Chopin L ‘heure Du Diamant Jewellery Watch

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant High Jewellery Watch
Dang jewelry tradition 邂逅 watchmaking technology, Chopard’s craftsmanship combines the two, dedicated to the peerless masterpiece: L’Heure du Diamant high jewelry watch.
Jewelry is transformed into a watch, blooming brilliantly? This is the commitment of Chopard Workshop to produce excellent timepieces every year. These works condense the essence of the craftsmanship of the Chopard Workshop, and their production takes hundreds of man-hours. It all starts with a pair of clever hands. The artisans of Chopard Watch Factory are skilled, patient and creative, and they have carefully crafted these outstanding works. More than 30 kinds of crafts gather under the same roof, which makes the smooth connection and complementarity of different skills possible. The Scheufele family attaches great importance to the inheritance and training of craftsmanship, and carefully carry forward this rich wealth. Chopard knows that the most valuable asset is talent.
From the cartographer to the watchmaker, from the jeweller to the inlayer, to the polisher, all artisans combine the skills of one to make the boldest dream come true. High-end jewellery watches perfectly embody superb craftsmanship that blends with both modern artistic characteristics and the traditional requirements of the watch industry. Making a jewellery watch takes time: it takes hundreds of man-hours. Depending on the shape of the watch, it can be loaded with a mechanical movement or a quartz movement. According to tradition, the watch body is made of 18K white gold, and its inlay decoration is cleverly combined with olive-cut diamonds, square-cut diamonds or brilliant-cut diamonds, making the watch’s lines and proportions more beautiful