Nostalgic Classic Real Shot Tissot 2018 Re-engraved Watch

This year is the 165th anniversary of the founding of the Tissot brand. In the past history, the Tissot brand has launched a number of delightful works. To pay tribute to these extraordinary works, Tissot launched a nostalgic classic series, taking history as its source. Re-enactment of a watch that has been a hit. This year, Tissot brings the nostalgic classic 2018 replica watch, recreating the charm of a Tissot classic watch created in 1943.

  Extremely simple design, uncluttered case lines, retro-inspired textures, relive that heart-warming years. The original watch was originally designed for urban men, with straight lines and vibrant colors.

  In order to show the classic charm of the watch, the watch case is made of nickel-chromium alloy material instead of traditional stainless steel. Although it is still a cool color, it has a sense of time.

  The compact dial features a small seconds design, and the embossed Arabic numerals are striking. The dial is decorated with brushed texture, and the cold texture of the metal is appealing.

  The anti-glare sapphire glass guarantees the quality of the readings, while the willow-shaped hands and black leather strap with a nostalgic classic logo fully reflect the retro style.

  In addition, this watch also belongs to the iconic Tissot anti-magnetic series launched in the 1930s. This series includes the world’s first anti-magnetic watch, which was groundbreaking at the technical level at the time, and is also a historical witness of Tissot’s innovative spirit.

  Many details of the watch, including the silver arched dial, the vertical brushing process, and the logo decorated with the brand history of the last century, convey the glory of the past.

   Inside is equipped with a manual winding movement, whether it is the blue steel screws on the back, the Geneva ripples, or the noble and classic brand logo and other luxurious processing techniques, making the watch like a beautiful work of art from time and space.

  This is one of the most noteworthy vintage watches this year. Compared with the Tissot-launched general cover watch, it is simpler and more straightforward, with a low-key but good taste, and the effect is very good.
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