Art Poet On The Wrist And Jacques De Lore Together To Appreciate The Stars

If you ask me which brand is deeply integrated into my bones, then the first thing that comes to my mind is Jacques Dro. This is a low-key aristocracy, from the brand’s creation to the collapse of the feudal system of the great monarch. The brand was appreciated by the royal families of many countries and, through the trade channel, became associated with China during the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. The one with the deepest roots in China. Jacques de Ronaldo and many other watch brands have different ideas. It is one of the few super-complex watches that is stunning. Another major feature of the brand is the use of special materials and traditional and complex craftsmanship to present outstanding creativity. The dial theme is, to me, a poet. Jacques de J012633202 watch is just like one of the humble gentlemen. He is not sculpted, but personable. Most importantly, his humorous moon face makes people feel interesting and easy-going.

    There are many watches with moon phases, and there are many forms of moon phase display with extraordinary creativity. However, it is not many that make the moon phase display humorous like Jacques Droe. In China, scholars and writers like to be sentimental in mountains and rivers, and reflect on the sun and the moon. Jacques Dro watch also has the impression that it is beyond the natural laws of the moon phase, and presents its own emotional expression.
The full moon is missing


    Alone in a different country is a different guest, every time the holiday season, think twice. Maybe the moonlight at night will produce different feelings in the eyes of different people, and on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, how many people carry the same feelings of nostalgia. In a wonderful way, Jacques Dro has given the original calm universe stars a romantic feeling, and this is the perfect portrayal of Jacques Dro’s artistic tone.

Moon phases of Jacques Dro

    Of course, anything that wants to resonate with people must have its extraordinary ingenuity. This moonphase watch by Jacques Dro is based on its famous black ‘Grand Feu’ large fire enamel dial, with the central moon face as the axis, and 8 stars are arranged symmetrically on both sides (people who know Jacques Dro also You must know Jacques Dro’s love for the number 8). These stars and the golden moon face in the center are processed by the master Jaquet Droz, and are set on the dial. The bezel above the moon face has a retrograde design. When turned to the side, it will automatically return, and the moon face will replay the hide and seek game with you.


    In addition, the watch has the date, day of the week and month indications, and the meandering calendar pointer in the center uses a crescent design, which is unique. There is no doubt that it is this unique hand and its own moon phase display that give the watch a charming charm and a completely different human emotion.
Luxury and elegance

18K Rose Gold Case

    Jacques de Ross watch is made of 18K rose gold, the surface is polished, the texture is delicate, the color is warm, gorgeous and delicate. The crown of the watch bears two stars in mind, a favorite symbol of the founder of the brand.

Concealed adjustment button


    On both sides of the case, in order to preserve the aesthetics of the watch, all the function adjustment buttons use a hidden design, which can be easily adjusted with just one adjustment needle. Obviously, this is an elegant ‘poet in Chinese clothes ‘.

18K pin buckle

Alligator Alligator Strap

    Paired with a rose gold case, the watch is made from precious crocodile leather. What is impressive is that Jacques Dero’s crocodile leather straps are generally hand-rolled, and the sides of the straps are completely free of sewing and adhesion marks on traditional crocodile leather straps. Its practical benefit is to avoid cracks on the side of the strap, and the deeper meaning lies in the higher grade of the strap. The strap is equipped with a 18K rose gold pin buckle, which is simple in structure but safe and secure.
Time flows, mechanical aesthetics

Back-through design

    The watch’s hands are slowly turning, announcing the flow of time, and behind this is a miniature mechanical ‘engine’ that never stops operating. Jacques de L’ECLIPSE EMAIL NOIR watch has a built-in 6553L2 self-winding movement, a dual barrel provides 68 hours of power reserve, and the full chain can take the watch almost 3 days. Through this ‘engine’, the watch’s precise and graceful window jumping characters, hand rotation, moon phase retrograde and other functions are realized.

Self-winding movement

    Through the transparent case back, we can see the exquisite structure of the movement, the fine texture, the curved lines on the edges of the splint flowing under different light, and the 22K gold automatic oscillating weight can rotate freely. There is a poetry and self-confidence in China, and I think the same applies to the description of the Jacques DeRomantic ‘poet’.

Summary: In 2013, I first noticed Jacques Dro, which was at the Jacques Dro store on Beijing Financial Street (which is no longer available today). It was a Jacques Dro exhibition at the time, but unfortunately I did not see the bird of time. Accidentally harvested Jacques Delo, a literary poet. Jacques Dro Art Workshop brought me a lot of surprises. Even the functional-oriented watches have a new interpretation under Jacques Dro’s interpretation. If the first essence of a watch is precision, then the charm of Jacques Dro is to elevate accurate time to a quality of life and let us see the emotional expression of time.