Zhen Lishi’s Eight Watches With Exciting Aesthetic Passion

The new Espada series adds new work to the brand’s classic El Primero series. Its design is simple and concise, and it perfectly integrates the sense of fashion. The eight watches carry the Genesis history gene, displaying hours, minutes, seconds and dates with an amplitude of 36,000 times per hour, writing a new chapter in El Primero’s history. The brand’s legendary movement launched the three-hand version for the first time.

The watch contains at least 210 parts to drive the El Primero 4650 B automatic mechanical movement.
ElSince 1969, El Primero watches have symbolized the extraordinary creativity of Zenith. El Primero comes from Esperanto, which means that the humanistic spirit has universal universality. The name of this series infused its spirit into the brand’s tradition and became a synonym for innovation and change. The new Espada series continues the already magnificent history of this remarkable series. Simple design, noble materials, exquisite machinery and beautiful watchmaking craftsmanship contain all the watchmaking genes of the El Primero series from the inside out. The name Espada is associated with El Primero, inspired by a historical watch from Zenith. The stylish design is already present on the first watches introduced in the 1970s. As a synonym for wearing comfort, the unique shape of the case, the shape of the strap, and the unique fit of the case and the strap make it ergonomically superior.
Technically, the new Edpada line inherits the precise characteristics of the famous El Primero movement. Its design follows nearly academic-level precision sketches, which affect performance due to accessory components. Its movement combines precision and reliability with a square inch of space, perfectly integrated into the watch: every plate, every gear set and every Each part is installed in the most ideal position. The watch contains at least 210 parts to drive the El Primero 4650 B automatic mechanical movement. Like all movements in the El Primero series, the El Primero 4650 B has an excellent frequency of 10 vibrations per second, which is 36,000 vibrations per hour. The movement has a power reserve of up to 50 hours and a diameter of only 30 mm.
Modern design
The new Espada series style is subtle and understated, re-interpreting the traditional style of Zenith: round case, rustic dial, perfect legibility and simple and clean lines. Eleven rhodium-plated faceted indexes are covered with Superluminova, and the time is displayed by two hands that are clear and legible, providing the best time-division display function. The second hand is guided by the Zenith Star to perform rhythmic and precise graceful dance steps along the dial. The date gauge is located at 3 o’clock, displaying the date clearly. The watch adheres to the brand’s main design principles, and uses sapphire crystal glass to allow viewers to find the ingenious operation mechanism from the front and back of the dial. In addition to the above-mentioned aesthetic characteristics, the case is water-resistant to 100 meters and equipped with a screw-in watch Crown, trustworthy.
Eight watches that excite passion for aesthetics
The Espada series pays tribute to the past, opens up the future, and highlights Zenith’s pursuit of excellence in the field of timekeeping. This collection reflects inspiration from the 1970 model and is a modern interpretation of the brand’s landmark timepieces. There are eight models in the Espada collection, each of which is aesthetically pleasing and timeless.

ESPADA steel, silver dial
The first watch was equipped with a stainless steel case, showing a simple and elegant design style. The silver dial and the delicately polished and sanded stainless steel bracelet complement each other to give a modern touch. The watch is inspired by Li Lixin’s new 1970 model, showing a timeless classic style on the wrist. This watch witnesses Zenith’s cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship, making the El Primero series, which has a history of more than 40 years, a fertile ground for future creativity.

ESPADA steel, black dial
The second watch is a timepiece with a distinctive design. The black case has a strong color contrast design and is unique. Its charming charm extends to the polished and sanded stainless steel bracelet. The dial is clear and easy to read, allowing you to focus on the main time display such as hours, minutes, seconds and dates. A clear and straightforward reading is bound to make this watch a daily companion for the most decisive person.

ESPADA 18K Rose Gold and Stainless Steel Model, White Dial
Espada 18K rose gold and stainless steel watches, while adhering to the design concept of this series, open up a new dimension. The shape of the watch is both elegant and creative, showing a unique aesthetic. The bezel, crown and center of the bracelet are made of rose gold, with hands and hour markers made of the same material. The stainless steel material without the case and the outer link of the bracelet perfectly shines. This model combines the exquisite dual design, which fully reflects the brand’s innovative spirit, noble temperament, fine tradition and exquisite craftsmanship, and conveys the brand’s special preference for beautiful timepieces.

ESPADA 18K rose gold and stainless steel watch, brown dial
The Espada 18K rose gold and stainless steel model inherits the essence of this series with a brown dial. This watch is elegant and noble, different from the others, which makes the watch holder know the brilliance of superb Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. With a subtle and elegant design, this watch is implicitly elegant and comfortable to wear, making it a chapter every time.

ESPADA 18K Rose Gold Model, Rose Gold Bracelet
From the perspective of aesthetics, the 18K rose gold watch model rushes to the ultimate simplicity of aesthetics. From the brown dial to the elegantly crafted 18K rose gold case and bracelet, the watch as a whole symbolizes impeccable beauty. The shape of the lugs, the polished and polished straps, and the gentle-looking bezel compose a veritable ode, praising the watch’s ability to combine elegance and simplicity with a restrained and eclectic mix.

ESPADA 18K Rose Gold Watch, Alligator Leather Strap
The brown alligator leather strap and the dynamic lines of the case blend harmoniously, bringing a touch of fashion to the 18K rose gold model. This watch follows the aesthetic principles that other watches in the Espada series uphold and enthusiastically admire collectors, showing a unique and exquisite design and solid spirit.

ESPADA 18K rose gold model, mother-of-pearl and diamond dial
腕表 The dial of this watch is set with 11 rectangular diamonds, which perfectly combine elegance and reliability. The brown alligator strap extends the magical charm of 18K rose gold. The polished ripples show a mirrored effect on the mother-of-pearl dial, further demonstrating the elegance of the watch. The hands are subtle and restrained, displaying the hours, minutes and seconds with ease.

ESPADA 18K Rose Gold Diamond Watch
This watch’s case, lugs and diamond-set bezel are all crafted in 18K rose gold, bringing a harmonious and beautiful visual effect: the lines are concise and subtle, and the setting is exquisite (the total weight is 0.7 pulls). Superb watchmaking. A total of 22 diamonds are set on the delicate time scales, which makes the time flow more chic and elegant. The calendar window at 3 o’clock witnesses the change of day and night. This watch is also unique in that the brown dial and leather strap use the same color tone, reflecting the beauty of harmony. The watch combines elegance, unique personality and superb craftsmanship. For Zenith, Seiko’s work is first and foremost an attitude.

Precise And Sophisticated Beauty Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Advanced Complication Watch

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier advanced complication watch fully demonstrates the extraordinary skills of Cartier watchmaker. The master watchmaker brings together the three complex functions of the perpetual calendar, minute repeater, and floating tourbillon on an ultra-thin self-winding movement, while revealing the beauty of the machine with stunning fine cutouts.

 The case of the Rotonde de Cartier watch is made of 18K gold. The hollow dial design reflects the translucent beauty. The arrangement of the three complex functions is very harmonious. The perpetual calendar display clearly indicates the date, week, month and year; 12 o’clock floating The tourbillon and the minute spring repeater and hammer also make up the dial space. The exquisite design highlights the brand’s signature style.

——Watch details display——

 The Rotonde de Cartier advanced complication watch is equipped with a 9406 MC movement with a thickness of only 5.49 mm. It consists of 578 parts. After 5 years of research and development, 15 weeks of workshop production, 10 weeks of retouching, and 5 weeks of assembly carry out.
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Classic Comes From The Courage To Break Through: Tissot’s New Swissmatic Movement Watch Series

‘Tissot Watch’, which has the reputation of Switzerland’s favorite national watch brand. The craftsmanship of watchmaking has been consistent for 165 years, and it has spared no effort in research and development in the field of innovation. The new brand spirit ‘style is in me’ emphasizes that the ‘watch’ moves with the ‘core’, and your style is yours! In the design of the movement, it breaks through the previous insistence on manual watchmaking. The new model is created, the assembly process is 100% automatic, the accuracy is corrected by laser, in line with the fast and quasi-style of the e-generation, and the pure bloodline made by Swiss from the inside to the outside, showing the unique delicate texture and taste of the mechanical watch.

The Tissot Charm Series 40mm watch diameter can be easily controlled by both men and women, and is loved by young people.
   The new Swissmatic movement and spirit are injected into the favorite Time Series and Dressport of the lightly mature men and women generations, and the Gentlemen series full of elegant style is introduced again. In the ever-changing life style of everyone, instead of looking for your style watch, it is better to create your own watch style and show the spirit of ‘style in me’.

Swissmatic automatic movement
My style is my self-confidence: Everytime Swissmatic automatic watch
   The simple and powerful design of the Tissot Charismatic Series, which is loved by young people, has been well received since its launch. It has broken the gender limit. The 40-mm table diameter can be easily controlled by both men and women, and it has broken through the frame of clothing style. Embrace every style of your life. For this reason, the Swiss Tissot decided to place the new Swissmatic movement in the charm time series. The fully automatic assembly of 51 parts is made. The metal automatic disc improves the winding performance and maintains the quality of traditional watchmaking technology. The power reserve is 72 hours. The white minimalist watch face, PVD-treated bezel, sapphire crystal glass and back case, can see through this delicate movement made of 51 parts. The dial is printed with the words Swissmatic and the ‘SWISS MADE’ logo Water-resistant to 30 meters, making this series of watches a must-have entry for mechanical watches.

Tissot Automatic Series 316L stainless steel case, 40mm diameter, Swissmatic automatic movement, waterproof 30 meters, sapphire crystal glass surface.

The simple and powerful design of the Tissot Charisma series breaks through the framework of clothing styles and is versatile in every lifestyle, and has been well received since its launch.
The style is in the spirit of Yara: the GENTLEMAN Tissot automatic watch
   In September this year, after the first wave of the new wave of the Tissot watch Yunchi series created a wave, then launched another new work-the gentleman series. The Swiss Tissot watch incorporates the new Swissmatic automatic movement into this collection, creating a gentlemanly elegance. As the name suggests, the sturdy limit strips of the watch combined with the polished texture design show the taste that Yalong has limited in his own life. Vaguely exudes a gentle, personable aristocratic temperament unconsciously. Among them, the Paris nail decoration of the bezel and the side band of the crown highlights the exquisite design aesthetics. Through the sapphire crystal back cover, the geometric beauty in SWISSMATIC movement is thoroughly appreciated.

Tissot Automatic 316 stainless steel case, automatic mechanical movement, sapphire crystal, waterproof 100 meters, leather strap