Hubo Classic Tourbillon Tourbillon Watch

All design comes from simple inspiration: stained glass windows-colorful glass panes full of art deco elements. Hublot boldly displays the inspiration of geometric figures and brilliant colors on the wrist. The unique frame of the skeleton tourbillon movement is the reproduction of the pane structure, and the colorful colors intertwined with the colorful glass, finally creating such a creative and exquisite watch masterpiece.

 The classic fused tourbillon watch is powered by Hublot’s own HUB6017 movement, with a total of 251 parts and a 5-day power reserve. In addition, the design of the watch itself is particularly eye-catching: the hollow tourbillon movement frame builds more than 15 see-through panes, each with O-shaped parts to fix the lens and ensure that it will not be thermally expanded. The high-tech glass used in it can physically filter different spectra. Completely ‘Made in Switzerland’ gives it excellent stability and durability. Glass that never fades down to the micron range with precision laser cutting. Even with the passage of time, the watch still displays vivid light and shadow colors.

 The four tourbillon watches that came out this time are the first to take the lead in red and blue. Given that this technology can already interpret 10 different colors of transparent glass, each color can generate multiple chromaticity changes. This means that thousands of color combinations will eventually be displayed on the wrist, becoming a unique and exclusive watch! In addition to glass, there will be more materials that can come to mind in the future-ceramics, precious stones, metals, wood, etc. Under the unique fusion concept of Hublot, there will be endless creative and non-repeating watches. This is another brilliant chapter that Hublot has opened in the watchmaking world.
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