Calibre De Cartier

The firm lines, solid case and unique structure, the Calibre de Cartier watch series launched in 2010 is full of confidence and masculinity. It is a new generation of Cartier’s iconic masterpiece. . The dial uses distinctive Roman numerals and flanged bezels to reinterpret Cartier’s classic design elements in a strong and resolute style. In 2014, the launch of the Calibre de Cartier diving watch will open a new chapter for this series of watches.

 Demonstrating pure masculine style, taking into account daily wear and extreme environments, the Calibre de Cartier diving watch not only perfectly displays Cartier’s style, but also meets the ISO 6425 technical standard for ‘diving watches’, which stipulates Eight reliability specifications and a series of extremely demanding test procedures.

 1904 MC movement Cartier workshop refined mechanical winding movement small seconds dial, calendar display window

Waterproof standards under strict monitoring

 Unidirectional rotating bezel, water-resistant to 300 meters, superluminova hands and time markers, Calibre de Cartier diving watch complies with all international standards of diving watches, so it can be engraved on the case back ‘Diver’s watch 300 m’ Watch 300m).

Unidirectional rotating bezel

 To prevent accidental rotation or improper operation, the bezel can only be rotated in one direction. Its 120-slot design (40 teeth and 3 points) allows the adjustment accuracy to be accurate to half a minute, and a clear voice prompt can be heard when rotating. In addition, to further improve readability, time stamps are used to clearly identify every 5 minute intervals.

Display in the dark

 Even in the dark, it can be clearly displayed and displayed with the Calibre de Cartier diving time control indicator (hour and minute hands, presets and small seconds dial) with superluminova coating. Read time.

Water-resistant to 300 meters

 When diving, the watch is subjected to extreme stress and extreme external environments (salt water, thermal shock, etc.). In response to these conditions, the Calibre de Cartier dive watch is equipped with thickened mirrors, oversized washers, screw-in casebacks and crowns to ensure water resistance up to 300 meters. The 24-hour sodium chloride (30 g / l) solution immersion test at 18 ° C to 25 ° C proved the watch’s resistance to salt water immersion. In addition, after 50 hours of immersion in a 30 cm water depth from 18 ° C to 25 ° C, the watch’s performance remains perfect.

Reduction of case thickness: technical and aesthetic challenges

 The watchmakers at Cartier Watch Workshop have designed a true diving watch with a case thickness of only 11 mm, which not only achieves a balanced size ratio, but also maintains the comfort of daily wear. As a perfect combination of diving watches and Cartier’s exquisite watchmaking technology, the new Calibre de Cartier diving watch is exquisitely contrasted with frosting and polishing, and the ADLC carbon coating with a notch design (amorphous diamond-like carbon coating) ) The rotating bezel inherits the bloodline of the Calibre de Cartier watch. In addition, the increased size of the luminous Roman numerals XII also highlights this series of iconic design elements.

 Calibre de Cartier dive watch in stainless steel or rose gold, with a black rubber strap, inherited all the characteristics of the first Calibre de Cartier watch launched in 2010. The same stiff lines, the same solid case, and the same 1904 MC workshop-finished automatic mechanical movement.

1904 MC: a masculine work with the spirit of watchmaking in the workshop

Calibre de Cartier opens a new chapter in diving watches
 The 1904 MC movement, born in 2010, is the first self-winding mechanical movement developed and assembled entirely by the watchmakers at Cartier Watch Workshop. Its name is highly symbolic, meaning the pioneering spirit of Louis Cartier, who was his close friend and pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont in 1904. Created a wrist watch, one of the earliest modern watches in the world. More than a century later, the 1904 MC movement opened a new chapter in Cartier’s watchmaking.

 This 11½-centimeter movement is equipped with a dual barrel, which ensures that the mainspring torque can maintain excellent constancy for a long time, thereby pushing the stability of travel time to the extreme.

 This movement is equipped with a precise adjustment system and a stop-second mechanism, which can perfectly adjust the running time and ensure accuracy. The 1904 MC oscillating weight is equipped with a central ceramic ball bearing system, which gives the movement excellent durability and shock resistance. The innovative pawl system and two-way winding mechanism make watch winding easier and more convenient.

Superb grooming of secrets

 With the relentless pursuit of beauty, the movement modification master created this movement with the finest craftsmanship. The delicate modification process of the 1904 MC movement demonstrates Cartier’s spirit of excellence and excellence in creating the Calibre de Cartier diving watch, a watch that combines professional needs with daily wear.

Calibre de Cartier opens a new chapter in diving watches
Case: stainless steel
Thickness: 11 mm
Diameter: 42 mm
Crown: Stainless steel multi-faceted crown set with a multi-faceted synthetic spinel
Bezel: unidirectional rotating stainless steel bezel with ADLC carbon coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon coating)
Table mirror: sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 300 meters
Dial: black dial, partial snail decoration, superluminova luminous coating Roman numerals XII
Hands: Superluminova luminous coated sword-shaped hands
Strap: Rubber
Buckle: stainless steel pin buckle
Cartier 1904 MC workshop refined movement
Mechanical self-winding movement, small seconds dial, calendar display window
Total diameter: 25.6 mm
Thickness: 4 mm
Number of ruby ​​bearings: 27
Balance frequency: 28,800 times per hour

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Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

Fantastic Movies Chopard Celebrates 15 Years With Cannes Film Festival

For fifteen years, Chopard has been supporting the Cannes International Film Festival with passion and romance. To celebrate this anniversary, the famous Swiss watchmaker and jeweller is preparing a photo exhibition of the most beautiful screen kisses during the two-week film festival this year, and will unveil its latest fine jewelry, including the Red Carpet collection. The veil of works. Love themes, personalized diamonds, dazzling colored gems, floral motifs, and numerous heart-shaped designs are all favored by the Red Carpet collection.

 It all started with the 1997 film festival chairman Pierre Viot inviting Caroline Schaefer, Co-President and artistic director of Chopard, to redesign the Golden Palm Trophy. The following year, when the best film award was presented in the competition, people found that the Golden Palm trophy was exquisite. The golden palm branches were set on a heart-shaped base, which symbolized the Chopard brand identity and its love for filmmaking.

 The Swiss watchmaker, jewellery maker and film festival have been working together for this piece of art, and it’s been inseparable ever since. Chopard produces the Golden Palm Trophy in its factory every year, making the star on this famous podium shining star, rewarding rising talent in the film field, and holding a ticket during the two-week film festival. Party. Chopard has become a symbol of the wonderful fusion of film and glamour on the world’s top stage.

 Fantastic Movie, The Most Beautiful Screen Kiss Photo Exhibition

 Time goes back to 1986, the first kiss in the history of movie screens; the embrace of Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in the movie ‘Infamous’; and Sarah in ‘Instinct’ The passion scenes of Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas are only part of the recap of Chopard and Canal + Group at the film Pocahontas photo exhibition. During the 66th Cannes Film Festival, photos of idol couples in the history of the film will be displayed in the Chopard Lounge on the top floor of the Martinez Hotel near the Palais des Festivals and on the terrace of the Canal + Group.

 Red Carpet 2013 Series

 Chopard loves actresses. It was because of her love that Caroline Schaefer created the first work of the Red Carpet collection in 2007. Since then, tradition has been formed, and Chopard releases the latest works of this series at the Cannes Film Festival every year. These unique masterpieces made by the jewellery factory make the stars of this famous podium shine at night. Inspired by the theme of love, Caroline Schafer designs brilliant jewellery masterpieces with gems, heart-shaped diamonds and floral motifs. ‘Diamonds are still the protagonist of the red carpet,’ she said, and diamonds will undoubtedly become the focus of the Red Carpet collection again.