Jaquet-droz Only Watch Charity Auction Model Love Butterfly Watch

The fifth Only Watch charity auction will be held in Monaco on September 28. At that time, Jaquet-Droz will once again dedicate this charity auction with a The Loving Butterfly watch. The charity proceeds will be donated to the ‘Muscle Dystrophy Research Association to fight muscle atrophy.’ Help with symptoms.

The watch was inspired by a frame illustration on the cover of an antique book in the history of the Jaquedro family in 1916. It was drawn by genius machinist and watchmaker Pierre Jaquidro, who lives in In the 18th century of the Enlightenment of Architecture and Botany, the pattern drawn by it also imprinted the mark of the times: a butterfly hurries a carriage driven by a little angel. On the one hand, Cupid is the symbol of Italian Renaissance and Baroque art; while butterfly is the representative of universal beauty, lightness and freedom.

A poetic chapter of naturalism combined with romanticism, chanted on the pure dial of Jacques Dro Petite Heure Minute. In order to make this unique watch, Jacques Dross craftsmen first carved it carefully, then painted it delicately, and for the first time came the bas-relief gold decoration, and finally the dial’s large fire enamel process. Complex and exquisite craftsmanship gives the dial pattern an unprecedented three-dimensional beauty. The butterfly’s tentacles are made of hanging gold threads, which sway slightly with the movement of the wrist. The art dial is wrapped in a 43mm diameter 18K yellow gold case, and its automatic rotor is clearly visible. ‘Only Watch’ is engraved on the bottom of the watch to indicate its charitable significance. Only one in the world.
The Loving Butterfly will begin a global tour in September this year, and then return to the Mediterranean coast to participate in the fifth Only Watch charity auction in Monaco.