Amazing Hollow 2014 Nivrel New Watch Real Shooting

Baselworld 2014 is in full swing. The annual watch fair is a major event in the watch industry. The new German watch brand Nifre, a German watch brand that is represented by Germany’s Perpetual Group, is highly regarded Attention, the hollow design of this watch is amazing, each part is carved with exquisite and detailed, the bottom of the watch is as wonderful as the dial. Next, let us admire Pebide’s new watch along with the real shots sent back by the mission team.

  The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
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Bucherer Opens First Boutique In Moscow

Swiss luxury watchmaker Bucherer opens the first single-brand boutique in Moscow. The store is located in the Smolensky Passage shopping center in Moscow’s historical, cultural and commercial center. Following the success of authorizing multi-brand boutiques in the Russian market for many years, Bucherer has once again taken an important step to provide customers with a richer experience and more comprehensive services.

   Currently, Bucherer watches are sold in Russian multi-brand boutiques. The Swiss watchmaker, known for its exceptional quality and continuous history, has now opened its first first-brand boutique in Moscow. The store is located in the elegant Smolensky Passage shopping center, where products from internationally renowned brands and high-end designers are gathered.

Moscow’s first single-brand boutique
   The new Bucherer boutique is located in a unique location in the cultural center of Moscow, where the rich history and the modernity of the business district are perfectly integrated. The Smolensky Passage shopping center exudes an unobtrusive luxury atmosphere. In such a perfect environment, the Bucherer boutique offers an immersive brand experience and the highest level of customer service. Boutique employees have traveled to Switzerland for in-depth training to ensure a truly impeccable service.
   The Bucherer watch products show the brand’s nearly 130 years of outstanding quality, continuous history and watchmaking skills. The two self-maintaining core series based on the outer rotor are precisely concentrated. A watchmaker with a rim-moving watch in mass production.

Mutually beneficial win-win partnership
   Bucherer is one of the only Swiss brands to survive and is still one of the independent watchmaking brands controlled by the founding family. It has numerous retail partners and a large international distribution network. The Bucherer opened a single-brand boutique in Moscow, and the Rich Time Group is its partner. ‘I am very happy to expand the brand’s visibility and influence in Moscow by opening boutiques. A few weeks ago, the new boutique in Lucerne was unveiled. We look forward to welcoming the opening of the boutique in Shanghai. Thanks to our partner Rich Time Group for helping us, Transforming the opening of a single-brand boutique in Moscow from a vision to reality, ‘said Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri.
   Rich Time Group Chairman Jak Bakkura is equally pleased with the cooperation, ‘I am very pleased to pay tribute to Bucherer with a new boutique and to witness the further development of the partnership between the Group and the Swiss watch brand.

Won the Topical Style Award
   In addition to opening boutiques in Moscow, Bucherer also received more good news from Russia. The Swiss family-owned Plavi TravelTec II and Plavi ScubaTec watches won the Topical Style award in the best travel category and best sports category, respectively. This honor testifies to the bright prospects of Bucherer in the Russian market.

Claudio Ranieri Joins The Tag Heuer Family

Everyone is talking about the coach; the coach who led the team through an extraordinary season; the coach who ‘has no fear of challenge and achieves himself’.

   And, after last night, became the coach of the Premier League champions.
   Just a few days ago, Tag Heuer just announced a historic cooperation agreement with the Premier League. Today, Claudio Ranieri joins the family of brand ambassadors.
   In his first year as the coach of Leicester City, Ranieri has successfully changed the face of the club, from barely relegating last year to winning the league this year.

   Zachary and his team are a shining example of the spirit of ‘do not fear to challenge yourself’. Welcome to the Tag Heuer family, Mr. Zachary.
   Zachary is Italian. He has coached at several prestigious clubs, including Florence, Monaco, Inter Milan, Juventus, Rome, Valencia and Chelsea. Zachary is a big fan of TAG Heuer and has been wearing TAG Heuer watches for many years.
   Just last week, Tag Heuer became the first official timepiece and official watch in the history of the Premier League, making its debut on the English football stage.
   Previously, Tag Heuer was the official timekeeper of the German Football League, the Major League Soccer, the 2016 Centennial America’s Cup (held in the United States in June), the Chinese Football Association Super League and the Australian National Football Team. Today, the brand has become Prestigious English Premier League partner. Tag Heuer already has an image ambassador from the football world. He is the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo (since 2014). Today, Premier League champions Leicester City coach Claudio Lachelli joins the Tag Heuer family.