Carl F. Bucherer Sponsors Hotel Of The Year Award

Swiss GaultMillau and its sponsor, Lucerne, the watch maker Carl F. Bucherer, made their choice: the re-opened Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has won the best of the year Hotel title.
‘It’s great to be here,’ Rainer Maria Rilke wrote in her diary during her visit to the Bad Ragaz Hotel. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, a luxury resort, reopened in June 2009. After undergoing complete repairs and expansions, it is hoped that its visitors will also agree with this view.
The grand resort of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is elegant and hospitable. It is a combination of tradition and contemporary inspiration and etiquette.

This is Carl F. Bucherer’s third time sponsoring the GaultMillau Hotel of the Year Award. They form a perfect partner, because the constant pursuit of perfection is the common goal of Carl F. Bucherer and the Swiss hotel industry. ‘We support entrepreneurs and start-up companies who are at the forefront of their time just like us. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz hotel creatively combines the traditional culture, elegance and merits of high-end Swiss hotels with hospitality. New concept, which is why this resort won the GaultMillau Award without a doubt, ‘Thomas Morf said at the award ceremony.
Source: CarlF. Bucherer