Introduction To Hublot King Alinghi Sailing Team Edition

The Supreme King Alinghi Sailing Team Limited Edition, the Alinghi has won two America’s Cup regattas, and has made a good start on the road to defending this year.
‘I don’t want sports games and business to get too close’, this has always been the common wish of sports fans all over the world. Especially for those who are willing to spend a lot of money on sailing, since they chose sailing in a variety of entertainment methods, they naturally value it without any utilitarian color. All achievements are generated on the free routes and the waves. Fight. And those companies that can form a deep friendship with sailing and become sponsors of the event also use achievements as a link. Together they inspire each contestant, board the bow, extend their legs out of the ship’s side, watch the terrifying sea with white waves, and repeat the experience of weightlessness