Luxury Watches That Bring The Beauty Of Platinum To The Limit

Platinum is the most suitable metal for setting precious stones, and is used by the world’s top jewellery and watch brands to fix diamonds and precious stones, or as an enamel bezel. Platinum has brought a new way of interpretation for the manufacture of representative products, and exerted the unparalleled artistic charm in its pure and flawless color and unquestionable intrinsic value.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Enamel Painted Platinum Watch

    The dial of this platinum watch is filled with enamel and is based on the theme of different geographical areas. Three different models are carefully carved: Asia and Australia, America and Europe, and Africa and the Middle East. And wavy patterns. Limited edition of 20 pieces each.
Ulysse Nardin Tropical Forest Minute Repeater Platinum Watch

    This unique watch series has a 42 mm diameter platinum case, all of its charm is concentrated in the color enamel dial with a three-dimensional effect: press the minute repeater slider, the sound of the hour, a vivid tropical forest scene Appearance-Monkeys and other animals rushed and jumped on the branches to avoid the attack of lions.
Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Oriental Garden Tourbillon Platinum Watch

    The quiet and mysterious oriental garden on the faceplate is set out by two precious enamel techniques under the support of precious stones. The polished enamel on the egg surface and the glazed fire enamel complement each other, drawing a charming charm of the oriental garden. Enamel skills require extremely high temperatures and excellent workmanship. Only 8 pieces of this limited edition platinum watch with alligator strap.