Wrist Dreamer Fairytale Watch Touring

It is said that everyone has a fairy tale of their own, this fairy tale is wonderful or plain, or mature or naive. No matter what, it represents the secret in people’s hearts. Today’s editor will show you the fairy tales on the watch and how watch designers can integrate their dreams into the square inch of small watches. Dreamer on the wrist, dreaming is wonderful.
编辑 Today’s editors will show you the fairy tales on the watch and see how watch designers can integrate their dreams into the square inch of small watches. Dreamer on the wrist, dreaming is wonderful.
Van Cleef & Arpels Five weeks in a balloon watch
     The watch was unveiled at the 2011 SIHH Geneva International Watch Fair. The design was inspired by a novel created by Jules Verne. The dial is decorated with enamel and mother-of-pearl inlays, and an orange hot air balloon slowly floats through the blue sky of Zanzibar. Soaring birds and hot-air balloon anchors mark the cheerful flow of time as retrograde hour and minute hands, respectively.
Details of the watch: Engraving or reeling to make enamel dials has always been Van Cleef & Arpels’s best practice. In a round white gold case, a dial made of filigree and inlaid enamel, combined with mother-of-pearl inlays, depicts a hot air balloon traveling the sky; the left side of the dial is a small fly-back trajectory. The bird is the hour hand, and the balloon rope anchor on the right side of the dial is the flyback minute hand.

Daniel Roth’s Venetian craps questionnaire This watch is inspired by the masterpiece ‘The Liar’ by Italian painter Caravage. Someone in the watch throws the dice and raises his arm while the onlookers can see the result of the dice, which is full of playfulness. It is a perfect and complex watch that integrates the 16th-century Venetian dice automaton and the minute repeater watch equipped with micro dynamics.
Watch details:
Daniel Roth’s manual-winding mechanical movement can sound the hours, quarter clocks, and minutes according to requirements, and is completely separated from the roll’s automatic mechanism. The coin thrower’s automatic mechanism is decorated with precious materials. The case and dial are made of gold, and every detail on the dial is manually painted, then dried and sent to the furnace for calcination. It also highlights the finishing touch. Daniel Roth’s long-lasting creative ideas.
Van Cleef & Arpels Bals de Légende watch Bal du Palais d’Hiver watches with dials decorated with mother-of-pearl and gold carvings, depicting a Hermitage ball in the snow and ice, like a magical world emerging from Russian fairy tales . The crowns of the Hermitage gathered. The prom theme was decided by Queen Alexandra: 17th Century Russian Palace.
Watch details:
Bals de Légende watches are decorated with mother-of-pearl, each with a diameter of 38 mm, and are set with diamonds on the case. The watch is equipped with a self-winding 24-hour poetic complication movement. The dial rotates once every 24 hours, which is full of creativity. The case of Bal du Palais d’Hiver is crafted in pink gold with a white leather strap. Van Cleef & Arpels uses different colors and materials to make the watch unique and noble.
Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Féerie watch In the wonderful world, all time is controlled by a mysterious fairy, and the fairy stick in her hand is the master of time. VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels brings dreamlike wonderland to life. The novelty of this watch is that it turns the mysterious tool of the fairy’s wand into an hour hand and at the same time turns the wings of a fairy like a cicada into a minute hand. The hand-carved dial is decorated with the Guilloché rope pattern decoration effect, which makes the dial appear thicker, and the highly saturated velvet blue enamel is painted, as if at first glance the fairy is dancing in the evening sky.
Watch details:
Most watches display the time with the hands around a fixed central axis. However, creative watchmakers are unwilling to be controlled by traditional methods and invent different display methods. This watch also cleverly combines the reverse bounce display technology, that is, the pointer will go to the appropriate position along the circular arc, then immediately rebound to the starting point, and repeatedly run on a certain arc. This repeated pointer action makes the flow of time moving in a beautiful and retro form.

Jaquet Droz Thanksgiving Father’s Day Gift

‘Where has all the time gone / I haven’t felt young enough to grow old / I have children and raised my whole life / I have children crying and laughing / Where have all the time gone / I haven’t looked at you well yet It took my eyes / Chaimi oil and salt for half a lifetime / In a blink of an eye, only wrinkles on my face were left. ‘
A song ‘Where has the time gone’ made many children feel deeply, yeah, where has the time gone, the years of the father’s youth have passed ruthlessly, and he also took away the once magnificent Junan. For his children, he silently hid his tears and locked his pain into the rings of the years. For the sake of his children, he strongly supported a clear sky of love with unselfish love. we. Fatherly love is subtle and silent, but behind it is deep-seated true love.
Father love is like a mountain. As children, we may never take revenge, but on the occasion of Father’s Day, Jaquet Droz prepares a gift of ‘time’ for his father, not for others. I only wish my father’s life is still long and the years are long stay.
The flavor of time ‘∞’ —— Jacques Droux large enamel second hand
The Grande Seconde series is a classic of Jacques Dro, inspired by the brand’s founder Pierre Jacques Dro, a eccentric hour and minute dial with a large second dial, created in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1785. Pocket watch, it opens up a whole new way of interpreting time.

The beauty of the large second hand is not overshadowed by the passage of time. The unique digital shape and arrangement will always lead the trend of the times: the hours and minutes are expressed in classical Roman numerals; the Arabic numerals are easy to identify and the seconds are displayed, so that the watch reflects modern achievements while reflecting the glorious past. The proportions of the two inner disks are symmetrical and the lines are neat and even. Its design inspiration is derived from the auspicious number 8. It is also an endless and eternal symbol. Jacques de Rouge Grande Seconde Ivory Enamel, a timeless watch, like a gift of time full of love for children, dedicated to the strongest heart in the heart Mountains-Father.

Large ivory large open flame enamel second hand Grande Seconde Ivory Enamel
Ivory Grand Feu enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Self-winding movement
68 hours power reserve
43 mm diameter
The never-ending jumping second hand-Jacques Dro’s large silver jumping second hand
At the Baselworld 2016, Jacques Dro launched the new Grande Seconde Deadbeat Silver, continuously writing wonderful brand legends.
The silver opal dial and the stainless steel case match each other. The watch has a calm and atmospheric texture. The skip seconds technology makes the second hand no longer move linearly, but instead advances in a jumping manner, greatly improving the accuracy of the time. The never-ending jumping seconds are like father’s love, day after day, year after year, deep and dense.

Grande Seconde Deadbeat Silver
Silver opal dial
Stainless steel case
Self-winding movement
Power reserve of about 38 hours
Off-centre hour and minute hands
Large central seconds hand with eccentric pointer flyback date display at 6 o’clock
43 mm diameter
Annual rings on the wrists–Jacques Droe gold leaf carved enamel tourbillon large second hand
At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Jacques de Dro continues to innovate and introduces the new Grande Seconde Tourbillon Paillonnée. This is the first time that the brand has applied the tourbillon to the gold foil enamel series and paired it with new gold foil With leaf patterns, the elegant temperament of the watch emerges.

The translucent but profound blue fire dial, carefully adjusted by the masters of Jacques Dro Art Workshop, is placed with fine and delicate gold leaf, which is enough to build the flower world preferred by Jacques Dro. The tourbillon is placed in the middle of the large second hand at 12 o’clock, as if the annual rings of years are placed between the wrists. The designers also designed a new personalized oscillating weight for this watch through the open case back, covered with precious lapis lazuli material, and inlaid with Jacques Dro’s iconic seven-pointed star. The breath is clear at a glance.

Gold Foil Carved Enamel Tourbillon Grande Seconde Tourbillon Paillonnée
Gold foil engraved blue grand fire enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Blue steel hands
Automatic mechanical movement
18K Red Gold Pin Buckle
Dark blue alligator strap
Power reserve about 7 days
43 mm diameter
Deep and open-minded, low-key and timeless—Jacques Dro sapphire date shows large hour and minute hands
Jacques Droe’s new 2016 sapphire date display Grande Heure Minute Quantième Sapphire allows sapphire to shine on the wrist in a more low-key and timeless way, abandons the luxury of jewelry, and only retains a memorable elegance It’s sincere and broad like father’s love, profound and open-minded. Dedicating this latest Jacques de Dro to his father will surely make him happy every time he bows his head.

Sapphire Date Grande Heure Minute Quantième Sapphire
Sapphire dial
18K white gold scale and display window
Centered hour, minute and second hands
Stainless steel case
Self-winding movement
68 hours power reserve
43 mm in diameter.
Vitality of youth-Jacques Dross stainless steel large seconds sports watch
The Grande Seconde SW Steel watch is full of sporty, stylish texture, and reinterprets the brand’s lucky number ‘8’, creating a strong modern sense with the interlaced double inner disks. The ingenious combination of materials, texture and layout seems to make the watch full of surging vitality, rhythm and thirst. Dedicate this sport watch to my father, enjoy the time of exercise, and let the vitality of youth remain in the wrist forever.

Grande Seconde SW Steel
Anthracite Geneva stripe dial;
The time scale is processed by Super-LumiNova GL Noir NL.
Stainless steel case, crown treated with rubber mold;
Automatic winding movement;
Power reserve of approximately 68 hours;
45 mm diameter

Hamilton Khaki X-patrol Aviation Watch

Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol
Hamilton has always taken inspiration from the sky to create a series of aviation watches. On the brand’s 120th anniversary, Hamilton brought its aviation spirit to another peak, presenting Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol.
巴 March 2012 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show-Hamilton has always drawn inspiration from the sky to create a series of aviation watches. On the brand’s 120th anniversary, Hamilton brought its aviation spirit to another peak, presenting Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol. This highly precise chronograph is equipped with a newly developed H21 movement, which excels in accuracy and power reserve. To allow the wearer to synchronize with the global environment, the watch is equipped with a mechanical conversion device that can accurately convert the units of the metric or imperial system. Khaki X-Patrol is also equipped with outstanding styling and original craftsmanship. It is a sophisticated watch made of highly resistant modern materials and exquisite design details.
Wrist dashboard
Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol plays the role of a portable cockpit in an aviation-based lifestyle. The watch’s rotating bezel converts distances in miles (nautical miles or statutes) and kilometers; altitude in feet and meters; capacity in gallons and liters; and weight in pounds and kilograms. Simply twist the 9 o’clock easy-to-hold crown and adjust the arrow to the scale of the first unit on the outer bezel to easily change the unit. The wearer can see the converted unit from the inner circle. After the reading is completed, simply press the crown back to its original position and tighten it firmly to return to the standby state. The 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock buttons control the chronograph function. The three chronograph dials placed to the left are responsible for measuring the hours, minutes and seconds, respectively. The date and day of the week placed to the right of the dynamic dial are clearly legible. No matter if you are in the air or on the ground, this watch will not miss any information. Even if it is off on weekends, the 60-hour power reserve allows the watch to perform at its best.
A new and distinctive design
Black or silver dial with contrasting reflector, perfectly matched with white stitching black leather strap, sports rubber strap, and metal strap. The design of the watch makes aviation elements omnipresent. The propeller-inspired design on the case back makes the operation of the automatic chronograph movement more pleasing. The ridged lines on the bezel show the watch’s outstanding accuracy. Accuracy is most important in aviation, and Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol reflects its extreme precision, both inside and out. Details such as delicate hour markers, transparent screws on the bottom case, and anti-reflective coating on the sapphire crystal show the brand’s commitment to quality and durability. The Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol is equipped with a water resistance of 100 meters, ensuring that the watch will perform well in any environment.
Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol
About Hamilton
Hamilton was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA in 1892. The Hamilton watch produced by this company combines the American spirit with the most advanced Swiss movement and watchmaking technology. With its novel design, Favored by Hollywood filmmakers, it has been the watch worn by actors in more than 350 films. In addition, the brand has deep roots in the aviation industry. Hamilton is part of the Swatch Group, a watch manufacturer and distributor with 160 production plants in Switzerland and the largest scale in the world.
史 Hamilton Aviation History
Hamilton’s aviation history dates back to 1919. The brand launched an aviation watch in 1919 for the first airmail service between Washington and New York. Airmail services developed rapidly in the 1930s, and Hamilton became the official timepiece of a number of commercial airlines, including Universal Air Lines, China Eastern Airlines, United Airlines, and Northwest Airlines. At that time, United Airlines chose Hamilton’s watch as its first coaster service timer. The flight was a flight from New York to San Francisco with a journey time of 15 hours and 20 minutes. Today, Hamilton has a number of aviation-inspired watches. The brand is also a timer for various international aviation events. It also invited French aerobatic pilots to be the Hamilton brand ambassador.
Watch data
Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol
Case size 42 mm
Dial Color Black / Silver
Accessories Stitched black leather / black rubber / stainless steel
Movement H21 chronograph movement
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Water-resistant to 100 meters / 10 bar
Price Black leather strap version HKD13,450; black rubber strap version HKD14,000; steel bracelet version HKD14,000
Release Date June 2012

Expect ‘seagulls’ To Spread Their Wings And Fly High

The editor, according to one of the ‘three big pieces’ that were in short supply by ticket, has carried generations of memories of domestic watch brands. Under the impact of the international watch competition market, it was once silent. In recent years, Chinese brand watches represented by ‘Seagull’ and ‘Yibo’ are struggling to achieve the transformation and upgrade of ‘Phoenix Nirvana’ and compete with international brands in the market.

多 How far is the ‘dream of famous watches’ of Chinese brands? Starting today, we are launching a series of reports on reinventing domestic watch brands, so stay tuned.

The predecessor of Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd. is the prestigious Tianjin Watch Factory. This state-owned enterprise, almost the same age as the Republic, has a glorious past: In 1955, it independently developed and produced China’s first domestic watch ‘Dongfeng’, and later changed its name to ‘Seagull’ for export.

However, with the passage of time, under the impact of the market economy tide, the ‘Seagull’ once fell into a dilemma of survival and development. Squeezed by international brands, domestic watches are difficult to enter the first-tier city shopping malls, and can only stop at second-tier shopping malls in large cities and second- and third-tier cities. In this scenario, seagulls can only survive by innovation.

Open wings for independent innovation

‘To break through the predicament and make domestic brands rise, the key is to take the road of transformation and upgrading, accelerate independent innovation, and make the brand grade.’ Lu Jun, general manager of Haiou Watch Industry Group Co., Ltd., told reporters, Level, to build the Chinese people’s own world-class mechanical watch brand, this is the new positioning of the seagull. ‘

In order to achieve this dream, ‘Seagull’ has adjusted and compressed electronic watches and other products since 2008, gathered research and development forces, and extended to high-end technology and complex movement manufacturing, especially to Switzerland, Germany and other high-end watchmaking technologies-tourbillon. Intensive battles in the field of complex movements.

At Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd., the reporter saw a high-end watch with a variety of functions including ‘Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar, Three Questions’. According to reports, the precision of this watch’s high-precision parts reaches the level of 0.001mm, which is equivalent to one tenth of human hair. ‘This is the second’ Tour Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch ‘released in 2008 after the ‘Seagull’s first’ Tourbillon Complex Movement Watch ‘was released in 2005. In 2008, we challenged high-end complex movements. A masterpiece of the pinnacle of technology. ‘Lu Jun proudly said.

‘Seagull’ has a huge investment in innovation. Since 2008, the investment in ‘Seagull’ technology has accounted for more than 7% of sales revenue, and the investment in hardware alone has reached more than 100 million yuan. In addition, ‘Seagull’ has also introduced international talents, technology, funds and other development factors, established innovation mechanisms, reformed employment mechanisms, innovative patents and project reward mechanisms. As of the end of 2012, ‘Seagull’ had applied for a total of 566 patents, and its technology development capabilities and patent ownership remained the first in China’s watch industry. At present, the ‘silver hairspring’ independently developed by ‘Seagull’ has reached the state-of-the-art technology level in Switzerland.

The successful research and development of ‘Seagull’ in the field of high-end complex movements not only excites domestic watches, but also wins the respect of international counterparts. ‘At the Basel International Watch & Clock Fair 2012, international brand exhibitors showed their thumbs up in admiration after watching this ‘Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar, Three Questions’ three-in-one watch in our showcase.’ Lu Jun said. It is this watch that has triggered international lawsuits between Seagull and a well-known Swiss watch company. In the end, ‘Seagull’ won the first international lawsuit in the Chinese watch industry in 13 years.

Brand marketing needs to be improved

Innovation enables ‘Seagull’ to win a ‘market cake’ for itself in the field of mid-range and high-end watches. At present, the highest technical level and the most expensive watch representing the ‘Seagull’ have been priced at 1.68 million yuan. The price of more high-end complex movement models is about 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, such as the ‘double tourbillon’ high-end The international top brands of complex movement watches are between 1 million yuan and several million yuan. ‘Single tourbillon’ watches, international brands at least 400,000 yuan, first-line brands reach 600,000 to 800,000 yuan, while the price of seagulls is about 100,000 yuan.

“’ Seagull ‘watches with similar quality and lower prices are gaining more and more consumer favor and collector’s pursuit in the market. Not long after the ‘Seagull’ watch was priced at 1.68 million yuan, two were bought by collectors.

The pursuit of the market is the best motivation. According to statistics, in the official flagship store of the ‘Seagull’ watch Tmall [Weibo], 98 men’s limited classic retro mechanical ‘Seagull’ watches sold for 3,200 yuan in one month. On the day of ‘Double 11’ in 2012, ‘Seagull’ watches achieved 11.87 million yuan in sales, and this figure was almost 10 times the same period of the previous year.

‘Support for domestic products, purchase of domestic mechanical watches’, such a call gave a good opportunity for the development of domestic brand manufacturers such as ‘Seagull’. However, some experts said in the interview that the ‘Seagull’ still has a long way to go before it can fly higher and farther, surpassing Switzerland’s top level. Because both in terms of investment intensity and scale, there is still a big gap between ‘Seagull’ and high-end Swiss brands, and the establishment of corporate brand culture also requires time to accumulate, and brand marketing needs a higher level of improvement.

‘Building an international ‘Seagull’ is our unswerving dream.’ Lu Jun is full of confidence in this.

Tissot Watches World’s Largest Flagship Store

Adhering to the brand spirit of ‘Extraordinary Creativity Originating from Tradition’, Swiss Tissot has been committed to the development of high-tech fashion sports watches. While actively participating in sponsoring many world-class events, it is also actively exploring Hong Kong. As for the Asian market, Hong Kong now has 14 Tissot flagship stores and specialty stores. In view of this, Tissot held a simple and grand opening ceremony for the world’s largest ‘Swiss Tissot Mongkok Nathan Centre Flagship Store’ on August 9th, and also launched the ‘Seastar 1000 Multifunction Chronograph Deep Dive Automatic Watch’. series’.

In order to highlight the uniqueness of the ‘Seastar 1000 Multi-function Chronograph Deep Watch Automatic Watch Series’, the conference specially built the new store as a dock, and invited the heroine of Gu Juji’s latest MV ‘Burst’, known as ‘Megan Fox’ Popular models such as Juliana S., Angelababy, newly-promoted advertising queen Sarah, ‘former girl’ Russian supermodel Marina V., and Korean supermodel Tsai Enzhen (EJ) put on branded swimsuits to perform a series of Tissot watches Nautical and deep diving watches.

In addition to the grand launch of the ‘Seastar 1000 Multifunction Chrono Deep Dive Automatic Watch Series’, Tissot has also continuously expanded its retail footprint and created a strong sales network. In order to be solemn, Mr. Fran? Ois Thiébaud, the global president of Tissot, also came to Hong Kong from Switzerland, announcing the grand opening of the flagship store of Nathan Centre in Mong Kok, together with Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, President of The Swatch Group (HK) Ltd., and Tissot of Switzerland Hong Kong and Macau Vice President Ms. Wen Jinglei (Lenna), ‘Swiss Tissot Global Image Ambassador’ Huang Xiaoming and supermodel Zhou Weitong performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the lion’s eye-catching ceremony. , VIP guests and media representatives attended to witness this historic moment together.