Ladoire’s Blue Roller Guardian Time Watch

RGT watch has an asymmetrical case, strange time display, soft curves, and a sharp contrast with the powerful structure. RGT watch is a new and unique high-end watch.
Since 2007, the Ladoire family in Geneva has been full of contradictions, and its works are atypical, unusual, avant-garde and elegant.

Roller Guardian Time Blue-Limited Edition III
The designs of these watches are clearly defined, suitable and mature under the stimulation of Lionel Ladoire. This is consistent with the underground rock style. His inspiration comes from contemporary culture and some famous advocates such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Andy Warhol and Philippe Starck By.
The design of the asymmetrical Roller Guardian Time RGT watch is full of power, soft lines, and the case feels smooth like silk. At the same time, the display technology is particularly bright against the background of the ultra-fine movement decoration.

The blue crocodile leather strap of LADOIRE strictly complies with the high quality leather manufacturing standards. It has a hand-stitched dark black leather lining and a double hinged buckle.
This summer, Lionel Ladoire will launch three limited edition watches, whose splints, straps and dials will be presented in blue denim for casual denim.
Source: Ladoire
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