Time Tempering Bravely Love

Qixi Qiqiqiao has been in love for another year. The lovers who have undergone years of intense mellow love, who have no fear of drifting away from time to time, calmly adhere to each other, bravely love today. To clear the gap of time, you are no longer alone, the other half of your side is with you forever or blazing, the cigarettes are burned out, the wine glasses are warming up, you are exhausting your hands and holding each other’s hands, the entire sky is already long have.
   Passing the promenade of time, the gears are wrong, and the ring marks are written. ZENITH has been making watchmaking history for more than 100 years, so that the texture of this time is stained with Guze’s patina. With the top Swiss watchmaking technology, With two sets of different pairs of watches for lovers around the world, we will present the ‘core’ movements of the wrists of the Qixi Festival in 2017, so as to achieve an exclusive timepiece, to witness the passing of time and eternal love.

You become my fulcrum, let me go to heaven

   At the first encounter, the first acquaintance and the first acquaintance, the accelerated heartbeat brought the brave pair of lovers together. For those dreamy dreams, she accompanies you to go crazy; for those restless wishes, he takes you to the wild. Clouds, rivers, evening winds, and the earth are proof of your love. You step on the locomotive and drive through the desert, and his Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 Royal Watch watches for you; you soar the sky and fly to the unknown, her Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 Special Edition Mustard Watches count your stars. On the adventure of love, you and he are brave and brave; you and her are magnificent. Zenith is a barrel that does not fade. Your madness is fierce, and the Pilot Series TYPE 20 is remembered for that.

Left: Zenith Pilot Collection TYPE 20 Royal Edition Special Edition watch, more suitable for boys, 45mm, reference price: RMB 50,200
Right: The Zenith Pilot Collection TYPE 20 Special Edition Mustard Yellow Watch, more suitable for girls, 40mm, reference price: RMB 42,900

   The Zenith Pilots’ TYPE 20 Special Edition watch inherits many of the characteristics of the pioneering period of aviation history-a wide grooved crown, large luminous Arabic numerals, a grained dial and an autonomous ‘engine’. The Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 Royal Edition Special Edition 45mm large dial makes men’s arms more powerful, while the Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 Special Edition Mustard Yellow Watch has a lighter color choice and a smaller 40 mm Distressed stainless steel dials make women in love even more handsome.

You sleep in my pulse, and accompany me to the future

   When you are close to each other, know each other, and be with each other, whether you are a small stumbling block or a painful ordeal, the couple who has worked together to overcome the difficulties has already become the right person in the other person’s eyes in time. You have every future you want—to share with you every day and night, and to accompany you to the old world. You walked across the street, through these long years. Such a long stream of love, romantic poems full of vows and bonds, from the simple and neat Zenith Elite series of watches to write precious footnotes for lovers.

Left: The Zenith Elite Classic Chronograph, more suitable for boys, 42 mm, Reference price: RMB 52,800
Right: Zenith Elite Women’s Moon Phase Watch, 36mm, more suitable for girls, reference price: RMB 55,500

   Zenith Elite series watches combine classic and fashion, smooth lines, exquisite craftsmanship, and perfectly show the elegant style of gentlemen and ladies. The Elite Classic Chronograph for men is extremely practical. The dial features hours, minutes, small seconds, and chronograph functions. This watch is equipped with the legendary El Primero high-frequency movement, which contains a passionate ‘heart’ under the restrained and quiet appearance. The Elite series women’s moon phase watches recommended for girls are beautiful and elegant. The mother-of-pearl dial is surrounded by diamonds. The moon phase is full of stars. Every detail reveals a delicate feminine atmosphere. Piling down your arm, those long-lasting promises, as the pointer swept round and round, the years are still in this eternal time, the future, but that’s all.

Wang Junkai Appeared In Milan Fashion Week With A Fashionable Expression Full Of Handsome Gentleman Fan!

Last night, Swatch global brand image ambassador Wang Junkai was invited to appear at the Milan Fashion Week for Fall / Winter 2018 and feel the new fashion trend.

   Xiao Kai, who sits in the front row of the runway, became the prince Junlang, adding a bit of vitality to the noble temperament. A straight burgundy suit, paired with a royal blue Swatch metal wrist watch, perfectly interprets the fashion style of the early spring sportsman.

Swatch 2018 spring and summer new irony metal series watch companion

RMB 890

   This watch is Swatch2018 spring and summer new Irony metal series watch-companion (model: YWS428). The royal blue sunray dial reveals a smart sheen under the light of the show, making the ticking metal hands more visible. The pattern of the black plastic strap is faintly visible, full of texture, and the atmosphere is stable without losing vitality.

Circular Athletics Nomos Autobahn Neomatik 41 Datum

NOMOS launched a new Autobahn sports watch at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2018, equipped with the brand’s new Neomatik movement DUW 6101, and invited well-known product designer Werner Aisslinger to manipulate the appearance.

The Autobahn series invited Werner Aisslinger, a well-known German designer, to create a watch appearance. He inherited the simple design philosophy of NOMOS, coupled with the concept of speed, and derived a completely new small three-hand watch. This design has also recently won The 2018 Red Dot Design Awards are very distinctive. (There are currently three faceplate colors)

Feature one: Famous designer crosses the knife
Werner Aisslinger from Berlin, whose works have been collected by the New York MoMA, the French Contemporary Art Foundation, the London V & A Museum and other collections. Based on the concept of simplicity and speed, he designed the silver-blue, blue-white, and silver-gray versions of the ‘Autobahn series’ With the bright and vibrant design of Berlin’s metropolis, as well as Glashütte’s exquisite technology and watchmaking technology, the Autobahn that combines the two is like showing the essence of German manufacturing.

The large diameter of 41mm is not only conspicuous. From the side, the dial of the Autobahn watch has a curved structure, which is very special. In addition, the blue curved strip on the face plate also has a luminous effect, which makes it easy to read and write in the dark.

Feature two: the self-made movement goes to the next floor
The Autobahn series watch is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 41mm. The prominent dial has a special curved structure. The curve is smooth and round. With the shirt, you can feel the thin charm of this watch. Because it is equipped with a Neomatik automatic movement (DUW 6101) with a thickness of only 3.6mm, this is the first Neomatik Caliber with a date function. Whether traditionally or aesthetically, large-diameter timepieces are not Common calendars are displayed so close to the edge of the dial (and still below the small seconds dial rather than directly inside the small seconds dial).

The Autobahn watch is equipped with a Neomatik automatic movement with a thickness of only 3.6mm. The overall thickness is only 10.5mm.

Feature three: Design sense implied in details
When it comes to the large curved bar-shaped calendar window at 6 o’clock, it is actually unique because it can display the date of yesterday, today and tomorrow at the same time, which is also a rare design for NOMOS. The upper part of the faceplate is also decorated with a blue luminous ring and Superluminova fluorescent coating on it, which can read the time clearly even in the dark night. Waterproof sapphire crystal on the front and back of the case, as well as 100 meters of water resistance for swimming wear, making Autobahn a unique sports timepiece.

Autobahn Neomatik 41 Datum

Stainless steel material / DUW 6101 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / 41mm diameter / reference price: 34,000 RMB