Witness To Witness Tom Brady’s Deity, It’s The Honor Of The Super Bowl

For the first time in overtime in the history of the 51st Super Bowl, countless records have been broken and rewritten! The god of rugby today puts on the No. 12 jersey-Tiger Heuer Brand Ambassador Tom Brady # DontCrackUnderPressure # reverses the 21-point gap and leads the New England Patriots to the 2017 Super Bowl!
   At that moment, the cheers of ‘MVP! MVP!’ Were all around the field … The champion belongs to those who are more eager for victory! Congratulations to Tom Brady for his personal fifth Super Bowl title and full MVP, and successfully set a new record!

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   At the beginning of the article, please allow us to turn the hour hand to a video more than 30 years ago: In the documentary ‘The Brady 6,’ the host asked eight-year-old Tom Brady: ‘Tom, what do you think is a Good player? ‘Little Brady with a baseball cap turned to the left, lowered his eyelids and said,’ I don’t know. ‘
   Today, the adorable boy Tom Brady of that year has set countless titles and identities: he is one of the most famous quarterbacks in the world, the ‘front’ of the NFL New England Patriots; outside the field, He has been honored as the best dressed man in the world. He has an excellent fashion taste as an ambassador for the Tag Heuer brand. He is also a husband and father with a world supermodel Gisele Bundchen. However, Tom Brady’s career has always been accompanied by unthinkable pressure, which makes his success even more commendable.

199 | Not a smooth start
   In the 2000 draft, Brady, who was weak and weak, was not optimistic. He was on the roster for five consecutive rounds and was selected by the New England Patriots until the 199th pick at the end of the sixth round. At that time, the Patriots already had star quarterback Drew Bledsoe and two excellent substitutes, with little Brady playing time.
   Facing the team’s ‘refrigeration’, Brady, unwilling to be silent, challenged his ‘playing time’, he ‘boasted Haikou’ to the Patriots owner billionaire Robert Kraft: ‘I am this The best decision the team has ever made ‘, and treats training with a championship attitude, devoting more than his number of determinations and efforts to continuously improve his strength.

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40 | Underrated Champions Heart
   Tom Brady’s career has been full of reversals and challenges from the ‘underestimation’ of the media and peers. At the end of the rookie season, he has surpassed two substitutes to become the team’s second-best candidate. On September 23, 2001, Brady was pushed to the start for the first time due to the injury of the main quarterback. Since then, the ‘New England Patriots No. 12’ has become known to the world.
   Time has come to 2017. Although Brady, who has already held 4 Super Bowl trophies, can’t help but also be challenged by the elders of time. Born in 1977, Tom Brady often appears in various media reports as ‘near 40’ and ‘veteran at the end of his sports career’. However, Brady overcomes all kinds of pressure and set foot on the field, which is the best way to prove himself.

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5 | The ‘Greatest’ Player in History (G.O.A.T)
   With the help of legendary coach Bill Belichick and teammates, Tom Brady set a series of records: the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl 5 times, 4 Super Bowl MVPs, NFL The quarterback with the highest number of touchdowns in the history of the Super Bowl … these honors are the praise of the goddess of victory for his efforts.
   Tom Brady, the player known as American Football G.O.A.T (Best in History), no longer needs to prove his legend. Constantly breaking through ourselves and challenging the limit is the professional attitude of the ‘first person’ in American football and the best interpretation of the spirit of Tag Heuer # DontCrackUnderPressure #.

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   Many years later, when people watch the video of this game, they will recall that the fighter who had been ‘underestimated’ will recall his 39-year-old ‘advanced age’ shocking reversal, and will think of him Never Crack Under Pressure.
   It is an honor for the Super Bowl to witness Tom Brady’s deity.

   TAG Heuer will also accompany Tom Brady to meet more challenges!

New Watch: Hublot ‘cathedral’ Carbon Fiber Watch

This ‘cathedral’ three-question tourbillon and column-wheel chronograph, 100% of all parts including the movement plate is made of carbon fiber, the first in the world.

‘Cathedral’ Minute Repeater Tourbillon and Column Chronograph
‘More watchmaking traditions, more advanced craftsmanship, more pioneering innovations, more bold attempts, more integrations!’ This is what Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Beaver told The encouragement of the newly established Complex Watch Division, which was set up in 2010, has injected infinite vitality into the Hublot watch factory.
In order to welcome the 2011 Basel International Clock and Watch Fair, Hublot is the first in the world to launch a minute repeater watch with two ‘cathedral’ type springs. This is a highly complex watch with a combination of tourbillon and column chronograph. The case and the movement plate are completely made of carbon fiber. This watch perfectly interprets the ‘fusion’ of great watchmaking traditions and future technology.
腕表 The mechanical structure of this watch is sophisticated and sophisticated. It adopts three main high-complex watchmaking processes and is well received by industry experts and collectors. At the same time, it also incorporates an absolute modern spirit: its main manifestation is that three complex processes can be seen from the side of the dial.
In addition to carbon fiber, the fashion of the case is also reflected in the use of titanium and natural rubber and other materials, a perfect interpretation of Hublot’s key concept ‘art of fusion’.
From a design perspective, the minute repeater device is subtly integrated into the middle of the King’s Supreme case. Similarly, the control buttons of the timing device are subtly integrated into the crown. The minute repeater is controlled by a lever device located between 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock, and the hour, minute, and minute are reported by sound. Two of the ‘cathedral’ gongs, one for the time and the other for the minutes, are twice as long as a normal gong. The entire design goal is to create a simple and simple overall effect for such a watch.
The mechanical movement with manual winding is proud of its 5-day power reserve. The hour and minute hands are still centered on the watch to meet traditional reading requirements. The tourbillon, which runs at a high speed in the suspension frame, is located at 6 o’clock, showing an extraordinary structure of extremely high quality. That’s right, the suspension frame has no ball bearings to support its operation, and the Swiss lever escapement is used inside.