Innovative Motion Movado Sport Edition Series 0606349 Watch Appreciation

Movado watches are a force that cannot be underestimated in the Swiss watchmaking army. It has been developed for hundreds of years. Famous for its timepieces created by some of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, the prototype watches created from the artist’s conceptual sketches are accompanied by exquisite Swiss-made parts, presenting an exquisite art Masterpiece, take the Movado Sports Edition Series 0606349 watch today to take you to appreciate its art.
 The Movado 0606349 watch is also very dynamic in addition to its stylish appearance, and it also reflects the understanding of time.
First of all, let’s talk about its material. The entire watch is made of stainless steel, and after polishing and frosting, it has bright and dark and full of dynamic. The watch glass is made of sapphire crystal glass, which has strong scratch and corrosion resistance, and also has excellent light transmission, which is convenient for viewing time.

Let’s talk about design, first of all, the dial. Movado uses the black dial most commonly used by the brand, emphasizing the thinking about time. The dial has many functions, but the layout is relatively reasonable, and there are many pointers, so it is best to distinguish different functions with different colors. Of course, the most prominent is the display of the calendar. From the perspective of the universe, the calendar is actually a regular embodiment of the moon’s orbit around the earth. Movado is very good at interpreting time from this angle. Therefore, it uses the calendar The windows are set in the shape of a crescent, sparking thought. In addition to these main designs, the lugs and the case are integrated into one, as if they are natural, inseparable, and the lines are very smooth. At the same time, the case part is designed with a triangular arc, which is also used by Movado early on. Designed to be more comfortable and appropriate to wear. The most interesting is the bracelet. Although this watch does not show the concept of the time of the earth rotating around the sun on the dial, each link in the middle of the bracelet is set with diamonds. Like stars, it also fits the brand’s design style.
 As a sports watch, Movado really worked hard on the 0606349 watch. Movado does not have many models with many functions.
The first is a simple time display. This is the largest hour, minute and small seconds at 9 o’clock.
The second is the calendar display function, which is displayed by a crescent-type calendar window. However, because the big and small months cannot be recognized, it needs to be adjusted many times during the year.
Then there is the chronograph function, which has three functions of chronograph, scoring and timing. The chronograph is performed by the central large chronograph second hand, the scoring is performed by the 30-minute chronograph dial at 12 o’clock, and the chronograph is performed by 12 at 6 o’clock The hour counter is executed and at the same time completed by the timer function buttons on both sides of the crown.

Finally, there is a dual time zone function. While displaying the local time, it can also display the reference ground time, and this function is displayed by a 24-hour scale indicator, so you can understand the day and night of the local time very clearly.
In addition to these very obvious and practical functions, this watch also has a water resistance of 30 meters, which can meet the needs of daily wear.
 The Movado brand has its own unique understanding of the presentation of time. At the same time, it will present this understanding with a unique design. The 0606349 watch is a sports watch under the brand. In addition to showing the concept of time, it also carries many functions, and these functions are supported by the internal Swiss automatic chronograph movement. Compared with these functions, I personally prefer its design, relatively thick bracelet, diamond-set links, and triangular curved case, all of which give me a fresh visual experience.
The price of Movado is not too high at 5,900 RMB. Personally, I think that with such a design and function, it is slightly higher than a brand of the same level.
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Oris Introduces New Artix Analog Moon Periodic Table

Committed to the innovation and development of high-quality watches, Oris Oris is proud to introduce a new member of the Artix family-Oris Artix Analog Moon Periodic Table; in the classic watch design, The pointer presentation injects the moon periodic table into the faceplate.

Oris’s 761 calibre movement is a masterpiece of the brand’s strengths and craftsmanship as an independent watchmaker. The new Artix analog moon periodic table is another milestone in the development of watch functions. In addition to the traditional date display, the dial adds a moon periodic table and hands. The hands will move every half day to accurately indicate the moon cycle, completely subverting the past. The form of the moon phase is displayed.
The appearance of the Artix analogue periodic table of the moon is more elegant and lighter, and the case has been redesigned to have a more elegant and thin case. The lugs have a special bevel. The design of the two dials inside and outside also increases its complex functionality. demand.

Fluorescent-coated nickel-plated polished hands ensure that the watch can be easily read even under weak light sources. The polished stainless steel case not only maintains excellent precision but also increases its durability. The model has a black calf leather Straps and stainless steel straps are available. Oris’ new Artix analog moon periodic table will be the best novelty collection for watch lovers of moon phases.