Eilean Won The 2010 Best Antique Sailing Repair Award In Italy

Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati was awarded the ‘Premio Italia per la Vela 2010’ prize for Best at Livorno Naval Academy, Livorno, Italy on Friday, April 23. Vintage Boat Restoration Award for Best Antique Sailing Restoration; this award was won by Eilean from Panerai, a Bermuda sailboat built in 1936 by the famous Scottish shipyard Fife (Fairlie), 2007 By the time of the year, Eilean was purchased by Panerai and completely restored in three years.

“Premio Italia per la Vela” 2010 for the Best Vintage Boat Restoration 2010 was sponsored and organized by Tuttovela and awarded by Associazione Italiana Vele d’ Epoca (AIVE). Its sponsors include the Naval Academy of Italy and the 27th Naval Academy and City of Livorno Trophy (TAN). The 27th Naval Academy and Livorno City Boat Race Steering Committee. Winners of this award in the past include the famous sailing ships Amorita, Bonafide and Lulworth, all of whom are familiar to classic sailing lovers.

Original Source: Officine Panerai

Movie Star Shiman Witnesses The Birth Of Radar’s New Hyperchrome Utc Watch

This year, Rado added new members to the brand’s popular HyperChrome series, presenting HyperChrome UTC time watches. On October 9, 2013, Rado held a product launch conference for the HyperChrome UTC time watch. Ms. Red Star, the film star, was invited to join Mr. Matthias Breschan, the global president of Rado and the managing director of Swatch Group Hong Kong Limited. Mr. Lu Keqin and Ms. Shirley Mok, vice president of Rado Hong Kong and Macau, witnessed the birth of the HyperChrome UTC timepiece.

 The Hooray Bar & Restaurant in Causeway Bay gathered guests, and the Rado HyperChrome UTC time watch product launch conference was first kicked off by a welcome speech by Mr. Lu Keqin, Managing Director of Swatch Group Hong Kong Limited. After the guests had a rich lunch, Mr. Matthias Breschan, Rado Global President of Rado, took the stage to address the guests. Later, Ms. Yang Luoting, the hostess of the event, invited celebrity guests, film and television star Ms. Shiman, to share the latest developments and travel experiences with the guests, and Mr. Matthias Breschan, the global president of Rado, and the managing director of Swatch Group Hong Kong Limited. Mr. Ke Qin and Ms. Shirley Mok, Rado’s vice president of Hong Kong and Macau, presided over the product launch ceremony: Ms. Yang Luoting, the hostess, invited guests to share the most desirable city in their hearts, a large HyperChrome UTC time in the suitcase The second time zone hand of the watch instantly jumped to the local time, showing the convenient features of the HyperChrome UTC time watch. Subsequently, a HyperChrome UTC dual time watch appeared in the suitcase, and was presented to Ms. Bergman by Rado, the global president of Rado. Ms. Bergman has also prepared a gift for Mr. Matthias Breschan, which symbolizes many global landmarks. Congratulations to Radar for this latest watchmaking breakthrough. After the product launch ceremony, the model immediately appeared, demonstrating many members of the Rado HyperChrome series including UTC two time watches, automatic chronograph watches and Glam Slam watches. Each model has an outstanding appearance and features The unique texture imparted by the materials attracted the attention of the audience. After the model took a photo with the guest of honor, the emcee invited a group of guests to move a little step to the nearby Rado flagship store, Lockhart Road, Rado, to participate in the flagship store opening ceremony held immediately.

 MR. MATTHIAS BRESCHAN, Global President of Rado, said: ‘We are very honored to open another highlight of Rado’s worldwide sales network in this shopping and trending hotspot in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. We are pleased to showcase the brand’s unique design and A new HyperChrome watch from original materials. ‘

 The film and television star Miss Shiman shared: ‘The Rado Swiss Radar HyperChrome UTC time watch is definitely the watchmaker of the brand’s immortal watchmaking spirit. The radar watch uses unlimited imagination and creativity, and cooperates with advanced technology to achieve perfect watch works in addition to the excellent design and function, we must mention the brand insistence on making innovative materials, so watch durable, wear-resistant apart, watch Peidai Ge even more comfortable outside, everywhere to show the brand’s attention to detail. ‘- —