Kingston World Timer Manufacture Series Worldtimer Manufacture

Constance has always been keen to combine the concept of classic elegance with watch design. Continuing this enthusiasm, Frederique Constant sincerely presents its latest launch of its own time zone collection in the world time zone.

   In the past, if you want to be respected and recognized by your peers, gentlemen who are called ‘fashionable’ will always wear pinstriped suits, colorful ties, a pair of shiny leather shoes and wear An elegant watch is indispensable. Today, ‘rich experience’ has replaced ‘fashion’ as an adjective for gentlemen, but no matter how the clothing changes, in the journey of time, owning and wearing a beautiful, classic and elegant watch is always a gentleman An important symbol.

   The three-layer case of the world time zone watch is made of stainless steel, polished by human hands and shining. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can see the incredibly sophisticated automatic movement inside the watch.


   The faceplate is dominated by silver, with two different designs in the center, each engraved with ‘Guilloché’ or a beautiful world map. The ‘Guilloché’ decorated dial is equipped with black full-hand polished hands, while the other uses blue hand-polished hands, and the world map is decorated with luminous scales, creating a unique design.


   Both limited edition watches have the date dial set at 6 o’clock and are accompanied by a 24-hour day and night display disc. For men who often travel around the world, the dial shows 24 different cities and time zones at the same time, which is the most suitable travel partner.

   The best part of the world time zone own movement watch is that it is extremely easy to operate. You can easily adjust the watch’s functions by simply using the crown. No extra buttons are needed to keep the case smooth and super smooth. Just adjust the city to 12 o’clock, the time dial in the dial will automatically adjust and adjust, and the correct time of 24 cities will be displayed at the same time. The watch wearer can also see the black and white display of the time dial. Distinguish day and night.
   Brand designers not only embody the concept of the world in the design of complex and sophisticated watch functions, but also hope to achieve world unity in the choice of straps. The World Time Zone watch offers two strap matching options, either a black hand-stitched crocodile belt with a stainless steel buckle or a navy blue crocodile belt with a stainless steel buckle embellished with off-white sewing lines.
   If you want to give a gift to all you need, ‘time’ is always the answer in his heart. The world time zone own movement watch represents the timeless incarnation of the classic. Each world time zone watch is limited to 1,888 pieces and is stored in a simple and elegant wooden gift box with a limited edition commemorative steel plate. I have to mention that even the experienced watch enthusiasts will be fascinated by the cost-effective price of watches in the world time zone!
Model: FC-718WM4H6
Movement: FC718 self-produced automatic mechanical movement, world time zone and 24-hour display
Case: Made of stainless steel, 42 mm in diameter, 50 meters waterproof
Case cover: Sapphire crystal see-through case back with exquisite automatic movement
Surface: World map with luminous dot time display, small date dial at 6 o’clock
All functions need only be adjusted via the crown.
1. Pull out the full crown and adjust the hour and minute hands down
2. Pull the crown out to adjust the time zone. Adjust down to adjust the date.
Belt: Black or dark brown calfskin strap with folding buckle.

Famous Luxury Watch With A Well-known Reputation For Transparent Visual Effects

On the 30th anniversary of the birth of Golden Bridge, Corum also presented a well-designed new men’s watch for celebrities and gentlemen from all walks of life. The critically acclaimed classic Golden Bridge gives new meaning. This watch is famous for its transparent visual effects on the back, which is different from the traditional design in that the new 2010 Golden Bridge watch moves the dial from the top of the movement to the bottom.
   The new watch is like a theater stage, and the elongated movement is the protagonist on the stage, and the dial is turned into the background. Like a four-act play, the series uses four precious metals respected by the fine watchmaking industry: gold, red gold, platinum and platinum. Each style offers a variety of dial decorations and colors for selection. The core color further enhances visibility and viewing. Regardless of the style of the watch, the black, dark gray, light gray or gold dials are engraved with vertical or sunburst, and the fast and slow hands are also decorated with faceted inlays. Depending on the surface and material chosen, the movement bridge is made of 18kt gold, red or white gold.
   The Golden Bridge 8 watch, launched in 2010, has six combinations, all of which are produced in limited quantities ranging from 33 to 133 pieces. The details are perfect. Through the bottom cover and dial window, the CO113 movement is at a glance. In keeping with the shape of the movement, the window on the back of the watch is also elongated. Attentive customers will notice that the shape of the window on the back is actually a lock, which coincides with Corum’s key mark and slogan ‘Inheritance of breakthroughs and inspires the future’!
   At the same time, Corum re-interpreted the classic Golden Bridge watch and launched the Golden Bridge Women’s Watch, which became an important new milestone in the design of high-end women’s watches. The special case still uses sapphire crystal glass, which can reveal its full perspective effect from the front, back and sides, which is convenient for watching the movement of the movement from different angles, and the slender barrel design is more in line with women’s aesthetic taste.
   Because the lugs are omitted, the crocodile leather strap sewn by hand can fit on the wrist like the bracelet watch. The crown is set at six o’clock, adding a touch of refined elegance to the case. Against the background of hollow hands and narrow bezels, the most important CO113 movement in Jinqiao Women’s Watches is even more impressive. Inherited the manufacturing process of high-end watches, condensing time in a small space of less than one-half cubic centimeters. The two slender solid gold bridges were hand-made by the master sculptors under Corum, decorated with tree fern patterns in the Jurassic Mountains of Switzerland, and dancing with gears between the bridges. To maintain a consistent feel with the case, the hands are also made of 18kt white or red gold. The CO113 calibre is slender and exquisitely decorated. It has been endowed with feminine femininity. This watch has a lot of color. The Golden Bridge Women’s Watch with superb movement is limited to 333 pieces per year and is available in 18kt white or red gold, or with 90 diamonds.