Expect ‘seagulls’ To Spread Their Wings And Fly High

The editor, according to one of the ‘three big pieces’ that were in short supply by ticket, has carried generations of memories of domestic watch brands. Under the impact of the international watch competition market, it was once silent. In recent years, Chinese brand watches represented by ‘Seagull’ and ‘Yibo’ are struggling to achieve the transformation and upgrade of ‘Phoenix Nirvana’ and compete with international brands in the market.

多 How far is the ‘dream of famous watches’ of Chinese brands? Starting today, we are launching a series of reports on reinventing domestic watch brands, so stay tuned.

The predecessor of Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd. is the prestigious Tianjin Watch Factory. This state-owned enterprise, almost the same age as the Republic, has a glorious past: In 1955, it independently developed and produced China’s first domestic watch ‘Dongfeng’, and later changed its name to ‘Seagull’ for export.

However, with the passage of time, under the impact of the market economy tide, the ‘Seagull’ once fell into a dilemma of survival and development. Squeezed by international brands, domestic watches are difficult to enter the first-tier city shopping malls, and can only stop at second-tier shopping malls in large cities and second- and third-tier cities. In this scenario, seagulls can only survive by innovation.

Open wings for independent innovation

‘To break through the predicament and make domestic brands rise, the key is to take the road of transformation and upgrading, accelerate independent innovation, and make the brand grade.’ Lu Jun, general manager of Haiou Watch Industry Group Co., Ltd., told reporters, Level, to build the Chinese people’s own world-class mechanical watch brand, this is the new positioning of the seagull. ‘

In order to achieve this dream, ‘Seagull’ has adjusted and compressed electronic watches and other products since 2008, gathered research and development forces, and extended to high-end technology and complex movement manufacturing, especially to Switzerland, Germany and other high-end watchmaking technologies-tourbillon. Intensive battles in the field of complex movements.

At Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd., the reporter saw a high-end watch with a variety of functions including ‘Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar, Three Questions’. According to reports, the precision of this watch’s high-precision parts reaches the level of 0.001mm, which is equivalent to one tenth of human hair. ‘This is the second’ Tour Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch ‘released in 2008 after the ‘Seagull’s first’ Tourbillon Complex Movement Watch ‘was released in 2005. In 2008, we challenged high-end complex movements. A masterpiece of the pinnacle of technology. ‘Lu Jun proudly said.

‘Seagull’ has a huge investment in innovation. Since 2008, the investment in ‘Seagull’ technology has accounted for more than 7% of sales revenue, and the investment in hardware alone has reached more than 100 million yuan. In addition, ‘Seagull’ has also introduced international talents, technology, funds and other development factors, established innovation mechanisms, reformed employment mechanisms, innovative patents and project reward mechanisms. As of the end of 2012, ‘Seagull’ had applied for a total of 566 patents, and its technology development capabilities and patent ownership remained the first in China’s watch industry. At present, the ‘silver hairspring’ independently developed by ‘Seagull’ has reached the state-of-the-art technology level in Switzerland.

The successful research and development of ‘Seagull’ in the field of high-end complex movements not only excites domestic watches, but also wins the respect of international counterparts. ‘At the Basel International Watch & Clock Fair 2012, international brand exhibitors showed their thumbs up in admiration after watching this ‘Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar, Three Questions’ three-in-one watch in our showcase.’ Lu Jun said. It is this watch that has triggered international lawsuits between Seagull and a well-known Swiss watch company. In the end, ‘Seagull’ won the first international lawsuit in the Chinese watch industry in 13 years.

Brand marketing needs to be improved

Innovation enables ‘Seagull’ to win a ‘market cake’ for itself in the field of mid-range and high-end watches. At present, the highest technical level and the most expensive watch representing the ‘Seagull’ have been priced at 1.68 million yuan. The price of more high-end complex movement models is about 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, such as the ‘double tourbillon’ high-end The international top brands of complex movement watches are between 1 million yuan and several million yuan. ‘Single tourbillon’ watches, international brands at least 400,000 yuan, first-line brands reach 600,000 to 800,000 yuan, while the price of seagulls is about 100,000 yuan.

“’ Seagull ‘watches with similar quality and lower prices are gaining more and more consumer favor and collector’s pursuit in the market. Not long after the ‘Seagull’ watch was priced at 1.68 million yuan, two were bought by collectors.

The pursuit of the market is the best motivation. According to statistics, in the official flagship store of the ‘Seagull’ watch Tmall [Weibo], 98 men’s limited classic retro mechanical ‘Seagull’ watches sold for 3,200 yuan in one month. On the day of ‘Double 11’ in 2012, ‘Seagull’ watches achieved 11.87 million yuan in sales, and this figure was almost 10 times the same period of the previous year.

‘Support for domestic products, purchase of domestic mechanical watches’, such a call gave a good opportunity for the development of domestic brand manufacturers such as ‘Seagull’. However, some experts said in the interview that the ‘Seagull’ still has a long way to go before it can fly higher and farther, surpassing Switzerland’s top level. Because both in terms of investment intensity and scale, there is still a big gap between ‘Seagull’ and high-end Swiss brands, and the establishment of corporate brand culture also requires time to accumulate, and brand marketing needs a higher level of improvement.

‘Building an international ‘Seagull’ is our unswerving dream.’ Lu Jun is full of confidence in this.

Tissot Watches World’s Largest Flagship Store

Adhering to the brand spirit of ‘Extraordinary Creativity Originating from Tradition’, Swiss Tissot has been committed to the development of high-tech fashion sports watches. While actively participating in sponsoring many world-class events, it is also actively exploring Hong Kong. As for the Asian market, Hong Kong now has 14 Tissot flagship stores and specialty stores. In view of this, Tissot held a simple and grand opening ceremony for the world’s largest ‘Swiss Tissot Mongkok Nathan Centre Flagship Store’ on August 9th, and also launched the ‘Seastar 1000 Multifunction Chronograph Deep Dive Automatic Watch’. series’.

In order to highlight the uniqueness of the ‘Seastar 1000 Multi-function Chronograph Deep Watch Automatic Watch Series’, the conference specially built the new store as a dock, and invited the heroine of Gu Juji’s latest MV ‘Burst’, known as ‘Megan Fox’ Popular models such as Juliana S., Angelababy, newly-promoted advertising queen Sarah, ‘former girl’ Russian supermodel Marina V., and Korean supermodel Tsai Enzhen (EJ) put on branded swimsuits to perform a series of Tissot watches Nautical and deep diving watches.

In addition to the grand launch of the ‘Seastar 1000 Multifunction Chrono Deep Dive Automatic Watch Series’, Tissot has also continuously expanded its retail footprint and created a strong sales network. In order to be solemn, Mr. Fran? Ois Thiébaud, the global president of Tissot, also came to Hong Kong from Switzerland, announcing the grand opening of the flagship store of Nathan Centre in Mong Kok, together with Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, President of The Swatch Group (HK) Ltd., and Tissot of Switzerland Hong Kong and Macau Vice President Ms. Wen Jinglei (Lenna), ‘Swiss Tissot Global Image Ambassador’ Huang Xiaoming and supermodel Zhou Weitong performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the lion’s eye-catching ceremony. , VIP guests and media representatives attended to witness this historic moment together.

Iwc Launches Commemorative Pilot Pilot Calendar Watch

For the fifth time, IWC Schaffhausen in Switzerland takes the poet and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry as inspiration, adding another watch for pilots This limited edition masterpiece is designed to create this precious Antoine Saint Exupery Memorial Edition large pilot calendar. Earlier, to pay tribute to the legendary French pilot, IWC has dedicated four pilot special edition watches to pilot and writer Antoine Saint Exupery and his flight-themed novel.
  The most distinctive feature of this watch now is that the smoky brown dial is decorated with calfskin straps. The superb craftsmanship and extraordinary value of this world-renowned ‘Antoine Saint Exupery’ pilot watch were immediately praised by many art connoisseurs and collectors. Antoine Saint Exupery’s Commemorative Edition Large Pilot’s Perpetual Calendar watch with its outstanding watchmaking skills makes its moments glow with unparalleled masculinity. IWC 51614 strong movement and seven-day kinetic energy storage system allow the perpetual calendar in the watch to permanently display the four-digit annual calendar and the dual moon phases of the north and south hemispheres. Gorgeous and noble quality. In addition to the above-mentioned amazing performance, the Antoine Saint Exupery Memorial Large Pilot Perpetual Calendar watch is simpler and easier to operate than other complicated watches.
  Tribute to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, unlike others, devotes his life energy and passion to flying In his career, he constantly explores and conquers the barriers that divide the world. The airmail handled by Antoine Saint-Exupéry, whether from Toulouse via the Sahara and then to Carr, from Buenos Aires across the Andes to the stormy Patagonian coast Delivered on time and smoothly, his brave and adventurous spirit has always been praised by everyone, and he was regarded as a legendary hero in the air mail transport industry in the early 1920s. After that, Antoine Saint Exupery devoted himself to literary creation with enthusiasm, and soon became famous all over the world. Since 2005, IWC has established a long-term partnership with the descendants of Antoine Saint-Exupéry, keeping Saint-Exupéry’s entire legacy as a poet and a pilot. Antoine Saint Exupery is not only a courageous pilot; he is also obsessed with the research and development of aviation technology and engineering. He has won 15 invention patents in one fell swoop. IWC is renowned for its reputation in the traditional craftsmanship of the long history of pilot watches, and intends to use this to release the fifth generation of the world’s special limited edition pilot watches to show its memory of Antoine Saint Exupery Commemorate his magnanimous personality charm.
  The 18-carat gold Antoine Saint Exupery Commemorative Edition Perpetual Calendar Perpetual Calendar watch is not only unique in appearance but also limited to 500 lucky people in the world. Unique Antoine Saint Exupery’s classic symbolic dial is decorated with a perpetual calendar display inlaid with silver and gold. In addition to displaying the hours, minutes, and seconds, it can also display the dual moon phases of the northern and southern hemispheres. Although this feature is not surprising in today’s globalized world, it was extremely rare in the field of watches at the time. The mini planes pointing to the north (N) and south (S) hemispheres with double moon phases in the table, according to the observer’s description, their outlines are like a pair of mirror images. The moon phase display of the Antoine Saint Exupery Memorial Large Pilot’s Perpetual Calendar watch is 12 seconds off the actual moon phase cycle. This is equivalent to the time difference of one day until 577 years. All display functions such as date, weekday, month, year, ten-year, hundred-year and moon phase perpetual calendar display (operated by star-shaped gears on weekdays) are built on the original synchronous system: each display function does not need manual adjustment Or correction, run completely automatically until 2100 AD (leap year). Antoine Saint Exupery’s Commemorative Large Pilot’s Perpetual Calendar watch is extremely easy to operate: even if the display function is terminated or wrong for several days without using the watch, you can quickly jump to the current by mechanical control by fine-tuning the crown. Display time status.

  The crystal clear sapphire case back perfectly interprets the powerful power and excellent quality of the 51614 movement. This is due to the automatic winding mechanism of the woodpecker, which is always in high-efficiency mechanical operation, and the clockwork controls the normal wear limit within two days. The three o’clock date display on the dial complements the power reserve demonstration, moving slowly in a counterclockwise sequence from 1 to 7 (days of the week), running completely in the reverse direction. The rotation directions of the two levers are seamlessly matched, and at the same time, the precise operation of the lever gear can be clearly observed from the transparent case back. The rotor is exquisitely engraved with the commemorative version of Saint Exupery, and the 18-carat gold round badge decorated with the initial ‘A’ perfectly illustrates the lengthy signature of this outstanding French man. The embossed figures on the outside of the case ring indicate that only 500 lucky people around the world can enjoy this limited edition rare gold watch. The Antoine Saint Exupery Memorial Edition Large Pilot’s Perpetual Calendar watch is water-resistant to 6 bar. The pure gold dial with a diameter of 46 mm and a height of 16 mm has a stunning appearance

Women Are About To Release Elegance

Women are always gentle and watery, gentle and graceful. Everything related to women seems to have been given a special temperament. Take watches for example. All women’s watches lack the masculinity and toughness of men’s watches. More so, they can read the exquisiteness and elegance of women. Today’s Watch House will recommend several wrists suitable for female friends Each watch is extremely elegant, exuding the unique charm of women.
Tissot Flamingo T094.

Basic Information
Watch Series: Flamenco
Watch model: T094.
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 316L stainless steel
Strap material: patent leather
Case diameter: 26 mm
In-store public price: New products are not yet priced
Watch details: 2671 automatic winding mechanical movement, precise operation under the transparent bottom, precision mechanical skills and soft and beautiful inner heart linger in harmony.
Summary: Although the above models lack the embellishment of diamonds, they are also extremely elegant. They are from people-friendly brands and the price is not too luxurious. For ordinary office workers or low-key and restrained ladies, the above models are very suitable for wearing , If you plan to buy a watch in the near future, you may wish to pay attention. Note: There are new products just released by Basel in 2015, and the specific price has not been determined. If there are changes, the editor will update them in time.

Luxury Watches That Bring The Beauty Of Platinum To The Limit

Platinum is the most suitable metal for setting precious stones, and is used by the world’s top jewellery and watch brands to fix diamonds and precious stones, or as an enamel bezel. Platinum has brought a new way of interpretation for the manufacture of representative products, and exerted the unparalleled artistic charm in its pure and flawless color and unquestionable intrinsic value.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Enamel Painted Platinum Watch

    The dial of this platinum watch is filled with enamel and is based on the theme of different geographical areas. Three different models are carefully carved: Asia and Australia, America and Europe, and Africa and the Middle East. And wavy patterns. Limited edition of 20 pieces each.
Ulysse Nardin Tropical Forest Minute Repeater Platinum Watch

    This unique watch series has a 42 mm diameter platinum case, all of its charm is concentrated in the color enamel dial with a three-dimensional effect: press the minute repeater slider, the sound of the hour, a vivid tropical forest scene Appearance-Monkeys and other animals rushed and jumped on the branches to avoid the attack of lions.
Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Oriental Garden Tourbillon Platinum Watch

    The quiet and mysterious oriental garden on the faceplate is set out by two precious enamel techniques under the support of precious stones. The polished enamel on the egg surface and the glazed fire enamel complement each other, drawing a charming charm of the oriental garden. Enamel skills require extremely high temperatures and excellent workmanship. Only 8 pieces of this limited edition platinum watch with alligator strap.

Ladoire’s Blue Roller Guardian Time Watch

RGT watch has an asymmetrical case, strange time display, soft curves, and a sharp contrast with the powerful structure. RGT watch is a new and unique high-end watch.
Since 2007, the Ladoire family in Geneva has been full of contradictions, and its works are atypical, unusual, avant-garde and elegant.

Roller Guardian Time Blue-Limited Edition III
The designs of these watches are clearly defined, suitable and mature under the stimulation of Lionel Ladoire. This is consistent with the underground rock style. His inspiration comes from contemporary culture and some famous advocates such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Andy Warhol and Philippe Starck By.
The design of the asymmetrical Roller Guardian Time RGT watch is full of power, soft lines, and the case feels smooth like silk. At the same time, the display technology is particularly bright against the background of the ultra-fine movement decoration.

The blue crocodile leather strap of LADOIRE strictly complies with the high quality leather manufacturing standards. It has a hand-stitched dark black leather lining and a double hinged buckle.
This summer, Lionel Ladoire will launch three limited edition watches, whose splints, straps and dials will be presented in blue denim for casual denim.
Source: Ladoire
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Wrist Spring Colors Real Shot Nomos Tetra Petit Four Watch Series (Grenadine)

At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo 2018, the independent watch brand NOMOS Tetra from Germany presented four tempting ‘Petit Four’ to watch lovers in square watches. Shells, minimalist designs and beautiful colors celebrate the arrival of spring. The new timepiece is equipped with NOMOS’s Alpha movement, known for its reliable performance and accurate timekeeping. It blends with the brand’s classic square case aesthetics and is impressive. Let’s take a look at the Grenadine model as an example:

   Two of the four new Tetra watches (ie Matcha, Azure, Pearl, and Grenadine) have a transparent sapphire crystal case back, so you can clearly appreciate the precision operation of the manual winding movement. The other two, Tetra Matcha and Tetra Azure, feature a stainless steel caseback with special text engraved to show the uniqueness of the watch, which is quite memorable.

   The classic square case is polished to make the edges and corners of the case more refined. One side of the watch is a polished crown of the same material, which is engraved with the brand’s logo, showing a distinctive Bauhaus style. The crown is retouched with a non-slip texture, giving it a first-class feel, making timing easier.

   The lugs and the case also have simple lines, and the double-layer design adds a three-dimensional impression. The slightly slanted lugs make the case fit the wrist more ergonomically.

   On the garnet red dial, the brand’s distinctive small three hands and the Arabic numerals are set against each other, making the time indication clearer and more intuitive.

   The red small seconds dial is located at 6 o’clock on the watch, with a slightly recessed function dial design, making the watch more ‘small and clear’ style.

   Through the back cover of the craftsmanship, the look of the brand’s classic Alpha movement is in front of each eye. Each Alpha movement is adjusted in six directions and decorated with Glashütte stripes, tempered blue steel screws, and NOMOS scales. Grain, guaranteeing outstanding performance while presenting the iconic appearance.

   Paired with a square case is a gray velvet strap that is delicate and soft and comfortable to wear.

   NOMOS often tries different colors on classic Tetra watches; the square outline of the case and the clear lines blend perfectly. This time, garnet red, pearl powder, clear blue, and matcha green, these unprecedentedly beautiful colors, constitute a very modern quartet. With exquisite contrasting fonts on the dial and elegant gold and silver details on the hands, these watches are not only exquisite mechanical timepieces, they also look like brilliant jewellery.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Goddess’ Choice Tissot Liu Yifei Endorsement Spot 6700 Yuan

At the end of 2015, Tissot signed a contract with the famous movie star Liu Yifei, and Liu Yifei officially became the new spokesperson for Tissot. To this end, Tissot specially released a Duluer series ladies watch to commemorate this important moment. Recently, while learning about this watch, I learned that many stores in Beijing are currently out of stock because they have already sold this watch. Some of the brand’s direct-sale stores include the new Zhongguan stock, which sells for 6,700 yuan.
Tissot Duluer series Liu Yifei endorsement watch (T099.

    This watch is a very exquisite ladies watch. The appearance of stainless steel and the dial design is very delicious. The center of the dial is made of white mother-of-pearl. The scale of the watch is composed of Roman numerals and diamond-inlaid bar scales. The size of the watch is 32 mm, which is a relatively atmospheric size for women. Conventionally, women’s watches are generally smaller than this, but now ladies’ watches are increasingly pursuing the atmosphere, even in the traditional sense. Men’s watch.

    The thickness of the watch is 10.69 mm, which is a relatively moderate size. Most mechanical watches are not too thin. This watch is also equipped with a white leather strap, which is soft and comfortable to wear, and it travels well. The experience is moderate, and the daily wear is just right. If you like the bracelet light and casual, then don’t choose it. This watch is more casual and stylish.

    The watch is equipped with Powermatic 80, a well-known automatic mechanical movement in recent years. The main feature of this movement is that it has a power reserve of 80 hours. It is now a mainstream mainstream movement with a long power. At this price, Perhaps this is the only long-powered movement that works well. For this watch, Tissot has specially polished the texture of the movement, and it looks more fashionable and interesting.
Summary: This ladies watch is currently the flagship model of Tissot’s Liu Yifei. It is exquisite and soft, and it is very popular. In Beijing, some dealers’ stores are already in a state of need to adjust goods, and the price is also approachable. Based on the use of special materials and movements, this watch is a very suitable daily choice for women.
More details:
[Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that the user of ‘watch home’ will get a better service experience
[Dealer Name]: Tissot Beijing Xinzhongguan Moore Store
[Dealer Address]: Shop L119B, Xinzhongguan Building, No. 19 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-82483783

L.U.C Quattro Watches Show Gentlemanliness And Elegance

Chopard L.U.C Quattro watch with ultra-long power reserve continues to transform elegantly. The watch is equipped with a new vertical satin-finished green dial and a white gold case. It is distinguished by its distinctive hue. Chopard does not apply the bottle green and olive green that are popular in the watch industry, but chooses a unique green with a grayish tone, which is directly inspired by the elegant taste of the elegant and eclectic British gentleman club. This limited edition of 50 watches is dedicated to gentlemen who understand the wonders of watches and appreciate the outstanding quality of L.U.C watches.

Chopard L.U.C Quattro

The L.U.C Quattro watch is a classic masterpiece of the L.U.C series, and is also the flagship watch of Chopard Manufacture. It uses a high-quality 9-day power reserve movement, showing its unique elegance. In addition to its outstanding horological functions, the new L.U.C Quattro watch is pleasing and outstanding, and is specially made for modern gentlemen. The redesigned dial reveals a sense of modernity, and with unique colors, the watch is even more honoured with the Poinçon de Genève certification. It is a beautiful and practical precision timepiece.

Simple and elegant

Chopard L.U.C Quattro

Launched in 2018, the L.U.C Quattro watch is a success with a completely new design. The new model is made of platinum, elegant and thin, and continues the style of the previous work. It is equipped with a simple and stylish new dial. The grey-green dial is treated with silver vertical satin, with blue hands and hour markers, rhodium-plated indexes and Arabic numerals, and a rose gold case. L.U.C Quattro watches are limited to 50 pieces, all with stylish and elegant brown matte alligator leather double-sided straps.

 Chopard L.U.C Quattro

The L.U.C Quattro case is 43 mm in diameter and is crafted from 18K white gold. The bezel is satin-polished, the bezel is polished, and the caseback is engraved by hand. Its meticulous carving has obtained the strict Geneva mark certification. The sub-dial at 6 o’clock is equipped with a small second hand and a date display function indicated by the hands. At 12 o’clock, the power reserve shows 0 to 9 scales, showing the iconic 180-degree fan shape of the L.U.C Quattro watch. The minute scale circle is equipped with large Arabic numerals ‘3’ and ‘9’ at 3 and 9 o’clock, combined with rhodium-plated hour markers. The shape of the hour markers follows the L.U.C.’s unique Crown Prince arrow-shaped hands, and is plated with Super LumiNova fluorescent coating.

Extraordinary mechanical masterpiece

 Chopard L.U.C Quattro watch rear view

98.01-L movement

The L.U.C Quattro watch is equipped with the original 98.01-L movement of Chopard Manufacture, which adopts the unique patented Quattro technology. Two pairs of stacked barrels are only 3.7 millimeters thick, and despite their small size, they provide a power reserve of up to 216 hours for this certified precision timepiece. The L.U.C Quattro watch thus presents a slim and elegant style.

Jiang Wen And Zhou Yun Work Together To Compose The Raymond Weil Pinnacle

Since it was founded in Geneva in 1976, as one of the few family-run watchmaking brands in Switzerland, Raymond Weil enjoys a special status in the field of luxury watchmaking. The brand has a deep relationship with art and culture. At the same time pay attention to the use of precious materials and delicate watchmaking technology. Through meticulous methods to highlight the distinctive brand characteristics, write his own thinking about the passage of time-independence is an attitude. With its unique dynamic vitality and outstanding pioneering spirit, Raymond Weil is regarded as one of the fastest growing and most promising watch brands in the world.
    At the event, a variety of Raymond Weil classic watches shone brightly, immersing guests in unique artistic charm. Stepping into the magnificent venue, a stage with an approximately circular dial came into view. The music with a spring atmosphere sounded, bringing vitality to life. On the huge display, Raymond Weil’s brand life broke through. The boundaries of time and space, 35 years of history flow slowly before guests.
In the magnificent venue, a stage with an approximately circular dial came into view, and the music with a spring atmosphere sounded leisurely. On the huge display, Raymond Weil’s 35-year history slowly passed in front of the guests.
   The spring returns to the earth, bringing the jasmine fragrance from the royal palace. At the same time, the fragrant incense from the Northern Song Dynasty gradually diffused with the Dongjiajushi’s ‘Jiayi’, and the silver-white Jasmine watch also appeared. When the delicate watch turned into a white and flawless jasmine blooming, Miss Zhou Yun in a gorgeous evening dress appeared in the center of the stage. Her sweet and touching smile and elegant and feminine temperament contrast with the beauty she wears on her wrist. Jia Jia series watch is the latest women’s watch launched by Raymond Weil this year. Its rich, soft and elegant temperament is like a delicate flower blooming on the wrist, which perfectly displays the infinite charm of women.

Miss Zhou Yun, dressed in a gorgeous evening dress, appeared in the center of the stage. Her sweet smile and elegant and feminine temperament matched the beauty on her wrist.
    Su Dongpo has a poem ‘Never a good-looking girl’. Miss Zhou Yun, as the spokesperson for the brand of Greater China in the Raymond Weil brand, is also fresh and elegant like Jiayu. With her superb acting skills in ‘Let the Bullets Fly’, Miss Zhou Yun won the Mainland Best Film Actress Award in the 15th Global Chinese List 2011 and the Asian Influence Ceremony in one fell swoop. At the same time, Miss Zhou Yun is also a woman who is brave enough to challenge herself and forge ahead with innovation. After ‘Let the Bullets Fly’, she conquered the screen with a ‘Golden Wedding Storm’ and won the first Asian Rainbow Award for best actress. The next month, Yuchuanzi was cast, and the breeze blows through Wulingchun. Ms. Zhou Yun, with pure temperament and independent personality, is as elegant as she is.
    The jasmine blooms in the center of the stage are extremely brilliant. A round of red sun rises, and then the soft voice becomes powerful. Another spokesperson for Raymond Weil Greater China, Mr. Jiang Wen appeared on the stage, wearing a Raymond Weil Classic Master Moon Phase Watch (Maestro Phase de Lune) on his wrist, confident and intelligent temperament, adding a whole An extraordinary feeling.

Raymond Weil spokesperson for Greater China, Mr. Jiang Wen appeared on the stage, confident and intelligent temperament, adding a sense of extraordinary to the entire stage
    Mr. Jiang Wen is a world-renowned artist, director and playwright. A film, Sunny Day, written and directed by him, won him the Best Actor Award at the 51st Venice International Film Festival in Italy and the 8th Singapore International Film Festival. At the same time, ‘Sunny Day’ participated in the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards and won six awards for best film, best director, best screenplay adaptation, best actor, best photography and best sound effect. Mr. Jiang Wen’s multi-faceted artistic talents were used to the fullest in ‘Sunny Days’, and ‘Let the Bullets Fly’ pushed his acting career to the peak. In 2011, Mr. Jiang Wen won several awards including the Best Actor, Best Director, Best Movie and Chinese Movie Box Office Honor Award in the 15th Global Chinese List and Asian Influence Ceremony. The pursuit of the pinnacle state can achieve the ultimate honor; strive to perfect the details to create classic works.
    As one of the best interpreters of Raymond Weil’s brand philosophy, Mr. Jiang Wen said, ‘Raymond Weil is a very dynamic and innovative brand. I greatly appreciate Raymond Weil’s tireless pursuit of art and adherence to it. Independence style. I also devote myself to art. As the image spokesperson of Raymond Weil, I hope to create the pinnacle with Raymond Weil in the future. ‘

Raymond Weil Global President Olivier Bernheim presents the classic master moonphase watch to the brand’s Greater China spokesperson Jiang Wen
    Ms. Zhou Yun also appreciates the artistic and cultural feelings of Raymond Weil: ‘Art is closely related to tradition and innovation. I personally agree with Raymond Weil’s brand philosophy of loyalty to tradition and innovation, and always adhere to the independent management of the family Philosophy is very important for both the brand and the individual. I am honored to cooperate with such a brand. ‘

Raymond Weil Global Vice President Elie Bernheim presented Jiayu watches to the brand’s Greater China spokesperson, Ms. Zhou Yun
    Raymond Weil Global President Olivier Bernheim believes: ‘Mr. Jiang Wen’s talents and Miss Zhou Yun’s elegant beauty are like the extraordinary temperament represented by Raymond Weil watches: classic, timeless, independent.’
    Raymond Weil has been involved in the arts and culture since its inception. The watches and models launched by the brand since its establishment have been named after classical music and opera names, such as Wagner’s ‘Pasif’, Verdi’s ‘ Champagne City ‘and Mozart’s’ Don Giovanni ‘have established a deep relationship between Raymond Weil and art. For a long time, the Raymond Weil brand has been closely connected with the music industry, designing unique timepieces for international artists Cooperate with famous music events. As a watchmaker actively sponsoring the arts, Raymond Weil actively helps young talents, especially through the Raymond Weil International Photography Awards. This is one of the world’s top photography awards-not only because of the award setting or the famous partners that the brand attracts (Aperture, Paris Photography Exhibition, Art Forum, etc.), but also because the award perfectly reflects Lei Monwell’s desire to provide long-term support to young artists. The establishment of the RW Club, the sponsorship of the Miss Hong Kong election, and the designation of the official watch of the 2008 British Music Awards have fully expressed Raymond Weil’s determination and enthusiasm to actively participate in the field of culture and art.
    The pinnacle movement, playing endlessly, on the 35th anniversary of Raymond Weil, the world-renowned Swiss watch will join hands with Mr. Jiang Wen and Miss Zhou Yun and other outstanding artists to compose Raymond Weil’s pinnacle melody.