Men Are Not Born To Exclude Rudeness

Together with the autumn breeze, or in order to match the increasingly thick clothing, those same rough and heavy watches have become the protagonists. The roughest of these must be military watches.

The military watch here is of course not really intended for soldiers or officers-there are always those first-tier brands that have served or are serving a certain army. The watch models have infiltrated the spirit of heroism, and they are slightly modified. Seamless connection with urban life is a very attractive product. Among them, the brand has military pedigrees for hundreds of years, Belles, and aristocrats such as Patek Philippe have hidden military expressions. Breitling Chronomat Italian Air Force Aerobatic Team Commemorative
As the most professional manufacturer of flying watches, Breitling has never been detached from the title of ‘military watch’ since its birth. Most of its watches are closely related to the air forces of various countries. For example, the Breitling Chronomat Italian Air Force aerobatic team commemorative model is derived from the brand’s 1983 tailor-made watch for the Italian ‘Three Arrows’ Air Force aerobatic team. It is worth mentioning that Breitling also maintains the only private aerobatic flight demonstration team in the world, namely the Breitling Jet Team. On the 17th, this team came to China for the first time in preparation for the 2012 China Air Show. Most of the pilots came from the French Air Force or the French Patrol aerobatic demonstration team.
IWC Spitfire Chronograph
Compared to Breitling, the young Bell & Ross is also obsessed with military watches. This professional military watch brand originated in France and made in Switzerland is a designated timer for several active military forces. The oversized dial, as well as the rivets exposed on the square and the four corners, reveal the toughness and pride of the soldiers (they also cooperated with Harley-Davidson motorcycles, which is also a perfect match). Today, Bell & Ross has extended the design and new precision technology of military watches to civilian watches, producing strange and conservative aesthetic effects. For example, the classic BR01 military watch is completely designed to imitate the radar cross section. The military green BR03 is dedicated to fighter pilots. This year, Bell & Ross’s first store in Hangzhou landed at the Vientiane City Henry World Watch Center, and these precious and timeless watches are being displayed live.

In addition, IWC and Omega are also “big players” in military watches. The former ‘Spitfire’ and the latter ‘first Omega into space’ are famous. Even Patek Philippe, who has always been graceful, and one of its founders, Antoine Norbert de Patek, has been a true soldier since the age of 16. Although there is no clear military watch series under PP today, some special Calatrava watch models are naturally referred to as ‘military watch’. These models are very different from other Calatrava: straight straight lugs at the ends, and the straps are fixed with twist-lock screws, which are deeply military features; special turban-type crowns are also common in military watches; The pan-shaped case is a special style exclusive to military officers during the war.