Nadal’s New Partner, Richard Mille Rm27-03 Tourbillon Watch

Richard Mille × Rafael Nadal
Since 2010, Richard Mille and Rafael Nadal have teamed up to create an exceptional watch, writing a new chapter in the history of watchmaking, and this latest series of works RM27-03 tourbillon Watch is a refreshing masterpiece. In terms of impact resistance, its tourbillon movement raises technical performance to an unprecedented level.

See the charm of the red-yellow tone TPT quartz fiber case and the 10,000G impact-resistant tourbillon

By design, this watch shows the king of the Spanish tennis champion. Obviously, the French Open is the best time to release this new watch. The clay court has always been Rafael Nadal’s favorite. He put his advantages to the fullest and won the French Open champion 9 times. The soft and fragile clay court needs to fully demonstrate the offensive style of play on the premise of observing the basic discipline principles of the game.

New watch replaces RM27-02 tourbillon watch and becomes Nadal’s new partner

In the same way, this new watch perfectly blends innovations in materials with the structure of horology. The clay court is famous for its expansion effect. The same applies to RM 27-03, its eye-catching red-yellow-toned TPT® quartz case, symbolizing the country of Rafa, Spain. Through a Swiss proprietary process, a thin layer of silica with a thickness of only 45 microns is immersed in a colored resin, and the filaments are woven into a thin layer, and then heated to 120 ° C to show bright colors. During the development of new colors of TPT® quartz material, whether it is the color stability required by the REACH standard, or biocompatibility and durability, it shows the superb skills of Richard Mille and North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT®) engineers . After the composite material is prepared, it will take a long time for milling and surface treatment to obtain the watch case and various parts.

The RM27-03 Tourbillon watch with a red and yellow tone TPT quartz case is eye-catching

The quartz fiber material of the case can guarantee a waterproof performance of 50 meters in depth, has excellent strength / weight ratio, has no sensitization, and has good UV resistance. However, what makes this extraordinary watch unique is the tourbillon movement that can withstand up to 10,000G impact. In the ‘pendulum impact test’, the linear acceleration generated by the wearer’s sudden movement or impact force is simulated. It is this kind of long research and development and heavy testing that has improved its performance to a new level. The ultra-light tourbillon movement is mounted on a hollow integrated TPT® carbon fiber base plate with micron-level accuracy, making this watch almost indestructible, while simplifying the parts in the structure and making it lighter. A quick-winding barrel provides long-lasting power for up to 70 hours of operation.

RichardMille Tourbillon RM27-03

The perfect surface treatment of the RM27-03 movement, hand-polished progressive chamfering, elegant forged surface, flashes the brightness of micro-grinding technology. RM27-03 has a memorable performance: the recognizable and stylish hollow bridge plate surrounds the barrel, the lines are sharp and smooth, with high-quality gears and a mechanical tourbillon with a frequency of 3 Hz, outline the visual Bull image ahead. The bull is a symbol of Spain and a symbol of Nadal’s selection. As a fun compliment, the TPT® Quartz Torque Limiting Crown used for winding and manual setting is tennis-shaped. Energetic and sporty, this watch is limited to 50 hairstyles and will become Rafa’s new partner in the future.