The Grand Opening Of Hublot’s Beijing Skp Store Opened The World Premiere Of Bruce Lee Limited Edition Watches

On March 1, 2016, Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, opened its Beijing SKP store. The new store is located in Beijing’s high-end luxury commercial landmark, which has become the development of Hublot in the Chinese market Another milestone. In addition, the opening ceremony of ‘Be Water My Friend-Legend of Bruce Lee’ was held, and Bruce Lee’s limited edition watch was also launched worldwide.

   This exhibition takes Bruce Lee’s life philosophy as the theme, exhibiting Bruce Lee’s precious items and several Hublot limited edition watches. At the opening ceremony, the general manager of Hublot Greater China, Loic Biver, and the founder of the Bruce Lee Foundation and the daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee, cut the ribbon for the new store and jointly released the Big Bang soul Bruce Lee limited edition To pay tribute to the Kung Fu superstar.

   In the exhibition, Hublot also uses the Bruce Lee Mirror device designed by modern technology. The interior is decorated with glass fragments and watch parts, and a transparent screen in the middle broadcasts Bruce Lee’s classic martial arts-making movie. The bottom uses Hublot UNICO with 3D effects. The styling of the movement allows Hublot and Bruce Lee to blend perfectly in the same time and space.

This is the eye mask shape in the movie ‘Blue Peaks’.

Bruce Lee used to wear a black kung fu uniform 66 cm x 150 cm (flat and with open sleeves)

This is mainly the Bruce Lee Martial Art Studio business card and film manuscript created by Bruce Lee.

Soul of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Watch

   The limited edition of Bruce Lee watches launched this time is limited to 100 pieces. The significance of the limited edition of 100 pieces is that Bruce Lee said during his lifetime: ‘A good martial artist should be like water, invisible and incapable of hurting with his fists. It can also be violently impacted. Like water, my friend! ‘100 is equivalent to the temperature that water can exist. Above 100 degrees, it becomes water vapor, and below 0 degrees, it becomes ice.

   The Big Bang soul Bruce Lee limited edition watch is dominated by blue, inspired by Bru’s life motto, Be Water My Friend, and Hublot printed it on the bottom of the watch. The dial design adopts an important painting in Bruce Lee’s home study, a dragon shape hand-painted by Bruce Lee, with two rubies as the finishing touch.

   This watch is equipped with Hublot’s new HUB4700 movement, which is a unique movement developed jointly with the Zenith team. Based on Zenith El Primero movement with date display (frequency: 5 Hz, 36,000 vibrations / hour; 278 parts, 31 gems), this HUB4700 machine combines the wisdom of two watch brands The core was praised by purists as one of the most outstanding Swiss chronograph movements ever. This self-winding skeleton movement has a 50-hour power reserve, and the exquisite skeleton mechanism and its date dial can be seen through the sapphire mirror.

   The ‘Be Water My Friend-Legend of Bruce Lee Memorial’ is the second cooperative exhibition organized by Hublot and the Bruce Lee Foundation, and will continue until March 6th. Friends who are interested in Hublot or Bruce Lee can do it themselves Free visit to the atrium on the first floor of SKP mall in Beijing.

The Famous Star Chef Joel Lubson Attended The Opening Ceremony Of Blancpain’s New York Store

Blancpain, a fine watchmaking brand, celebrates the official opening of its New York store. The new store is located at 697 Fifth Avenue. The conference also invited internationally renowned chef and brand friend Joël Robuchon. Participate in events together.

   The friendship between Blancpain and this talented French chef is obvious to all. On the one hand, Blancpain’s new New York store opened. At the same time, the chef who had won 31 Michelin stars also took the opportunity to celebrate the event with Blancpain and opened a restaurant, Joel Lubson, in the vicinity. Joël Robuchon) as their latest stronghold outside Europe, Asia and North America. The new store’s sales area covers two floors, and the new design and decoration are refreshing, covering an area of ​​375 square meters.

   Many journalists and brand friends attending the event visited the new store to learn more about Blancpain’s world. Later, the conversation between Mr. Alain Delamuraz, global vice president and marketing director of Blancpain, and the legendary French chef emphasized the common core values ​​of both, such as the pursuit of quality excellence, professional knowledge, and exquisite touch. And superb technology.

   At the end of the event, Joel Lubson suddenly became interested and hung a Blancpain wall clock for the store. He proudly relocated the wall clock prize, symbolizing his deep connection to Blancpain’s Le Brassus watchmaking workshop, emphasizing ‘time is an important part of cooking’.

   For more than 30 years, Blancpain has established friendly relationships with celebrities who are skilled in culinary arts before the reputation of high-class cooking has gained today. The relationship between the Blancpain brand and Joel Lubson was established in 1989. At that time, he and Frédy Girardet and Paul Bocuse were nominated as ‘Chefs of ‘The Century’, the brand also presented a specially engraved watch for each of them as a memorial. For many years, Blancpain watchmaking workshops have shared the same philosophy with internationally renowned chefs in pursuit of a better art of living.

The Hublot Hublot In China Polo Open Is The Official Timekeeper, Helping To Experience Speed And Passion

September 30, 2018, Beijing at the end of September has already entered the autumn. Coinciding with the golden autumn season, the final of the Chinese Polo Open was held in Beijing Tang Polo Club. As the official timekeeper of the Chinese Polo Open, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT Hublot will race against time and take us to experience speed and passion.

   The Tang Dynasty Polo Club, which is holding the final of the China Polo Open, is located in the Tongzhou District of Beijing. The club has two international standard playing lawns, 100 stables, and a 5,600 square meter indoor polo equestrian training center. Most of the horses in the stables come from Australia, Argentina, Britain and other countries. They are professional polo horses with proven pedigree. Since its inception, the Tang Polo Club has been committed to promoting polo in China, developing professional polo events, and contributing its own strength to the sport of polo.

China Polo Open Finals

    At the event, HUBLOT made a stunning debut with the BigBang series, following the classic design of the brand, incorporating bold design and colorful colors, showing the brand’s exclusive charm.

HUBLOT exhibited works
    One of the most eye-catching watches on display is this brand new special watch from the China Polo Club. This watch is a brand specifically tailored for the Tang Polo Club, incorporating polo elements into this tourbillon chronograph, the small seconds at 2 o’clock and the polo elements on the outer edge of the tourbillon at 6 The design is the icing on the cake of the watch, showing the spirit of hard work in polo.

China Polo Club Special Watch

   HUBLOT Hublot invited Mr. Liu Shilai, the founder of the Tang Polo Club, to explain the history of polo development and the basic knowledge of polo, so that we can better understand the polo knowledge.

Mr. Liu Shilai, Founder of Tang Polo Club
    A total of three teams participated in the final of the Chinese Polo Open this time, competing for the final championship. On the field, the players were galloping, sweating, and the autumn wind ignited the battle on the field.

The heroic players on the field
    As the official timepiece of the final of the China Polo Open, HUBLOT Hublot not only helps the referees record the game time, make more fair and fair penalties, and control every square inch, but also witness the players on the field Moments of passion and wonderful moments. HUBLOT is not only the time controller on the field, but also the recorder of sports moments. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Tissot’s New Swiss Watch In Thomas Lüthi

The explosive energy of Tissot T-RACE Thomas Lüthi Limited Edition 2012 on racing cars, the aerodynamic striped T-shaped round strap is like the athlete speeding on the track. Representing his team are adopting black, silver and yellow color schemes, while mirroring the traits of sports watches with maximum precision and technical strength in a piece evokes the characteristics and qualities of motorcycles, such as various details from the precision design of its movement The bezel and dial of the moving dial illustrate the elaborate counter and odometer. The bottom cover is engraved on his No. 12 horse race. With only 999 pieces being produced, this game is for his fans to get their hands on these clocks. As a collector’s work, it comes to protect in the case of a complex helmet.

We Are Helpless In The Face Of Fakes

Thirty years ago, it should be my first encounter with ‘fake goods’. Three ‘Hasbro’ Transformers bought at a toy stand not far from home. After a while, he ran home and ‘fitted’ with the other two transformers in the Wangfujing shopping mall. The plug of the link is loose and easy to fall off, and a little bit of toilet paper can be used to fix it. My dad said that it was fake for you to buy it.

   A robot model called the Devil’s Hero Altar was popular in elementary school. It ranges from 36 to 93 yuan in size. The most special thing is that each robot has a part that has been painted and painted. Students will love it. Do more than any robot. It didn’t take long for the robot at the entrance of the school to sell a robot for 20 yuan. The gloss and texture were slightly less than the original but not obvious. It was sold well because it was cheap.

   When I was in high school, I loved playing basketball, so I naturally bought Jordan shoes. Around 2000, it was difficult for Beijing to buy Jordan shoes at the counters of shopping malls, which were all sold in private sneaker stores. At that time, Internet access was not popular, and the source of information was very limited. Except for the original Jordan shoes, some training, special edition Jordan shoes, or basketball shoes with Jordan standards, we could not find its origin at all. Look at the workmanship, I bought it well, I’m sure there must be fake shoes.
   At college, you can wear tide cards, BAPE, NBHD, etc. You can basically buy the same copy of the copy in the underground of Zhongyou, Xidan, and only a few hundred yuan. For thirty years, fakes have been appearing in my life, and I believe everyone is the same. The 3.15 CCTV exposure every year is just the tip of the iceberg. For counterfeit goods, we are helpless and unavoidable.

   E-commerce and micro-business, we can see a lot of luxury fake purchase information every day, and watches are the hardest hit area for fakes. Teacher Yan told me last week that he recently came up with a Longines but could not find his next home. The reason is that the fake watch technology has been improved, causing some watches with a price of about 10,000 yuan to be unreal, and the watch seller simply can’t see it and simply refuses to accept it. For table friends, although we will not buy fake watches, it does not mean that the proliferation of fake watches will not affect us, and who can’t guarantee a watch.

   Many people think that the proliferation of fakes in China is caused by the rise of the e-commerce industry and the inability of the regulators to reach the Internet. In fact, when China’s fakes were the worst, it was around the 1990s. At that time, the market economy had just been established, and a perfect socialist fair market supervision mechanism had not yet been established. Many enterprises and individuals had found no way out, and the cost of making and selling fakes was very low. In 2001, the ‘two bureaus’ were established, namely the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to manage the fields of production and market circulation, respectively. Today’s regulatory framework is still based on this.

   Since then, China’s e-commerce industry has developed rapidly, but the supervisory layer of the ‘two bureaus’ is still mainly offline. It is precisely because of the lack of supervision, that we can now see a lot of fake purchase information on the Internet. Take Taobao as an example. We always say that the reason for the flood of Taobao fakes is that Ali’s supervision is unfavorable. In fact, Ali does not first represent the public power of the state. It only has the obligation to report offenders, and it does not have the right to punish these people. Secondly, as an enterprise, it is unrealistic to use all the power of the company to fight against fakes. Therefore, the proliferation of e-commerce fakes is still a system issue in the final analysis. This statement seems to justify the e-commerce platform, but it is actually the truth.
    The only way to combat the proliferation of counterfeit goods is to change the system and legislation so that counterfeiters and those who know and sell fake products will be severely punished. Under the existing circumstances, amending the law and managing counterfeit goods like drinking and driving is probably the only way to ‘there is no fake world.’

Vivid Carp Lively On The Clock

There is ‘fish’ every year. This is the most commonly used greeting during the traditional Chinese New Year. If the vivid carp can be reflected on the clock, it must be well received by Chinese traditional culture lovers and watch lovers. welcome. Patek Philippe, the top watch brand from Switzerland, has customized a ‘Chinese carp’ clock to celebrate the opening of its source, the only one in the world! Patek Philippe Chinese Carp Clock
Patek Philippe’s ‘Chinese Carp’ clock adopts Baccarat crystal carved platinum-plated dome. Its dome, curved clock body and dial are all handmade by two layers of crystal: orange outer layer and transparent Inner layer, and the base is transparent crystal.
Patek Philippe Chinese Carp Clock
The carp embossed pattern of the cymbal clock body is hand-carved, and the dial is processed on a lathe with a cutting wheel. Use a cover screen during production to achieve a sharper cut and make the parts of the pattern more prominent. The edges of the pattern are etched to make the contrast between the frosted transparent crystal on the inner layer and the orange highlight pattern on the outer layer more vivid. Hand sculpting alone requires nearly 150 hours of intensive work by professional craftsmen. Platinum-plated hour dial with embossed Arabic numerals.
Patek Philippe ‘Chinese Carp’ Clock Patek Philippe ‘Chinese Carp’ Clock

Swiss Plum Watch To Accompany You Through A Century Of Precision

Since its establishment in 1919 in Grinchen, Switzerland, the Swiss TITONI watch has gone through almost a century, and it can be said to be one of the long-established watch factories. In its long and glorious background, TITONI is famous for its stable quality of ‘precision, reliable and durable’, and adheres to the belief of ‘mechanical technology’, making it still one of the few independent watch factories in Switzerland.
All automatic mechanical watches produced by TITONI undergo strict quality control. The accessories such as balance wheel devices, clockwork, shock absorbers are individually screened and assembled by professional technicians to ensure that their quality is different from other brands. The core is assembled directly. Behind every watch is the endless persistence and exploration of Swiss watchmaking technology, which is also an important spiritual element that forms the reputation of TITONI’s outstanding brand.
The plum watch factory with experienced and highly skilled craftsmen and advanced equipment produces excellent Swiss-made watches. The refinement of the details, all highlight the unique personality and temperament of different series of plum watches.
Maintaining the beauty of traditional values ​​and pursuing innovation is TITONI’s brand philosophy. Adhering to ‘quality’ is the foundation of everything. It does not dance blindly with the market trend. TITONI has been committed to finding the most popular and practical for more than 90 years. A proper balance point, standing on the watch market with classic shapes and stable quality.
Skywalker 83909-SY-063 Automatic Watch
Function: Three-pointer single calendar
Movement: automatic ETA movement
Water resistance: 50 meters
Dial: Roman numerals / Hao Shi
Table diameter: 38.5 mm
Mirror: Sapphire glass, anti-glare treatment

2012 Most Eye-catching Watch Inventory

At this year’s Geneva watch fair, we saw the future of dedicated faith and watch development. No matter in legend or in the movie, the mysterious Ark plan has laid the foundation for the rapid revival of human beings. We have carefully selected 6 eye-catching watches for you, which are the best genes to be eligible to board Noah’s Ark.

Largest physique: Montblanc Viller’s new era of the 1858 series ‘standard pointer marine chronograph and marine clock set’
套装 This set includes a canonical analog dual time zone chronograph and a large canonical analog marine clock, which displays the time in three places and has a world time display function. The chronograph is unveiled with a standard pointer dial layout, which is different from the traditional three-hand and one-line standard pointer timepieces, so that sailors clearly know the time of the original port of departure and the time of the current location. time. The nautical clock is 93 cm high, 56 cm in diameter, and weighs 120 kg. The marine clock is only half of the set, so one of the pillars has a small universal joint suspension bracket for the marine chronograph. Even if the sea waves are rough, the suspension bracket is always kept horizontal to protect the chronograph from the center of the earth The effect of suction causes errors.

The simplest dial: Lange SAXONIA ultra-thin watch
The thinnest watch ever made by this Saxony watch factory is only 5.9 mm thick. On the silver-white dial made of solid silver, the two-hand design and the 12-hour bar-shaped scale fully show the minimalist style and give a glimpse Can be identified as a watch design by Lange.

The weirdest look: Richard Mille Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon
Inspired by the classic barrel shape, Richard Mille specially designed a ‘armored’ titanium carbide case with two raised arc-shaped display windows for the polo player Pablo Mac Donough. The movement design and display window are both Tilt at 30 degrees. The display window on the left shows the second hand movement of the tourbillon frame, and the display window on the right shows the hour and minute hands. This angle of view is ideal for riders riding on saddles. The new compact tourbillon movement design uses a highly hollowed movement base plate and splint, and is equipped with a tightly-designed barrel system to avoid the effects of centrifugal and centripetal forces experienced during polo matches.

The most special material: Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Koala Watch
This is a real innovation. Straw has become a precious watchmaking material, appearing side by side with gold, diamonds, etc. on the master craftsman’s workbench. High-quality straws are screened out based on their toughness and gloss, and they are split open section by section, flattened with bone pressure sticks, cut with a fine wood carving saw, and finally combined into a delicate pattern. Straws of different sizes and colors are arranged side by side as closely as possible to achieve a three-dimensional, deep visual effect. The straw has seven different shades from golden yellow to brown, and its natural golden luster gives the koala decoration a lifelike image. This unique rich luster, after being dyed and assembled on the dial, can still maintain its natural state without any protective measures or glazing. The ancient straw inlay mosaic art has provided inspiration for many artistic creations. Cartier has taken this unexpected watchmaking material to the extreme, exuding delicate style and unique poetry.

The most luxurious women’s watch: Piaget Limelight Garden Party jewelry watch
The Piaget rose bloomed on the mysterious watch in a remarkable poppy-like form, and boldly reversed it into a whimsical and playful delicate decoration. The densely set 668 round diamonds weighed 8.7 carats and bloomed. Looking up to beauty.

Most Unique Fun: Cartier Temps Moderne de Cartier Watch
On the Tahiti mother-of-pearl chassis decorated with swirl patterns, three rings set with brilliant-cut diamonds danced under the drive of gears, and the small dial indicating the time kept rotating in the main dial, creating a dazzling Fascinating mechanical beauty … On the watch chassis, a modern ballet is being staged. The jewel’s light bounced between the gears and fell on the crown in a blink of an eye. This new and unique watch brings whimsy from jewellery design to shine under the light of precious stones and play with time.

Treasure Breguet Queen Mary-news Breguet

Anthony Mary is Abraham-Louis. Breguet’s most charming and loyal customers. The style and dignity of the French queen inspired the inspiration of Breguet, thus making the most gorgeous works. Breguet’s Marie-Antoinette ‘Dentelle’ fine jewelry watch. Praising the French queen’s love for fashion, especially the lace decoration, Breguet’s jeweller further perfected this platinum jewelry watch.

BREGUET Marie-Antoinette ‘Dentelle’

Lace trim surrounds the curve of the case and is set with 89 round diamonds weighing approximately 5.30 carats. The mother-of-pearl dial is also embellished with 123 round diamond laces and weighs about 0.3 carats, charmingly winding for a minute and a second. The spherical decoration at 6 o’clock makes the oval ruby ​​weighing about 1.3 carats more magnificent. The winding crown at 3 o’clock is decorated with a pear-shaped diamond with a triangular facet, which is integrated with the diamond lace decoration. Breguet buckle set with 26 round diamonds. The entire watch, including the case, frame, bezel flange and lugs, is set with 245 diamonds and weighs about 3.36 carats. Equipped with a manual-winding movement, this jewellery watch can be combined with a diamond-set riviere necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring, all designed with lace as the theme. Total diamonds are about 9 carats.

Breguet Le Désir de la Reine

The dress worn by Queen Mary at the time was as admirable as her jewelry or hair style. Most of these dresses are decorated with lace, ribbons and bows. Breguet was fascinated by these details, and inspired by this, he created the ‘Le Désir de la Reine’ fine jewelry watch. The bow that adorn this watch stretches to the partially frosted mother-of-pearl dial, and the pear-shaped diamond adds light to the bow, reminiscent of the dress of the time. Since women also appreciate mechanical technology, this 18K white gold watch with silk satin strap is equipped with a self-winding movement. The jeweller at the Breguet workshop also performed a bow on the ring, set with an oval diamond in the center. Total diamonds are approximately 5.2 carats.

Breguet Secret de la Reine

In 1783, Elizabeth. Vis-Le. Brune painted the portrait of ‘Marie Anthony and the Rose’ for the French queen. To commemorate this most famous customer, Breguet took inspiration from the world of Mary Anthony and created the elegant ‘La Rose de la Reine’ series, with the theme of roses held in the portrait of the queen, and made with shell relief techniques. This traditional shell carving technique originates from southern Italy. Today, Breguet has added a new member. This watch is named ‘Secret de la Reine’ and is also accompanied by a set of jewelry accessories including rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and made of Arcoy pearls, one meter or Two meter necklace. Generally speaking, the secret watch is to hide the time, and push the shell embossed rose to display the time. This beautifully embossed relief depicts rose petals, diamonds set on the watch and the symbol of this series, adding beauty to the relief rose. Available in 18K rose or white gold, this fine jewellery watch does not abandon Breguet’s promise to assemble a mechanical movement in a women’s watch. Therefore, this timepiece is equipped with an automatic winding movement 586, which can be coated by The top two sapphire crystals with anti-glare coating on the back cover demonstrate the movement. Total diamonds are about 3 carats.

Richard Miller Launches Rm 61-01 Yohan Blake Watch

Richard Mille released the RM 59-01 Tourbillon watch last year to pay tribute to the Olympic medalists, the world’s second-ranked flying men in the 100m and 200m races. Watches come in the same vein. The watch uses a highly skeletonized RMUL2 movement in grade 5 titanium alloy, plus PVD coating and Titalyt® treatment to ensure excellent performance.

   The bezel and rear case of the RM 61-01 are made of TZP-N. This ultra-rugged black ceramic material has a very low density (6 g.cm3) combined with a high degree of scratch protection and extremely low thermal conductivity. The TZP-N material is an alloy of 95% zirconium, added with a stable metal yttrium, sandblasted, hand polished, and chamfered, and a lightweight, flexible NTPT® carbon fiber main case. The elongated design between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock prevents the crown from rubbing against the wrists of sprinters.

   The RMUL2 movement has a 55-hour power reserve, a grade 5 titanium alloy, PVD coating and Titalyt® treatment, and a cardless balance with a vibration frequency of 4 Hz. In order to meet the needs of athletes, Richard Mille uses super tough materials. The RM 61-01 movement has been tested for external impacts exceeding 5000G.

The large crown protection of the new watch also enhances the sturdy feel of the watch and also protects the case from sports and other activities. The green suspension bridge embedded in the front of the movement is anodized and hand-painted, reminiscent of the hometown of Yohan Blake, Jamaica. His record-breaking performance in arenas around the world has earned him the domineering nickname of ‘The Beast’.