F.P.Journe Funds Icm In Paris- News Journe F.P.

François-Paul is a well-known watch structural designer and artist, as well as a man with a true temperament. He has donated his latest creation, Centigraphe, to each Centigraphe by 3%. Ten profits are donated to the ICM to fund high-tech medical research in brain behavior and myelopathy.
François-Paul Journe laid the foundation stone for the building of ICM, a specialized agency for the study of brain behavior and myelopathy, and became one of the founding members of ICM.

In this event, he stated that he insisted on supporting ICM’s efforts to fight diseases of the brain and spinal cord. As a well-known watch structural designer, artist, and a man with a true temperament, he has donated his latest creation, Centigraphe, and donated 30% of each Centigraphe’s profit to ICM to fund behavior in the brain. And high-tech medical research in myelopathy.
The founders of ICM are determined to build and maintain an international research center with the latest technology. This project will bring patients, doctors, nearly 600 researchers, engineers and technicians together in one center.
The Centigraphe Souverain
Centigraphe Souverain is the latest watch launched by François-Paul Journe in 2007. It is a mechanical stopwatch that has never been seen before.

The hand-crafted movement has three dials and can measure time from one hundredth of a second to ten minutes at the same time. Each dial has a red time scale and a black tachometer. The tachometer converts time into speed. Its working range is down to six kilometers per hour, which is about walking speed, and up to 360,000 kilometers per hour, which is faster than the escape speed of a meteorite into low-level space.
The flying second hand at ten o’clock is on a dial labeled one hundredth of a second, and one revolution per second, theoretically, it can time an object moving at a speed of 360,000 kilometers per hour. This speed is about one-thousandth of the speed of light.
The stopwatch is started, stopped, and reset by a joystick in the case, rather than the button on one side of the commonly used crown-this is a new program of human environmental reformation, which has been made Patent protection. The rocker rotates the cylindrical gear, and the gear triggers the lever in the traditional way, which realizes start, stop, and zero in turn.
The second certified patent in this unique special mechanical mechanism is to effectively separate the stopwatch from the chronograph function. This means that when the stopwatch is working, the amplitude of the hairspring is not affected.
Source: Montres Journe