Montblanc Revitalizes The New Millennium Trend And Creates Diversified Cross-border Cooperation

The future has come and the trend has arrived! Millennials have gradually become a new force in luxury consumption and are also the main force driving luxury brands into a new stage of development. In order to cater to the characteristics of diversified markets, diversified product categories, and personalized consumption, luxury brands need to continue to create freshness and attract millennial consumers with a new attitude towards change. Montblanc is well aware of this. In the fierce market competition, seize the opportunity to ‘shock’ millennials, cater to market changes and renew the trend, launched a series of single products that are more acceptable to young consumers Become the beginning of young consumers to identify with the brand.

Montblanc X roseonly. ‘Joint Valentine’s Day Gift Box’

情人 节 Valentine’s Day in 2019, Montblanc once again boldly broke the traditional boundaries and opened up a new field of cooperation. Together with high-end rose and love token brand roseonly. Montblanc X roseonly. With the improvement of the taste of millennials, young consumers not only pay attention to the value of luxury goods, but also pay more attention to the culture, meaning and aesthetic taste conveyed by brands and products. At the same time, willing to chase unique design and personalized product experience, diversified, high-quality products have become the best consumer choice in the minds of millennials. The cooperation between the two brands this time opened a further exploration of millennials’ consumption habits. Montblanc, as a century-old brand, has always insisted on serving consumers with ingenious quality and continuous innovative design. Roseonly. Is a high-end rose and love token brand loved by young people. The two brands launch cross-border collaboration products at the most romantic festival of the year, offering millennials an exclusive gift that combines classic quality and romantic love. This cooperation draws on the two directors, with lively and bright colors and cute and cute cartoon images, century-old leather craftsmanship combined with the sweetness of the Rose promise, bearing the exclusive petting companionship and sincere love in the heart. In the name of love, it conveys its unique affection for family, lover, and close friend, and adds a Valentine’s Day heartwarming surprise. This virtually meets the unique personality of the millennials who desire not to go with the flow and express deeper emotions inside. In addition to the product cross-border itself, Yang Yang, as the Montblanc brand ambassador, is loved by millennials. He especially shot image advertisements and video clips for this cross-border. This is not only a product display, but also a broader brand base for the brand. Attract more attention.

Montblanc brand ambassador Yang Yang presents Montblanc X roseonly for his beloved. ‘Joint Valentine’s Day Gift Box’

Montblanc has always been committed to continuous innovation and breakthroughs. It has collaborated with stars and bloggers loved by millennials many times, and has merged traditional craftsmanship with IP that is popular with young people today. In February 2018, Montblanc collaborated with brand ambassador Yang Yang for the first time to launch a special Montblanc X Yang Yang limited edition. Montblanc is inspired by Yang Yang’s youthful attitude of being honest and fearless, and adopts bold and innovative designs to show the pioneering spirit of contemporary young people in a new and eclectic attitude, exuding a new vitality. In August 2018, Montblanc joined hands with fashion blogger Mr. Bao to launch the Montblanc X Bao joint capsule series. Montblanc introduced the first couple of leather goods, boldly broke the traditional boundaries, and reshaped the classics with a new design concept. In April 2018, Montblanc cooperated with the classic literary work ‘Little Prince’ to launch a special product of the Montblanc Meisterstuck series. Force is fused with timeless writing culture. Through the literary works loved by young people, The Little Prince, the millennial love of writing culture is rekindled. With diversified and cross-border cooperation, it will inherit and integrate innovation, and use the pioneering, fearless, and bold to encourage the younger generations who demand self-expression and individuality.

The future belongs to millennials. It is especially important to take the first step in the increasingly fierce market competition, explore new ways, and constantly create a sense of trend and freshness that attracts young consumers. Montblanc’s diversified cross-border cooperation has not only attracted many young consumer groups, but its image of brand rejuvenation has been increasingly recognized by the public. Montblanc’s path to renewal has always been stable, clear-cut, dedicated to renewing the trend, and leading the wonderful style of millennials.