Longines Watch Moonlight Shines In Pairs, Holding Hands In True Love Romance

The most beautiful season of the year is nothing more than a full moon and fruitful golden autumn. The pleasant natural weather creates the best atmosphere and painting for romance. Many lovers will choose this season to let true love blossom and bear fruit. Make a life-long commitment and walk into the marriage hall. Looking for an expression that cherishes all the time, symbolizes happiness in life and worthy of a permanent gift to a loved one. It is a romantic event when newly married. A pair of watches can be a perfect witness of a beautiful relationship. Become a romantic fashion. Longines’s elegant pair has always been a love token sought after by lovers. Longines watches are particularly recommended this season: men’s Longines masterpiece rose gold moon phase watches with women’s longines heart moon series steel rose gold wrists Tables, reflected in pairs, just like a gifted lady, a sweetheart Tiancheng. The handsomeness of the famous craftsman series and the gentleness of the Xinyue series are most suitable for elegant men and cheerful girls. In particular, the rose gold as the two series is recommended. Because the metal that emits heat and light quietly releases a charming energy, As time goes by, always witness a true love that never fades.

 Longines watchmaker’s heart and moon shine into twins, holding hands for true love and romance

 Diamond is the girl’s best friend. The bride in white veil flashes tears of love, as well as the gorgeous ‘heart moon’ jewelry on her wrist. The heart and moon series stainless steel rose gold watch styles often have diamond-adorned dials or bezels. It is also a piece of jewelry that makes the owner glorious like an elegant princess in a fairy tale. Full of fragrant rose flowers, fresh and pleasant aroma, with love and hands, and ten-finger clasped hands, wearing precise and elegant Longines watch moon watch on the wrist and Longines Heart Moon series stainless steel rose gold watch. The beauty of life can be described as an hourglass, a long stream of water, and endless love.

 In this charming romantic season, smile at the pink happiness, Love is timeless, Let time pass, years pass, only true love will never die.

Versace Versace Launches Destiny Spirit- News Versace

This watch is a reinterpretation of aesthetics. It was first introduced in 2008 and is a more perfect femininity and sexy charm of Versace. Interpretation.
The steel case, which has been refined in IP gold and carved with the Versace brand logo, the black enamel dial with the perfect symbol of the Medusa Medusa, is positioned at 12 o’clock.

The part between the exquisite laugh case and the outer ring is dazzled by the Clous de Paris studs. The intricate and precious precious sphere group is spiritually pleasing. The black alligator leather strap completes the watch as a whole.
Source: Versace – Timex Group

Chinese Faces Entered For The First Time, Gathered Together In Shencheng To Celebrate The 2016 Longines Global Equestrian Championship To Perform Elegant Knight Style

[April 28, 2016, Shanghai, China] The world’s highest-level five-star equestrian obstacle course, the Longines Global Champions Tour has just gone through three races in the new season of 2016 , Will soon start the exciting race in Shanghai at the racecourse on the south side of the China Art Palace. From April 29th to May 1st, nearly 50 world-class riders including Simon Delester, Scott Brash, Christian Arman will gather in Shencheng. The 2016 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship has a Chinese appearance for the first time. Zhu Meimei and Zhao Zhiwen will compete with world famous players with wild cards. As the title maker and official timekeeper of the event, Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, will bring the Riders series and the famous moon phase watches to witness the highest level, the largest international influence, and the watch in the history of Asia. The most sexual five-star equestrian event pays tribute to the elegant knight style displayed by the rider and the horse every time.
Luxury lineup revealed, Chinese faces striking
   On April 28, 2016, the Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship held a press conference. Mr. Sun Weimin, deputy director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau, Mr. Zhang Kai, deputy director of the modern pentathlon and equestrian training base of the State Administration of Sports Bicycle Fencing Management Center, and Longines Mr. Li Li, Vice President of China, Mr. Jiang Lan, Vice President of Shanghai Jiushi (Group) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Tops, Chairman of the Global Equestrian Championship, attended the press conference and officially announced the luxury lineup this year. The number of contestants and horses this year exceeded that of previous years. More than 40 world-class riders will gather in Shencheng to compete. Among them, Chinese rider Zhao Zhiwen holding wild cards, Longines World Championship Equestrian Rider Scooter 2013 and 2014 Brash, along with well-known riders Edwina Tops Alexander and Mike Van De Fronten, attended the pre-match press conference and were interviewed.

The 2016 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship kicks off at the racecourse on the south side of the China Art Palace (from left to right: Mr. Jiang Lan, Vice President of Shanghai Jiushi (Group) Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, 2013, 2014 Longines World Championship Equestrian Rider Scott Brash, well-known rider Mike Van De Frontin, Edwina Tops Alexander, Chairman of the Global Equestrian Championship Mr. Tops, Chinese rider Zhao Zhiwen, Mr. Zhang Kai, Deputy Director of the Modern Pentathlon and Equestrian Training Base of the Bicycle Fencing Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sport, and Mr. Sun Weimin, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau)
   The Global Equestrian Championship, which was established in 2006 by former Dutch Olympic gold medalist Jan Tops, is an independent equestrian circuit tournament applicable to the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) rules. All tour stations are CSI5 * (five-star). The 2016 Longines Global Equestrian Championship starts in Miami, USA, through the enthusiastic Mexico City, through the medieval European cultural city Antwerp, and will come to the fourth stop of the global tour from April 29 to May 1-Modern Metropolis Shanghai. The Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship combines extreme challenges and elegance. It is the highest-level, most influential and most enjoyable equestrian event ever held in Asia. More than 40 top riders and invaluable horse races will challenge obstacles up to 1.6 meters in height and present a high-level international equestrian event.
   Adhering to the brand’s enthusiasm for the equestrian sport, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, has been the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the Global Equestrian Championship since 2013, providing a single-station championship prize of more than 300,000 Euros And continue to deepen the close cooperation between the brand and the event. This year, Mr. Walter von Känel, Global President of Longines, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, and Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, will join hands with Lin Zhiling, Ambassador of Longines Brand, Tong Yao, Cheng Haofeng, Li Qin, Du Tianhao and other star guests attended the Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship together. The graceful leaping of the rider and the horse race will form an extremely beautiful picture with the iconic and oriental Chinese Palace of Art, showing the elegant attitude and chivalry of Longines.
Stars show you equestrianism, using horse head gestures to convey elegant attitude
   In order to create a different experience of watching matches in the past, Longines will interact with netizens in real time through the topic platform Sina Weibo # 明星 带 你 看 马术 #. From the preparation and warm-up before the game to the event on the day of the event, brand ambassadors Peng Yuyan, Lin Zhiling and many brand friends will share the exciting content of the event from different angles, and send mysterious gifts with autographs.
   Before the game, the “elegant leap” horse head gesture relay initiated by Longines watch brand ambassador Peng Yuyan on the Weibo topic # 明星 带 你 看 马术 # has won the positive response of many Weibo netizens, attending the press conference on April 28 The four riders at the scene also performed the elegant relay of this horse head gesture. Thanks to the steeds who accompanied them all the way, expressed their love for equestrian sports, and passed the elegant attitude advocated by Longines.

Longines brand image ambassador Peng Yuyan on Weibo topic # 明星 带 你 看 马术 # Initiate elegant relay event with horse head gesture

Riders at press conferences perform elegant relays with horse-head gestures (from left to right: well-known riders Mike Van De Frontin, Edwina Tops Alexander, Scott Blash, and China Rider Zhao Zhiwen)
   In addition to the pre-game warm-up, during the 3-day event, Longines will also perform live online video and graphic live broadcasts through the official Weibo platform. Brand image ambassador Lin Zhiling, brand friends Tong Yao, Cheng Haofeng, Li Qin and Du Tianhao will discuss with the equestrian culture, well-known etiquette trainers and other equestrian culture, practical and interesting content.
Classic rider series and master craftsman moon phase watch, praising chivalry
   Amazing Longines’ new riding series watches at the Baselworld 2015 will witness the fierce competition of the 2016 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship together with the classic Longines master series moon phase watch, to the elegant charm of riders and horses pay tribute. Longines’ new Riding Series watches continue the brand’s long-standing respect for equestrian sports and its emphasis on female customers. Its shapes and materials are inspired by the iconic elements of equestrian sports. Between the hands of the wrist, the Riding Series watch is like a horse with beautiful footsteps, and a beautiful waltz jumps on the wearer’s wrist. The classic Longines masterpiece series features a sophisticated moon phase display function, which reflects the characteristics of concentration, precision and experience required by equestrian sports.
   Longines has been associated with equestrian sports for more than a century. In 1878, Longines produced a chronograph stopwatch that was enough to be recorded in history, which was popular with jockeys and equestrian lovers. In 1912, Longines became the official timekeeper of international equestrian events for the first time, and since 2013 it has become the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of Longines Global Equestrian Championship. Today, Longines has been widely involved in equestrian events such as flat horse racing, obstacle course and endurance racing.