Innovative Design Of Dual Time Zone Breguet Classique 5727 Wristwatch Tasting

Fearless of the passing of time, in the watch industry, classics and vintages have always been the ‘evergreen tree’ in the hearts of watch friends. Praise and praise. That’s why the brand wants to replicate classic timepieces. This is the case of the Breguet Classicique Hora Mundi model, as the first mechanical timepiece with an instant time zone jump system with synchronized date, day / night and city display. Once launched in 2011, it immediately aroused the media’s enthusiasm. In 2016, with homage to the original classic timepieces, Breguet launched this outstanding timepiece Classique 5727, which I will introduce to you today. The ingenious design is impressive. The concept underscores the infinite charm of a century-old watchmaking brand. (Watch model: 5727BR / 12 / 9ZU)

GMT creative design

Watch dial display
   The silver-plated version of the new watch abandons the original earth pattern and replaces it with a silver-plated gold dial decorated with a hand-engraved ‘Paris stud pattern’, which is classic and elegant, giving the watch a full view. There is a 24-hour display dial between the 3 and 4 o’clock positions, decorated with two different engraved flower patterns, the upper part is a flame pattern, the Breguet invisible signature is engraved, and the lower part is a wave pattern. Numbering. This ingenious dial design gives people a refreshing look. At the bottom of the dial is the main display city position, which is convenient for watchers to switch time zones.

Just one tap, time zone time jumps immediately

Watch dial display

   Like me, the 24-hour counter is regarded as a raising hand in the second time zone. I believe that there will be a lot of people. If the 24-hour dial becomes the second time zone dial, then nothing should be surprising. In this watch, the seconds are wonderful. The 24-hour hand is with the main dial hand. When the main dial hand is adjusted, the 24-hour movement will follow and the time will be recorded correctly. In fact, the main dial hand is connected to the mechanical memory device under the dial, which can remember the time of the two places at the same time. After recording the time, when you switch the time zone, you can immediately display the time in the memorized time zone with a single touch. It is convenient and fast, which is the biggest highlight of this watch.
When Rose Gold Hits Breguet’s Blue Steel Hands

Mild and extravagant rose gold case
   The 18k rose gold case is not as eye-catching as gold, and always maintains a low-key and attractive style. The treated case exudes a gentle, charming glow of rose gold and is very beautiful. In addition, from the appearance point of view, the rose gold and the brand’s characteristic Breguet blue steel hands are relatively good, and together reflect the unique charm of the watch.

Watch crown display

   The outer edge of the case is decorated with a coin pattern, giving the watch a unique charm. Equipped with a rose gold screw-down crown with Breguet logo. After sanding, the top lines are smooth, and the overall operation feels comfortable and does not slip.

Watch lug display

   Designed with avant-garde welded lugs and fixed with screws. The lines are smooth and natural, and the texture is good. It can well link the watch with the strap, which adds to the overall ornamental appeal of the timepiece.

Watch back cover display

   The back cover is designed with back-through technology, and the movement of the movement can be observed through sapphire glass. Equipped with a Breguet 77F0 automatic movement with a power reserve of 55 hours. Water-resistant to 30 meters. The rose gold case back is engraved with an engraved number and a Breguet invisible signature, making the watch more connotative.

Watch strap display

   The exquisite lugs are connected to a dark brown leather strap for comfortable wearing. The strap is connected with an 18k rose gold buckle, which complements the case to enhance the watch’s appeal.

Watch overall display

Summary: Maintaining the brand’s most unique DNA, every timeless Breguet classic timepiece brings us a visual enjoyment. Just like this watch, the combination of classic and modern appearance, the unexpected dual time zone design, and the heritage of the brand’s classic money, it has a story, beauty, temperament, and connotation. It is also refreshing in 2016. Classic money, watch friends who like it, may wish to take a look at its style in brand stores. Watch price: RMB 542,100

Medium Helmsman New Special Watch

The design of the Helmsman series is inspired by the industrial streamlined aerodynamic design and unique rivet steel embellishment in the 1930s. This year, a new limited edition will be added to this series. At the same time, it is very sporty, and the whole watch is decorated with orange and black, showing the beauty of the extreme. Geneva’s black dial with corrugated decoration, with a streamlined line, reflects the subtle and restrained brightness. The scale design of orange and black echoes people’s imagination of the rivets on the locomotive in the industrial era. Based on this extraordinary creativity, people can easily feel the spirit of the era unique to that era. Powerful and reliable mechanical operation, fashionable and striking appearance, this watch inherits many characteristics of the helmsman series, and it is worth looking forward to.

   Each era has its own unique creations and challenges. The streamlined design, which was born after the industrial design in 1929, was a turning point in the field of product design. Since then, the design community has shifted its focus to aerodynamics and bioengineering. Through the study and mastery of material properties, steel and various special processed materials have been more widely used to meet people’s aesthetic standards .

   Mido Watches, a member of the Swatch Group, first introduced the Helmsman Series as early as 1934. With his solid expertise in watchmaking, Mr. George Salon of Mido has created the Helmsman series. Reliable and powerful, the classic appearance that can withstand the test of the times, these characteristics make the helmsman series be synonymous with high quality and rigor when it comes out.

   The new helmsman series special watch introduced by Mido is uniquely equipped with two interchangeable straps in orange and black. The convenient slide buckle design can be assembled with just a single click, bringing a full interactive experience for the wearer. , Highlighting the intimate and humanized design that Mido has always adhered to. At the same time, this watch is equipped with the ETA 7750 multi-function movement, exquisite details and ingenious features to reproduce the unique clock culture of that era, fully reflecting the characteristics of a multi-functional chronograph watch. With a diameter of 44 millimeters, a thickness of 14.5 millimeters, and a water-resistant depth of up to 100 meters, the new helmsman series has been recognized by many parties as a very meaningful model this year. At the same time, it also gives people a brand-new impact. The sapphire mirror-wrapped dial with Geneva ripples embodies the essence of the streamlined design. Mido Design Department can easily detect the shape of the steel plate on the side of the American locomotive through its unique case shape. The rivet features on the locomotive can also be seen from the scale design of this watch. The orange luminous treatment guarantees optimal readability of the dial even at night. The fusion of orange and black in the details makes the watch visually delicate and moving.

Technical Information

   Multifunctional mechanical movement ETA Valjoux 7750, 13 1/4 ” ‘∅30.00mm, thickness 7.90mm, 25 diamonds, amplitude 28,800A / H, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, gold-plated GLUCYDUR balance beam, ANACHRON balance spring, NIVAFLEX NM main spring. Elaborately decorated blue screws, rounded gums, oscillating weight of the Geneva wave and Mido logo, 48-hour power reserve, 5 directions to adjust its travel time accuracy.

   Functions Hours, minutes, seconds, multi-function timer, day of the week, date display. The hour and minute hands are located in the center of the dial. The second dial is at the nine o’clock position. Chronograph: Central 60-second chronograph hand, 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock, 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, date at 3 o’clock

   Case 316L stainless steel (DINX2CrNiMO 17 14 3) with black PVD treatment, three parts, double-sided anti-glare film, scratch-resistant sapphire mirror, spiral crown and back cover, transparent back cover with beautifully decorated movement, engraved 11 Serial number, waterproof to 100 meters.

   The strap is equipped with one orange and black leather strap, and two-piece stainless steel black PVD buckle.

   Dial with Geneva ripples, orange luminous indexes

   Hands The hour and minute hands use both black and luminous orange for easy underwater and night readings.