New Design For The Kuwait Jaeger‑lecoultre Boutique

On a celebration night in October 2017, Jaeger‑LeCoultre is proud to celebrate the re-opening of its boutique in the 360 ​​Mall of Kuwait. This boutique, the only boutique in Kuwait for this luxury brand, has been redesigned according to the brand’s latest philosophy. The soft colors and luxurious decoration of the store create a peaceful atmosphere, and customers are invited to walk into this elegant, intimate and warm boutique.

   Mareg de Panafieu, Brand Director of Jaeger‑LeCoultre, welcomes guests and representatives from various business partners in person at the boutique, and delivers a speech: ‘Our partners and supporters can visit our boutique’s re-opening ceremony in 360 Mall, Kuwait , We are very happy and honored. Tonight, your arrival and support is vital to the continued development of our brand in the region. ‘

   Abdul Mohsen Behbehani, director of Behbehani Group, cut ribbons with representatives from this luxury brand and delivered a speech: ‘As the partner of Jaeger‑LeCoultre in Kuwait, Behbehani Group is proud to support and encourage the brand. Jaeger‑LeCoultre This new boutique in Kuwait will set its standards of excellence to the satisfaction of our loyal customers. We look forward to the brand’s continued growth in the future. ‘

   A master watchmaker demonstrated the complex mechanical principles of the watch. At the same time, guests can enjoy a comfortable environment in the shop while admiring Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s new design products-each design reflects its Swiss Respect for the watchmaking tradition underscores the brand’s precious and superb expertise.