fashion industry, will debut in an Italian town on the Adriatic coast. From July 11th to 12th, in Trieste, Italy, the 2015 international talent support ITS competition was in full swing. 10 ITS ‘Art Works’ finalists from 8 countries showed them in front of Swatch’s strong jury. Swatch is an inspired art creation. After a wonderful fashion show, the winners of each competition category (fashion, jewelry, accessories, art works, etc.) were announced one by one at the ITS contest site.
   The ITS international talents support creative contest has always been the best platform for the new generation of creative design talents to show their talents. Entering the 14th year, the ITS creative contest has begun to explore the ‘future’ in this competition. Young designers from the world’s top fashion, accessories and jewelry design colleges bring their limitless creativity to the Italian town of Trieste to compete in one or more awards. Since 2014, Swatch and ITS have jointly established the ITS Art Awards, and will continue to expand cooperation in this year’s competition. Swatch creative director Carlo Giordanetti said, ‘We look forward to discovering young talents who are expected to be the stars of the future. We believe that they are connected to the future, and we hope that they can pass the wonderful, future-driven and eye-opening beauty Ideas to show us their perspectives and aspirations: this is what the 2015 ITS Art Design Awards mean. ‘
2015 ITS Art Works Design Award

    Hiroki Kataoka from Japan successfully won the 2015 ITS Art Design Award. Carlo, the global creative director of Swatch, shared the evaluation of the jury: ‘The judges believe that there is a very important element in Hiroki’s work that he uses. Interesting material. The entire work is both deep and dynamic in a light and Swatch style. We all think he is very promising, which is why we choose to continue to support him in the coming year. ‘Hiroki Kataoka will receive Large cash prizes and opportunities to showcase new works at the next ITS. The award is based on a collaboration with Swatch and is designed for pure artistic talent.
Swatch Awards

    At the contest site, Shay Tako from Israel won the Swatch Awards with the unanimous favor of the Swatch judges. This award is Swatch’s commitment to supporting the new generation of creative design talents. In addition to receiving a six-month paid internship at the Swatch Creative Lab in Zurich, Switzerland, there are also cash awards. Carlo, global creative director of Swatch, commented on Shay Tako: ‘Shay’s work is full of amazing interaction, fun and curiosity, and he also actively expressed the importance of establishing different communities in the future.’
Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center Award

   As the finalists’ participation level was beyond imagination and excellence, the Swatch judging team temporarily decided to add a third award at the award site: ‘Swatch Peace Art Center Award’. The winner is Alexis Gautier from France. The winners can not only participate in the 6-month residence project at the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai, but also have the opportunity to further cooperate with the studio of Chinese designer Uma Wang.
Swatch ITS Jury

    The jury of this Swatch competition unit is very strong, composed of many famous people in different fields, including music, art and fashion. Each judge will select the winner after a difficult selection based on their unique perspectives and perspectives. Members of the jury include: Chinese international fashion designer Uma Wang, Dutch artist Sigrid Calon, French curator Olivier Borgeaud, Swiss fashion blogger Sabrina Pesenti, Italian editor of Flash Art Magazine GeaPoliti, Swiss International Broadcast Festival Festival Director Darryl Von Däniken, Carlo Giordanetti, Global Creative Director, Swatch.