Active ‘strongest’ Omega

It is not too late to get to the topic. Omega brothers have bought more and played more. The Euro I want to talk about today is a special watch. This watch is currently one of the most powerful omegas on the market, with high configuration and of course ‘expensive’.
   The reason why I say it is ‘the strongest active duty’ Omega, because the strongest watch of all Omega watches must be the most expensive Omega Tourbillon 30I sold in history last year (the transaction price was 1.42 million Swiss francs, about RMB 9.55 million). ). What I want to say below is one of the most powerful and powerful Omegas currently on sale, the Omega Seahorse Marine Universe GMT ‘Dark Ocean Black’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Dark Ocean Black’).

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ series.
The word formidable is bound to be reflected in price.

   Let’s talk about the price this time. The reason why I wanted to say this watch was that after Omega released the ‘Dark Sea Black’, I was shocked when I saw the watch’s fair price. Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ (including ‘Deep Ocean Blue’ is a blue ceramic shell with a different color version) has a public price of 84,000. Brothers who are familiar with the watch market, I think everyone knows instantly what this price represents. The Rolex Nigga’s public price is 65900; Blancpain steel case 50 噚 Bathysacaphe is 79500; Blancpain titanium case 50 噚 Bathysacaphe is 87500 (ceramic case is 98000). Obviously, the public price of Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ is already a level of Blancpain 50 噚 Bathysacaphe, surpassing the steel case 50 噚 Bathysacaphe.

The three most famous luxury diving watches in the world, from top to bottom, are the Omega Seahorse, Rolex Submariner and Blancpain 50 噚.

   Omega Seahorse, Rolex Water Ghost, Blancpain 50 噚, the world’s three most famous luxury diving watches. As we all know, among these three watches, Omega and Rolex are positioned, and Blancpain’s brand positioning is higher than Rolex and Omega. Therefore, Blancpain 50 噚 is the most expensive, which is reasonable. Now, the price of Omega’s hippocampus ‘Deep Ocean Black’ has reached Blancpain’s level, what is the situation?
The situation is that the configuration of this Omega watch is really high.
   Diving watches are more fun, because a ‘tool table’ like a diving watch can be configured ‘patch and fight’. Omega’s ‘Dark Sea Black’ has such a high public price, and there are high reasons for it. So let’s take a look at the configuration of this table.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ black version.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ Blue Version.
   A large part of the value of a watch is mainly on the case. For example, the Lange 1 of the Lange 40.9 mm is actually not as advanced as the Lange 1 of 38.5. The public price of the large Lange 1 is almost 50,000 more expensive than the Lange 1 of 38.5. To put it bluntly, the shell is large, with more materials and more gold, so it is expensive. Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ is the first expensive on the case. The ‘Dark Ocean Black’ watch, with a size of 45.5 millimeters, is very large. The average ocean universe is 43.5. The huge case is a one-piece ceramic case. Today’s sports watches, as long as they use a ceramic case, the value goes up.

Omega ‘Dark Ocean Black’ red and blue colors.

   The ceramic case is very common now, and the most powerful of Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is actually its bezel. Nowadays, high-end luxury diving watches use ceramic rings, water ghosts, hippocampus, 50 噚, many models are ceramic rings. But there is a difference between ceramic rings. The Omega ‘dark sea black’ ceramic ring, the upper scale number is liquid metal, the color scale 15 minutes before the bezel is injected rubber coloring. Many brothers know that Blancpain and Omega belong to one group and one family, so many technologies are universal. Let’s compare and see that the bezel of 50 噚 Bathysacaphe is also ceramic and liquid metal, which is the same as Omega’s ‘Dark Sea Black’, but Omega has more colors of injected rubber, and the bezel is more complicated. I look at the analysis of foreign players and say, why does Omega use this technology? It is believed that the technology of injecting rubber is brighter and more prominent than other methods.

Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ black version.
   Omega’s ‘deep sea black’ ceramic shell and ceramic ring, there is a more powerful place. There are a lot of ceramic watches now. The average ceramic watch is made with a strong plastic case. Omega’s ceramic shell is polished and brushed to make the metal texture of the ceramic shell very strong. The matte black ceramic shell looks like the metal shell is plated black. The texture of the watch is good and the sense of quality is strong. In addition, the Omega ‘deep sea black’ ceramics are used thoroughly. Brothers, please note that the dial of this watch is also ceramic, and the buckle is also ceramic. The hands and scales are platinum. So the brothers can see that the case of Omega ‘deep sea black’ or these external things, the configuration is very high. It is clearly distinguished from the ordinary steel shell hippocampus.

In addition to the case, other places are also in place.

We can see that the bezel of ‘Dark Sea Black’ is a diving ring, and the inside of the dial is 24 hours and two hours.

   Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ disk design issues. I wrote about other watches in the hippocampus before, and I mentioned it several times, this time. On the surface, ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is a GMT, but we will find that it is different from the general hippocampal marine universe GMT. This is because ‘Dark Sea Black’ adjusted the dial design while taking into account both diving and GMT. The brothers can see that the bezel of the ‘deep sea black’ is a one-way rotating bezel of the diving watch, and the ‘deep sea black’ achieves the dial outer ring with the 24-hour figures of the two places. The general marine universe GMT bezel is a 24-hour number, so the general marine universe GMT has no diving circle, and the function of the diving watch is incomplete. It is a GMT two-time watch (although it is 600 meters waterproof, but Because there is no unidirectional rotating bezel). ‘Dark Sea Black’ adjusted the design and made a ‘almighty’ design that takes into account both diving and the two places. It is very reasonable and very in place. It is a professional diving watch.

Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ 8900 series 8906 coaxial movement and buckle.
   Omega ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is the first batch of watches using Omega’s new 8900 series coaxial movement, ‘Deep Ocean Black’ is earlier than the hippocampus AQUA TERRA using the 8900. ‘Dark Sea Black’ uses an 8906 coaxial movement. Omega brothers are now familiar with the ultimate coaxial movement. 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic, double certification, Swiss Observatory certification plus METAS certification, double certification is very good for travel time performance (Omega to Zhen Observatory standard 0 / + 5 seconds per day). Many people have experimented with strong neodymium magnets on the Omega 15000 Gaussian anti-magnetic matter. A brother of mine also tried it with a strong neodymium magnet (neodymium magnets are available on Taobao). Tried it with a neodymium magnet on Omega, Rolex and higher brands. Ou Helao, this kind of performance-oriented watch, anti-magnetic is done in place, is not affected by the magnet at all, normal travel time. But a certain brand of these watches with a higher emphasis on art (I will not talk about the brand) is completely unavailable, it is immediately magnetized, the travel time is fast, and then the demagnetization returns to normal. The performance of the Omega coaxial movement is still very strong, and we are not afraid of the various environments we usually encounter. To be honest, why the luxury sports watches like Omega and Rolex are so hot, it really makes sense. Water-proof, anti-magnetic, durable, good performance, high value, all-in-one watch, wears heart and peace of mind.

Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ (top) and Blancpain 50 噚 athysacaphe (bottom)
‘Dark Sea Black’ should be in a higher position.

   Omega’s ‘Deep Ocean Black’ watch (including ‘Deep Ocean Blue’), after it was released, I also saw that many players around the world are discussing it. The main issue to be discussed is that the configuration of ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is very high and the public price is also very high. It has reached the level of Blancpain 50 噚 Bathysacaphe. Some players agree that Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ has surpassed Omega’s traditional positioning and reached a higher positioning, which should belong to a higher-level luxury sports watch. ‘Dark sea black’ waterproof level (600 meters waterproof), bezel injection rubber staining, two-time function, plus all ceramics are strong points. 50 噚 Bathysacaphe brand positioning, 1315 movement polishing, K gold automatic tourbillon, 5 days power, moderate size of the watch and various case configurations are strong points. ‘Dark Sea Black’ and 50 噚 Bathysacaphe each have their own strengths. So I think this point makes sense.