Active ‘strongest’ Omega

It is not too late to get to the topic. Omega brothers have bought more and played more. The Euro I want to talk about today is a special watch. This watch is currently one of the most powerful omegas on the market, with high configuration and of course ‘expensive’.
   The reason why I say it is ‘the strongest active duty’ Omega, because the strongest watch of all Omega watches must be the most expensive Omega Tourbillon 30I sold in history last year (the transaction price was 1.42 million Swiss francs, about RMB 9.55 million). ). What I want to say below is one of the most powerful and powerful Omegas currently on sale, the Omega Seahorse Marine Universe GMT ‘Dark Ocean Black’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Dark Ocean Black’).

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ series.
The word formidable is bound to be reflected in price.

   Let’s talk about the price this time. The reason why I wanted to say this watch was that after Omega released the ‘Dark Sea Black’, I was shocked when I saw the watch’s fair price. Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ (including ‘Deep Ocean Blue’ is a blue ceramic shell with a different color version) has a public price of 84,000. Brothers who are familiar with the watch market, I think everyone knows instantly what this price represents. The Rolex Nigga’s public price is 65900; Blancpain steel case 50 噚 Bathysacaphe is 79500; Blancpain titanium case 50 噚 Bathysacaphe is 87500 (ceramic case is 98000). Obviously, the public price of Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ is already a level of Blancpain 50 噚 Bathysacaphe, surpassing the steel case 50 噚 Bathysacaphe.

The three most famous luxury diving watches in the world, from top to bottom, are the Omega Seahorse, Rolex Submariner and Blancpain 50 噚.

   Omega Seahorse, Rolex Water Ghost, Blancpain 50 噚, the world’s three most famous luxury diving watches. As we all know, among these three watches, Omega and Rolex are positioned, and Blancpain’s brand positioning is higher than Rolex and Omega. Therefore, Blancpain 50 噚 is the most expensive, which is reasonable. Now, the price of Omega’s hippocampus ‘Deep Ocean Black’ has reached Blancpain’s level, what is the situation?
The situation is that the configuration of this Omega watch is really high.
   Diving watches are more fun, because a ‘tool table’ like a diving watch can be configured ‘patch and fight’. Omega’s ‘Dark Sea Black’ has such a high public price, and there are high reasons for it. So let’s take a look at the configuration of this table.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ black version.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ Blue Version.
   A large part of the value of a watch is mainly on the case. For example, the Lange 1 of the Lange 40.9 mm is actually not as advanced as the Lange 1 of 38.5. The public price of the large Lange 1 is almost 50,000 more expensive than the Lange 1 of 38.5. To put it bluntly, the shell is large, with more materials and more gold, so it is expensive. Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ is the first expensive on the case. The ‘Dark Ocean Black’ watch, with a size of 45.5 millimeters, is very large. The average ocean universe is 43.5. The huge case is a one-piece ceramic case. Today’s sports watches, as long as they use a ceramic case, the value goes up.

Omega ‘Dark Ocean Black’ red and blue colors.

   The ceramic case is very common now, and the most powerful of Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is actually its bezel. Nowadays, high-end luxury diving watches use ceramic rings, water ghosts, hippocampus, 50 噚, many models are ceramic rings. But there is a difference between ceramic rings. The Omega ‘dark sea black’ ceramic ring, the upper scale number is liquid metal, the color scale 15 minutes before the bezel is injected rubber coloring. Many brothers know that Blancpain and Omega belong to one group and one family, so many technologies are universal. Let’s compare and see that the bezel of 50 噚 Bathysacaphe is also ceramic and liquid metal, which is the same as Omega’s ‘Dark Sea Black’, but Omega has more colors of injected rubber, and the bezel is more complicated. I look at the analysis of foreign players and say, why does Omega use this technology? It is believed that the technology of injecting rubber is brighter and more prominent than other methods.

Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ black version.
   Omega’s ‘deep sea black’ ceramic shell and ceramic ring, there is a more powerful place. There are a lot of ceramic watches now. The average ceramic watch is made with a strong plastic case. Omega’s ceramic shell is polished and brushed to make the metal texture of the ceramic shell very strong. The matte black ceramic shell looks like the metal shell is plated black. The texture of the watch is good and the sense of quality is strong. In addition, the Omega ‘deep sea black’ ceramics are used thoroughly. Brothers, please note that the dial of this watch is also ceramic, and the buckle is also ceramic. The hands and scales are platinum. So the brothers can see that the case of Omega ‘deep sea black’ or these external things, the configuration is very high. It is clearly distinguished from the ordinary steel shell hippocampus.

In addition to the case, other places are also in place.

We can see that the bezel of ‘Dark Sea Black’ is a diving ring, and the inside of the dial is 24 hours and two hours.

   Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ disk design issues. I wrote about other watches in the hippocampus before, and I mentioned it several times, this time. On the surface, ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is a GMT, but we will find that it is different from the general hippocampal marine universe GMT. This is because ‘Dark Sea Black’ adjusted the dial design while taking into account both diving and GMT. The brothers can see that the bezel of the ‘deep sea black’ is a one-way rotating bezel of the diving watch, and the ‘deep sea black’ achieves the dial outer ring with the 24-hour figures of the two places. The general marine universe GMT bezel is a 24-hour number, so the general marine universe GMT has no diving circle, and the function of the diving watch is incomplete. It is a GMT two-time watch (although it is 600 meters waterproof, but Because there is no unidirectional rotating bezel). ‘Dark Sea Black’ adjusted the design and made a ‘almighty’ design that takes into account both diving and the two places. It is very reasonable and very in place. It is a professional diving watch.

Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ 8900 series 8906 coaxial movement and buckle.
   Omega ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is the first batch of watches using Omega’s new 8900 series coaxial movement, ‘Deep Ocean Black’ is earlier than the hippocampus AQUA TERRA using the 8900. ‘Dark Sea Black’ uses an 8906 coaxial movement. Omega brothers are now familiar with the ultimate coaxial movement. 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic, double certification, Swiss Observatory certification plus METAS certification, double certification is very good for travel time performance (Omega to Zhen Observatory standard 0 / + 5 seconds per day). Many people have experimented with strong neodymium magnets on the Omega 15000 Gaussian anti-magnetic matter. A brother of mine also tried it with a strong neodymium magnet (neodymium magnets are available on Taobao). Tried it with a neodymium magnet on Omega, Rolex and higher brands. Ou Helao, this kind of performance-oriented watch, anti-magnetic is done in place, is not affected by the magnet at all, normal travel time. But a certain brand of these watches with a higher emphasis on art (I will not talk about the brand) is completely unavailable, it is immediately magnetized, the travel time is fast, and then the demagnetization returns to normal. The performance of the Omega coaxial movement is still very strong, and we are not afraid of the various environments we usually encounter. To be honest, why the luxury sports watches like Omega and Rolex are so hot, it really makes sense. Water-proof, anti-magnetic, durable, good performance, high value, all-in-one watch, wears heart and peace of mind.

Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ (top) and Blancpain 50 噚 athysacaphe (bottom)
‘Dark Sea Black’ should be in a higher position.

   Omega’s ‘Deep Ocean Black’ watch (including ‘Deep Ocean Blue’), after it was released, I also saw that many players around the world are discussing it. The main issue to be discussed is that the configuration of ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is very high and the public price is also very high. It has reached the level of Blancpain 50 噚 Bathysacaphe. Some players agree that Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ has surpassed Omega’s traditional positioning and reached a higher positioning, which should belong to a higher-level luxury sports watch. ‘Dark sea black’ waterproof level (600 meters waterproof), bezel injection rubber staining, two-time function, plus all ceramics are strong points. 50 噚 Bathysacaphe brand positioning, 1315 movement polishing, K gold automatic tourbillon, 5 days power, moderate size of the watch and various case configurations are strong points. ‘Dark Sea Black’ and 50 噚 Bathysacaphe each have their own strengths. So I think this point makes sense.

Lin Zhiling And Longines Attended The Opening Ceremony Of Suria Klcc’s Newest Sina Piano Store In Malaysia.

Located on the first floor of Suria KLCC, a famous landmark in Kuala Lumpur, the new store follows the style of Longines stores around the world. Every detail shows a refined and elegant style, deducing ‘Elegance is an Attitude’ ‘(Elegant attitude. True personality). The new store is 803 square feet in size and houses rare 19th-century antique pocket watches that are limited to the store’s display.

   Like other Longines stores around the world, the interior design uses exquisite traditional materials, such as lacquered wooden boards embossed with the representative flying wing hourglass logo, waxed leather and polished marble, with carefully selected fixtures. And embellishments create a peaceful and intimate environment. Watch enthusiasts can easily browse a series of watches in the store in a friendly and elegant atmosphere, including Longines DolceVita, Longines Master, and Longines Conquest Classic And watches such as Classic.
   All Sina piano KLCC stores offer a wide selection of watches, which has become a must-visit for the tasteful customers. Taiwan’s famous model, actress and TV host Lin Zhiling also specially visited the store to attend the official opening ceremony.
   Lin Zhiling has been the elegant image ambassador of Longines for 12 years. Her elegant temperament and fashion style reflect the elegant style of Longines. Lin Zhiling was wearing a Longines DolceVita watch at the opening ceremony, and a light box poster featuring her as the protagonist was displayed in front of the store to show her blessings and support for Longines. .
   While taking pictures and signing, she talked about her relationship with Longines. ‘It is my honor to celebrate such a wonderful milestone here today. I have been an elegant image ambassador since 2005. I have experienced many wonderful moments over the years, and this time I am very happy to return to Malaysia to celebrate the opening of this brand new store . ‘

   Lin Zhiling co-hosted the ribbon-cutting ceremony with Longines Vice President Charles Villoz, General Manager of Swatch Group Malaysia and Singapore Jose De Cardoso, and Longines Malaysia Brand Manager Ooi Say Yew.
   Charles Villoz, Vice President of Longines, said: ‘We are very pleased to be located in this famous landmark in Malaysia. I am sure that our customers will be attracted by our new design and will like us. The new store gives our customers more opportunities. Explore the outstanding work of Longines in an elegant setting and learn about the history of the brand through the Longines antique collection on display. ‘
   After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Lin Zhiling and Charles Villoz visited the store, and stopped to appreciate the antique watches in the Longines Museum in the display area. The specialty store uses a large number of advertisements made by Lin Zhiling for Longines to decorate.
   The guests included celebrities such as Chen Lixing, Zhang Huihong and Xu Yanen. In addition to visiting the new store, guests also have the opportunity to appreciate the unique Longines classic models. They watched the harp while visiting the specialty store, and the atmosphere was charming.
   The newly opened Longines store is a modern interpretation of the brand’s traditional values ​​and 185 years of extraordinary craftsmanship. Every time a boutique is opened, Longines seizes the opportunity to show that the brand is committed to pursuing elegance and enthusiasm for continuous innovation.

Omega Seamaster Series 007 Watch Introduction

Product number: Reference price: ¥ 32,200
Bond Returns: James Bond in 007: Quantum of Solace
No movie release is more exciting than the release of the new 007 series, and no watch release is more exciting than the birth of the Omega Seahorse 007.

James Bond and Omega Seamaster Limited Edition Watch: Worth Looking Forward!
The Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe ‘Quantum of Solace’ 600m limited edition diving watch will be honored with the release of a new 007 movie. Bond fans and watch enthusiasts will be rewarded for their patience. Directed by Mark Foster, Michael & middot; G. & middot; Wilson and Barbara & middot; Brokley’s film ‘007: Quantum of Solace’, directed by EON Productions Released worldwide in November 2008, Daniel Craig will play James Bond again.

Many features have made the hippocampus Ocean Universe a popular model in the world, and the “ Quantum of Solace ” 600-meter limited edition diving watch inherits these features: 2500 with Omega’s revolutionary coaxial escapement device The self-winding astronomical movement greatly reduces the friction between parts and ensures the accuracy of long-term operation. The power reserve is 48 hours. The cardless balance with hairspring further improves the accuracy. ‘Quantum of Solace’ The 600-meter limited edition diving watch is the perfect choice for professional diving: it is waterproof to a depth of 600 meters, and is equipped with a helium exhaust valve and a unidirectional rotating bezel.

A new style of style
The Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe ‘Quantum of Solace’ 600m limited edition diving watch is full of personality, and its unique details are different from any other 007 models: the black dial design follows the texture of the Bond Walther PPK pistol handle .

‘Quantum of Solace’ The 600-meter limited edition diving watch is covered with a white luminous coating on the hands and hour scales. The delicate ‘Quantum of Solace’ (laser quantum crisis) is engraved on the inside of the sapphire crystal. Omega letters and logos and Arabic numerals sit on the dial. The bright red tip of the second hand and the hippocampus logo contrast with the black dial. This watch is limited to 5,007 pieces worldwide.

The unquestionable 007 watch
This is an unquestionable 007 watch: the stainless steel bracelet is etched with the 007 logo on the buckle and case back. The words ‘Planet Ocean Limited Edition’ are etched on the back of the case, and the black color that appears after the chrome treatment intersects the black of the dial. The unique limited edition number of each watch (from 0001/5007 to 5007/5007) is also located on the case back.

The Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe ‘Quantum of Solace’ 600 meters limited edition diving watch has a diameter of 45.5mm and is placed in a noble and elegant black gift box. The texture of the gift box mirrors the dial of the watch, and the words ‘Quantum of Solace’ inside the gift box gloriously show the noble blood of this model.

Let’s Accompany You Through The Starry Sky Three Recommended Starry Sky Ladies Watches Around 20,000

‘The sky meets the clouds and the mists, and the galaxy wants to turn a thousand sails.’ The distant and mysterious starry sky looks to us, like a veiled fairy, how many poets sing it, beautiful Romance cannot be overemphasized. When the starry sky blends into the space between the wrists, pinning the romantic feelings on the watch, it is attractive for women who love beauty. Today, the Watch House recommends three starry sky watches to you, priced at around 20,000, to accompany you to see thousands of miles of starry sky.
Bell & Ross INSTRUMENTS series BRS-EP-ST / SCR

Product model: BRS-EP-ST / SCR
Domestic public price: 21500
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: BR-CAL.102
Case material: Matte polished steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: brilliant-cut diamond, 0.38 carat, top Wesselton diamond, VS quality
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: baume / 53383 /

Watch Comments: Baume & Mercier’s Convention series moon phase watch also looks elegant and profound. The bezel is set with sparkling diamonds, and the blue dial with shadow paint is reminiscent of the deep and deep night sky. With the diamond hour markers, it is like a star falling into the night sky. It hangs at 12 o’clock. A bright moon, showing the moon’s cloudy circle. The watch transforms the elegance of the starry sky into the charm of a woman and shines on the wrist.
Summary: With the stars as the companion, embrace the romance. Incorporating the star element into the watch, you can enjoy the starry sky without looking up and stay with you for a long time. These three starry watches recommended for everyone today are priced at around 20,000 yuan, with a timeless and romantic style, showing the elegant charm of women. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

10,000 Yuan Why Choose To Buy This Watch?

In this price range, I really don’t want to recommend to you those watches that have gradually become ‘popular’. The watch is a good watch, but when there are more people wearing it, it lacks a unique sense. Although some people will vomit: ‘only a few bucks, what bikes are needed’, but I still do not want to follow the flow …

  Buying a watch is not the same as buying a car. As for the purchase of a car, as long as the budget is set, there is a lot of options, such as Hyundai, FAW-Volkswagen to Audi, etc. Each brand has a price distinction from ‘People’s Volkswagen’ to ‘Prestige Enjoyment’, which is everything, different Brands, different brands of the same price, are intertwined with each other and can be selected at will.

  But for buying a watch, where is the level of a watchmaking brand? Then, correspondingly, its price has a clear range of positioning. You ca n’t ask people to buy a watch with a brand of thousands of dollars. This is also unrealistic. With that said, the problem is here. The 10,000-level selectable brand has repeatedly been viewed. Everyone recognizes those Swiss brands. If you want to choose a unique watch, which brand should you choose? How about it?
Characteristic and fair price
  In fact, it is not difficult to choose such a watch. After all, there are still many niche, characteristic models and high cost performance in the world. So here again, the question is again, what is the source of these watches? Congratulations, you got it right: shopping and online shopping have everything, but where do you know the after-sales protection of these watches? I don’t know anyway.

UNION store in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store

 At this time, you can understand that the after-sales problem is really important. Is there such a brand that has convenient domestic after-sales channels, but also takes into account the characteristics?
  UNION from German Orthodox: with a distinctive and simple appearance and carefully manufactured, with ‘to create a timepiece with unique personality, accurate and reliable and affordable price’ as the core of watchmaking Although it has just entered China, the brand itself has gained international fame. In addition, counters have been set up in various cities in China, so there is no need to worry about after-sales service.
  So after worrying about those practical issues, let’s take a look at the history and culture of this brand: A brand of 126 years of pure German origin , after years of fermentation, has been perfectly presented to the world, in In the bezel, a history that can stand up to is very important. Even if you are new to China, the experience passed down over a century is enough to support the world. It can be said that the background is very strong.

  Made in Germany is the most important reason for choosing this watch. When we refer to German watches, the estimated brands are those brands, but in terms of price, we have some problems and annoyances. The UNION watches range from 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. In the local town of Glashütte, the scale is still very large. Therefore, if you want to choose a watch with reasonable features and reasonable price, this orthodox German-made is still worth a look.
Watch real shot chart display:

United watch (UNION0) 1893 series small seconds D010.428.16.017.00 watch

  This watch is from the UNION0 1893 series, which is composed of the classic watches of the brand, in order to commemorate the brand’s founding year and thereby reproduce the brand’s unique historical elements.

Stainless steel 316L case


White lacquered dial

  Based on this idea, the case shape of the ‘1893’ series is inspired by the long-established pocket watch, and the German minimalist design on the dial is outstanding. Many other superb details, such as the dial with white lacquer enamel coating, exquisite double-layer structure, blue steel hands, the added depth of the small second dial and the 6 o’clock position calendar window, the ‘orbital’ scale circle, curved Arabic numerals and blue-steel hands are reminiscent of ancient watchmaking traditions.

Black Crocodile Leather Strap

 This watch has a diameter of 41 mm and is designed to fit the wrist of the general public. There is also a female model with a size of 34 mm, which is standard for couples of gentlemen and ladies. It is also your best gift.

United Watch (UNION0) 1893 series small seconds watch

UNION movement

 Speaking of the movement, this watch uses the U 2899-ZZ6 automatic mechanical movement, carefully polished by the brand. When it comes to German watches, there are a lot of niche German brands that like to use Nissan movements or domestic movements. Although the price may be almost the same, it is not as affordable as this watch in terms of cost-effectiveness. In addition, UNION is affiliated with the Swatch Group and has sufficient movement supply. Relative to this price (watch price: RMB 13,900), it is already very cost-effective.

Official flagship store of UNION

 Finally, one more practical question. If you are a table friend who just started, you may wish to try this at this price; if you are a senior table friend, you already have a lot of ‘Made in Switzerland’. Here is a timepiece that is not in use. Feel the unique experience that you can get around 10,000 yuan. Interested friends pay more attention to it!

Tissot Valence Series Automatic Mechanical Watch Introduction

This is another main thrust of Tissot. The Valence series automatic mechanical chronograph with both fashion and sports elements! The Valence series combines fashion elements and dynamic design to bring the wearer’s sports characteristics Show no doubt. In addition, the latest automatic chronograph is equipped with an advanced C01.211 movement, which not only successfully integrates sports and fashion elements seamlessly, but also meets more people who have special hobbies for mechanical watches.

Sports fashion
The Valence series is called Veloci-T in English, which means? # 36805; 捷? # 65292; with a sense of speed. The watch is exquisitely decorated in the dial and bezel, which reflects the strong sports style. The circular lines on the dial’s outer ring are reminiscent of a passionate race track; the chronograph dial resembles a racing oil gauge; the small seconds dial resembles a racing tachometer, full of mechanical feel; the dial’s outer ring is particularly marked with the scale of every minute -Arabic numerals 1-15, more direct when reading, suitable for speed racing of electric light flint. The watch also has a tachometer that measures speeds from 60 to 400 km / h. It can be used to measure the average speed of a car while driving, closely linking motorsports with the high-end watchmaking industry. At the same time, the watch’s three-dimensional scale and rich texture crown reflect Tissot’s unswerving pursuit of detail. In addition to the 316L stainless steel strap of the Valence series, the Valence series also uses a rubber strap, which is similar in material to racing tires and has strong wear resistance.
The Tissot Valence series automatic mechanical chronograph with a sporty appearance is equipped with C01.211 movement. It is the latest mechanical automatic chronograph movement developed by ETA. It relies on more efficient? # 38646; 件 块? # 32467; structure, using fewer parts to achieve very good timing results. Because the reduction of parts can minimize the mechanical wear caused by friction between parts, thus ensuring accurate timing.
Fashion tension
The powerful Tissot Valence series automatic chronograph mechanical watch provides different styles to choose from, and the wearer can match according to his own style. One of them uses black as the main color, and the overall design and shape of the rubber strap is full of engraving. All the chronograph dials on the dial are black to match the black tone of the entire watch. The other one uses a metal strap, and the two chronograph discs on the dial have a silver-white background to form a strong contrast. The chronograph hands are black for easy viewing by the wearer.
Tissot also specially designed a more fashionable tension white tape with pink gold bezel for women.It perfectly integrates trendy fashion elements into this Swiss-made automatic chronograph mechanical watch, which can be said to be fashionable and high-grade Best endorsement. No matter what kind of combination, you can observe the balance wheel working constantly through the round transparent window on the back of the case, so that you can feel the instant flow of time.

Lange 1 Time Zone

The head of the family is easier said than done! While dealing with busy things, I always care about my family. Fathers who often need to travel around need to plan, accurately grasp the place of departure and the time at the place, overcome the spatial and temporal barriers, and keep close contact with their families. LANGE 1 TIME ZONE, father’s caring thing.


    LANGE 1 has been Lange’s masterpiece since its launch, and has received much praise. Lange’s watchmakers are very thoughtful and have considered the issue of changing time zones more than a hundred years ago, and are committed to developing clocks that can display two time zones. Since the earth is a planet that rotates, the sunshine time varies from place to place. As early as 1884, countries around the world have divided the earth into 24 time zones through an agreement to coordinate the time difference. However, jet lag will inevitably bother travelers. Today, Lange adds the complicated function of the second time zone display on the basis of the LANGE 1 series to create a LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watch, allowing the wearer to accurately grasp the time no matter where he is, so that the world will be closer .
    LANGE 1 TIME ZONE is based on the principle of practical restraint. The watch has two large and one eccentric dials. The large dial shows the time of departure and the small dial shows the time of the location. The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE design is easy to use, and generally requires only one simple step per operation. To set the local time, just press the button to turn the City Ring. Each time the wearer presses the button at 8 o’clock, the pointer will increase by one hour, and the city circle will rotate to the corresponding time zone. The watch is also equipped with special devices to facilitate the exchange of time between the two places. The wearer only needs to press the time zone button to stop the small dial operation, and then twist the crown to adjust the time of the large dial. The large dial and large date display will show the local time. The departure time is shown in golden Roman numerals, while the local time is shown in Arabic numerals. The two contrast strongly to avoid confusion. Allows the wearer to accurately grasp the time in his hometown and places no matter where he is.

LANGE 1 TIME ZONE design is solid, mature, stable
    The watch also has an intimate design-dual day / night display. The time in 24 time zones is different, and the day and night are naturally different. It is important to know the difference between day and night in the two places. LANGE 1 TIME ZONE has a day / night display at the departure time and the local timetable. The light / dark two parts show the current moments of the two places. It is easy to travel between day and night.

   Such ingenious functions work smoothly, thanks to the Lange L031.1 manual winding movement hidden under a 41.9mm 18K yellow, rose or platinum case. The movement is equipped with a dual mainspring barrel that provides a power reserve of more than three days. Large date display, screw-fastened gold sleeve, gooseneck-type fine-tuning device and hand-carved balance wheel plywood, everything is clearly visible under the perspective of the sapphire crystal case back. With a hand-stitched crocodile leather strap and solid gold or platinum Lange clasp, it is mature and stable.

Unique: 3/4 Plywood By Ferdinando Adolf Lange

February 18, 2015 is the 200th anniversary of Ferdinand Adolph Lange’s birthday. The Dresden watchmaker introduced 3 to the precision watchmaking industry. / 4 splint. The emergence of this component stems from his insistence on building precise and reliable timepieces, and the 3/4 splint quickly became an important element of his pocket watches, unique in style and quality. To this day, most A. Lange & Söhne movements are still equipped with this component. In fact, this eye-catching component has been an important mark for Lange for more than 140 years.

Three Lange models with 3/4 splints: (from left) Richard Lange Tourbillon ‘pour le mérite’, Richard Lange and 1815 UP / DOWN
   After Ferdinando Adolf Lange established the watch factory on December 7, 1845, he was committed to improving the design of the movement in a systematic way. At that time, there was a technical problem with the pocket watch movement that annoyed him: in general, all bearings and gears were arranged under separate bridges and bridges. During the assembly process, the watchmaker needs to handle each component carefully and correctly fix the gear in the corresponding position. They must be tireless and make trial and error. Because as long as the position of one of the splints is adjusted, the other splints must be rechecked, and re-positioned if necessary. In addition, after a period of time, the splint will move slightly, so that the pocket watch needs to be readjusted from time to time.
Ferdinand Adolph Lange

   Ferdinando Adolf Lange cannot accept this situation. His goal was to create timepieces of exactly the same quality. Therefore, he developed an upper splint that could accommodate all important gear bearings. This allows the individual bearing positions to be individually fixed. Although watchmakers need to use specific skills to ‘guide’ all mandrels into the drill holes under the splint at the same time, this new method will undoubtedly make the assembly process smoother. It took Lange nearly 20 years to continuously improve the design of this splint. After different processes, by 1864, the area covered by this plywood movement increased to three-quarters. Only the oscillation system and its balance plate are still exposed. The independent escapement wheel splint was later integrated into the upper splint. This became the final form of the 3/4 splint.
Modern 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver, assembled in the L121.1 hand-finished movement of LANGE 1

   In March 1875, Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s design was patented in the United States. Watches equipped with 3/4 splints need to be completely disassembled to remove the barrel. Seeing this, Lange came up with a completely new method. He modified the design of the barrel, and now simply removes the barrel by loosening the two screws under the ratchet.

Cool Capricorn Man To Wear A Cool Watch

In Western astrology, the zodiac constellation is synonymous with cosmic orientation. When a person is born, the positions of the stars on the zodiac indicate a person’s innate character and talent. The zodiac sign is a psychological dimension that reflects the way a person behaves. So the zodiac is divided into 12 constellations, called the zodiac 12 constellations. They are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

的 The sign of the person born between December 22 and January 20 is Capricorn, which belongs to the earth constellation. Capricorn, symbolizing the beginning of winter, has the absolute consciousness of winter. Their expressions are always calm and indifferent, they are not easy to access, and they like to be alone. Have a strong ecstasy. I don’t like meaningless talk of others occupying my time, and I can’t accept rudeness. Capricorns that are cold outside and hot inside are pragmatic, reliable, and cautious. They don’t like being inactive, and they don’t like too much fantasies. They hope to change their work quality and living environment by their unremitting efforts.

Capricorn in his eyes: mad cow drag cool handsome

The high coldness and deepness of the Capricorn man will always impress others. If you are also a Capricorn man, a frosty style watch with a steel strap and gray dial is naturally the most beautiful and cool temperament. Here are three ‘air-conditioned’ men’s watches from Amway for you to see if you like them.

Recommended watch: Mido Commander Series M016.414.11.061.00

Product model: M016.414.11.061.00
Official price: ¥ 15100
Watch diameter: 42.5 mm
Case material: stainless steel
Movement Type: Automatic
Waterproof depth: 50 meters
Watch details: mido / 41095 /

Watch review: Mido Commander series timepieces have the widest 42.5 mm diameter in the Commander family. Each watch embodies all the features of the classic Commander watch: satin-finished radial dial, integrated scale, day and date functions, an internal winding movement, which can provide up to 60 hours of kinetic energy storage. High-grade 316L stainless steel is used to create stainless steel parts, so that the wearer will not feel uncomfortable when wearing it for a long time. It has excellent durability and is resistant to both corrosion and magnetic fields. This metal not only has many technical characteristics, but also has a bright color appearance and pleasing texture, and it is also loved by many table friends.

Recommended watch: Timepiece Tofio D159SBX

Product model: D159SBX
Official price: ¥ 13500
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case material: stainless steel case and diamond-shaped bezel
Movement Type: Automatic
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch details: doxa / 66648 /

Watch reviews: This time Tofio series watch, 42mm stainless steel case with dark gray dial, 30 real diamonds set on the hour markers, low-key simplicity and hidden atmosphere luxury. All-body stainless steel material, classic three-pin design, date display at 6 o’clock. Water-resistant to 100 meters. The design of this watch is very close to Capricorn’s ‘low-key luxury and connotation’ life principle.

Recommended watch: Yulu double 8 Siyuan series 87WA140002 watch

Product model: 87WA140002
Official price: ¥ 7680
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case material: stainless steel
Movement Type: Quartz
Waterproof depth: 50 meters
详情 Watch details: 88rue / 66243 /

Watch Reviews: As the first series of Yulu Watches, this double 8 Siyuan series watch not only perfectly interprets the classic Swiss watchmaking legend, but also contains unique and novel genes. The 45mm wide watch diameter, classic and stylish checkered dial, and indigo blue broad sword-shaped hands are unobtrusive, reflecting the rich details of the dial. The simple and modern streamer design shows a modern and stylish aesthetic. .

Summary: Capricorn men rarely reveal their true feelings, have a high sense of responsibility, and are meticulous and rational in their lives. Often with melancholic emotions. Their passion is generally mobilized by ambition and desire for power. When choosing a watch, a low-key atmospheric steel watch is very suitable for Capricorn boys. It is not individual enough but exquisite and durable enough.

Taste The Ever-changing Intellectual Life. Three Smart Watch Recommendations Of About 10,000 Yuan

In modern life, intelligence plays a very important role. The watch also gradually incorporates the concept of intelligence into it, so that in addition to the role of timekeeping and decoration, the watch is given more practical functions, such as navigation, taxi, various fitness monitoring functions. Intelligence is a development trend. Today, Watch House recommends three smart watches to you, to follow the trend and play with your life.
TAG Heuer Smart Watch Series SBF8A8001.11FT6110

Product model: SBF8A8001.11FT6110
Domestic public price: 10800
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 13.75 mm
Case material: Titanium, Grade 5 titanium case, sandblasted satin finish; Black matte ceramic bezel; Grade 5 Titanium, sandblasted satin finish; removable lugs
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: “Heuer Connected”, laser-etched light gray lacquered numerals, stainless steel single button at 3 o’clock. Dial microphone at 3 o’clock, proximity sensor at 6 o’clock, see through the back No problem. Smart watches can be connected to wireless Bluetooth and mobile phones to easily open various functions, as well as exclusive mobile phone applications developed by the brand, which have built-in special functions to make the watch richer.
Montblanc Summit Series U0118076

Product model: U0118076
Domestic public price: 7400
Watch diameter: 46 mm
Case thickness: 12.5 mm
Movement type: smart watch
Case material: Frosted steel
Watch details: Wear 2.0 operating system, and equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, easy to use. This smart watch has functions such as voice, navigation, tracking sensing, various fitness monitoring, etc., which is very easy to operate and use. The battery has a battery life of 1 day and can be fully charged in 2 hours.
Louis Vuitton smart watch series QAAA21

Product model: QAAA21
Domestic public price: 18500
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 12.55 mm
Case material: Brushed steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: Horizon series of smart watches, where Horizon means Horizon, also reveals that this new smart watch is born for travel. The highlight of this watch is that it has a ‘customizable dial design’ function. The pattern on the dial and the central color block can be selected according to your own preferences. One of the many functions of the watch is called ‘My Flight’, which is relatively unique in smart watches. It can remind tablemates boarding time, terminal and gate information, flight delay notification, aircraft arrival time and other information, and cooperate with the ‘City Guide’ function to provide travel information for tablemates thoughtfully, save Trouble doing the Raiders.
In summary: intelligence is infiltrated into every little detail of our life step by step, which has given the watch more meaning and functions, and has given us more convenience in life. The smart watch combines technology and beauty, and it is practical. It is a good choice for wearing a watch.