Exquisite And Lightweight Tasting Tourbillon Cheryl Maliy Double-edge Tourbillon Watch

As we all know, the ‘outer oscillating weight winding technology’ is one of the most representative patented technologies of the famous Swiss watch brand Bucherer. It is unique, ingenious and impressive. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo 2018, the brand launched a new self-made CFB T3000 movement, combining this unique timepiece technology with the tourbillon frame outer edge mounting technology, once again demonstrating the brand’s outstanding innovations. It is worth mentioning that the world’s first technological innovation can make the tourbillon like floating in the air, bringing excellent watch enjoyment. The timepiece equipped with this movement is the Bucherer Marie Dragon double outer tourbillon watch we are going to introduce to you today. Let’s enjoy it immediately: (watch model: 00.10920.03.13.01)

‘Double Outer Edge’

   After years of research and development, Bao Qi Cai, located in central Switzerland, presents an elegant and unique Maliron double-rim tourbillon watch. It is equipped with two major devices: the automatic winding system of the outer edge pendulum that provides power and the outer edge of the tourbillon frame. The two outer edge mounting technologies are perfectly integrated, which is why the name ‘double outer edge’ Come. In addition, the new timepiece also retains the classic and elegant design aesthetics of Yuandong Power Series. The interpretation of rose gold case and dark brown crocodile leather strap gives watch enthusiasts a refreshing viewing experience.

   Elegant and extravagant 18K rose gold case with a diameter of 43 mm, the front is polished and polished, delicate and exquisite. The sides are brushed and sanded to show different look and feel while reducing the effect of accidental scratches on the overall appearance. The slightly crowned crown blends into the elegant and rounded appearance, and the brand LOGO is engraved on it, showing the exclusive design aesthetics of the brand’s Maliron series.

   The smooth radians of the sides extend all the way to the lugs, making the lines more aesthetic. The lugs are slightly curved, making the timepiece fit more closely to the wrist and conforming to ergonomic settings.

   On the silver dial, wedge-shaped gold-plated three-dimensional hour markers and faceted sword-shaped gold-plated hands contrast with each other, revealing noble temperament while clearly indicating the time.

   At a closer look, the small seconds dial blends with the tourbillon, and the tourbillon that rotates along the edge contrasts with the small second hand that moves every second, which adds to the viewing. In addition, the tourbillon has a stop-seconds function. The wearer can stop the tourbillon from turning, making it easy to adjust the accuracy of the watch to seconds according to the standard time, highlighting the accuracy and convenience of the watch.

   Through the transparent back cover, the appearance of the new CFB T3000 movement is immediately in front of you. Here you can not only see the floating tourbillon, but also the black curved rotor that rotates along the periphery of the movement, which is unique and eye-catching. The movement uses the top technology to produce the escapement system. The escapement fork and escapement wheel are made of silicon, which reduces the friction of parts without lubrication. The power reserve can also be increased to more than 65 hours, and it is not affected by the magnetic field. stable.

    Comes with a hand-stitched brown alligator leather strap for comfortable wearing. Connected with 18k rose gold folding buckle, presented in pin buckle shape, it is distinctive and convenient to wear.

Bucherer Marie Dragon Double-Ring Tourbillon Watch
Summary: From the appearance point of view, this watch with a rose gold case and a dark brown alligator leather strap shows mature, elegant and elegant characteristics, so it is more suitable for the wearer to appear on formal occasions and show his unique luxury. style. If you like this watch, you may wish to pay more attention.