Don’t Be Afraid Of The Next Game’ – Praise The Pioneer Spirit Of The Times

On November 3, 2016, Montblanc Montblanc’s ‘Don’t Fear the Next-Praise the Pioneering Spirit of the Times’ press conference and the 110th anniversary of the global tour exhibition in Shenzhen was grandly held at the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen. Montblanc Global Creative Director Mr. Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Asia Pacific President Julien Renard, Montblanc China Managing Director Aris Maroulis, and Montblanc Brand Ambassador Lin Dan came to the scene and cut the ribbon for the tour. Since 1906, Montblanc has paid tribute to the pioneering spirit of the times. Montblanc brand ambassador Mr. Lin Dan officially announced that he would not retire after the Rio Olympics at the event site, and explained the firm belief of ‘no fear of the next game’ with practical actions. Montblanc is also working with the brand ambassador to declare ‘110 years of achievement is not the end, Montblanc will never fear the next challenge.’

Montblanc’s ‘Don’t be afraid of the next-praise the pioneering spirit of the era’ conference photo
Go beyond yourself, not afraid of the next game

Montblanc Asia Pacific President Julien Renard, Montblanc Global Creative Director Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Brand Ambassador Lin Dan, and Montblanc China Managing Director Aris Maroulis

Montblanc Asia Pacific President Julien Renard Addresses
 Montblanc China brand ambassador Lin Dan, under the age of 19, reached the number one position in the IBF. Has successively won the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics men’s singles events. It is the first time in the history of badminton to gather the Olympic champion, the World Championship champion, the World Cup champion, the Asian Games champion, the Asian Championship champion, the All England Championship and many more. A world slam player who is the champion of the World Badminton Super Series. Because of his fierce playing style and distinctive personality, Lin Dan has been called ‘Super Dan’ by the majority of fans, and is recognized as the strongest badminton player of his generation, even the greatest player in badminton history.

Montblanc China Brand Ambassador Lin Dan Attends the Press Conference ‘Don’t Fear the Next-Praise the Pioneering Spirit of the Times’
 Even though she harvested countless flowers and applause, for Lin Dan, it was not easy to walk along the road of badminton, from stumbling, to beginning to know how to enjoy the game, and gradually getting better, until becoming the king of the feather altar. Controversy, pain, and troughs bothered him all the time, but he never gave up lightly, only because of his love of badminton and his relentless pursuit of the highest goal. The title of ‘World Champion’ can be won by one game, but the title of ‘The Greatest Player in Badminton History’ can only be won by relying on one game after another to go all out and pass the challenge. In Lin Dan’s mind, even if he won the championship, it is only a glory this time, just a point in the long river of life, and he is always looking forward to the next game to create glory above glory.

Montblanc Creative Director Zaim Kamal explains the Montblanc TimeWalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch

Montblanc China Brand Ambassador Lin Dan Attends the Press Conference ‘Don’t Fear the Next-Praise the Pioneering Spirit of the Times’
 In Lin Dan’s view, Montblanc is an international top luxury brand with its own persistence and attitude, not following the trend, and after hundreds of years of hardening. Montblanc’s iconic hexagonal white star symbol, which symbolizes Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, means that Montblanc continues to explore and carve out a new level of brand value. Just like Lin Dan himself, no matter how brilliant the past, he still has the courage to continue to create miracles. For him, the more important meaning of life is to persist in surpassing himself and creating new legends.
In his nearly 30-year career, he has participated in four consecutive Olympic Games. Many people have speculated that Lin Dan will soon retire after the Rio Olympics and say goodbye to the badminton. , Never give up the pursuit of excellence and extreme, continue to move forward, not afraid of the next game.

Antique Pythagore movement from the Minerva factory
Centennial heritage continues to break the extreme

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of ‘To Commemorate the Pioneering Spirit of Montblanc’s 110th Anniversary World Tour Shenzhen Station’
 The inextricable relationship between the Montblanc brand and Lin Dan began with the pioneering spirit of the times that the two have consistently created classics and constantly challenged their limits. The 110th anniversary bears a glorious history for Montblanc. Like Lin Dan, Montblanc is also not afraid of challenges, and once again breaks through the extremes of fine watchmaking. The Pythagore ultralight concept watch from Timewalker showcases excellent watch skills and expresses its determination not to fear the next game. Montblanc Global Creative Director Mr. Zaim Kamal introduced the excellent timepiece to the media and guests at the press conference.

Timewalker Pythagore Ultralight Concept Watch
 Montblanc has developed revolutionary and innovative materials for the Timewalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch. The lugs are made of black DLC-coated titanium, and the case middleware, case back, bezel and crown are made of unique ITR Kevlar / carbon material, making the entire Timewalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch extremely light. And durable, it has become one of the world’s thinnest mechanical timepieces, weighing only 14.88 grams (excluding the weight of the strap). Equipped with the new Montblanc hand-wound MB M62.48 movement, this movement reinterprets the classic Minerva movement produced in 1943 with a modern design. It adopts a straight bridge shape and follows the Pythagoras golden section. Principle of proportionality. This highly modern movement has been completely redesigned in terms of materials and processes, bringing traditional aesthetics to the future.

Montblanc creative director Zaim Kamal and Montblanc China brand ambassador Lin Dan visit the ‘Sorry to praise the pioneering spirit of Montblanc’s 110th anniversary global tour Shenzhen Station’

Montblanc 110th Anniversary Global Tour Exhibition in Shenzhen
 For 110 years, Montblanc has always created every product with the concept of continuous innovation and the best craftsmanship, and strives to create a life for people with continuous innovation. Montblanc’s ‘110th Anniversary, Praise the Times Pioneer Spirit Global Tour Exhibition Shenzhen Station’ continued to be open to the public from November 3 to November 7. We invite more consumers to witness Montblanc’s pioneering spirit from 1906.