Time Is The Longest Confession. Give Her The Watch.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching. What gift is given to women’s tickets? This problem has always troubled the majority of boys who have women’s tickets. After all, they are two ‘species’ from different planets. The female ticket is like a sea-bottom needle, so don’t guess the boy. At this time, rose chocolate became the only gift that could not go wrong, but frequent universal gifts like a bombardment swept away the only romantic atmosphere. In fact, Valentine’s Day gifts are not just them. Compared to a watch with chocolate and roses, they can represent her heart and blessings to her. The three watches recommended today are relatively good choices. Blue friends who have a plan can use them as a reference!

Baume & Mercier Creston MOA10208 watch

Watch price: RMB24,900
Watch diameter: 30 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel / 18k rose gold
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: MINIMATIK 1201 watch

Watch price: RMB28,000
Watch diameter: 35.5 mm
Watch thickness: 8.6 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:-
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: longines / 10310 /
Watch Comments: The exquisite small watch path and luxurious rose gold can often set off a woman’s slender wrist and set off her unique beauty. If your other half is an intellectual girl, then this Longines watch is also a good choice. The soft 18k rose gold and brown alligator strap add a lady’s elegance and intelligence to the wrist. The blue hands and the rose gold case complement each other, adding to the wearer’s unique charm. If she has a smaller wrist and loves precious metals, it is more appropriate to send this watch at the festival.
Summary: Time is the longest confession, and it is precisely the inherent role of timepieces to record time. Three watches for girlfriends of different temperaments and preferences. In this romantic and welcoming holiday season, you can exchange your heart with your heart, give a timepiece, and gain happiness.

Concentrating The Essence Of Century-old Watchmaking Tissot Duluer Series

Since the start of the small town of Leloc in Switzerland in 1853, the brand has traveled a long time to the 165th anniversary that is worth celebrating, and in order to welcome this historic moment, the brand adheres to the original intention of paying tribute. Concept, re-interpret classic models over the years, show the essence of the brand in innovative ways, launch new works, connect the past, present and future through wonderful timepieces, and tell the story of the brand.

The Parisian studs under the Roman numerals on the Durul series dial symbolize the time connection of each window of the watch factory, and contain precious memories

François Thiébaud, global president of TISSOT, said: ‘Tradition is the cornerstone of the Swiss watch industry.’ And ‘innovation, from tradition’ is TISSOT’s consistent business philosophy. Therefore, at the age of 165, the brand does not forget to come Shilu pays tribute to tradition, the most representative of which belongs to the Durul series.

The case, which has been processed in multiple processes, such as polishing, exhibits a smooth texture and gloss

In 1907, TISSOT established a watch factory on the Cheulin des Tourelles in Le Locle, Switzerland. In 1910, women’s watches were first introduced. Later, the men’s collection was followed up and published. With the development of technology, large-scale Production of watches, the factory is still the headquarters, so the Durul series named after the headquarters street is a very representative model of the brand; Furthermore, this series has chronograph, junior hand, world time zone Many styles including the watch design, the Paris studs under the Roman numerals, like the engraving intent in a window of the condensing factory, the case is polished and brushed, etc. The beveled and rounded bezel is elegant and full of meaning, and the sapphire crystal is hard and rich in texture. It embodies the exquisite craftsmanship in every detail, and also hides the historical feelings from generation to generation. It is the best representative work that highlights the traditional charm.

Durul men’s watch

316L stainless steel / automatic movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 42mm