Love And Miss Of Cartier Watch

I always thought it was ‘Love’, but in fact it means ‘Lové’ which rotates straight up. Perhaps misunderstood love is a miss.
I often feel that choosing a loved thing and obsessing with a collection is like choosing the object of love. Human temperament reflects on various levels, including clothes to wear, food to eat, places to wear, watches to wear, Beloved person. So our initial stereotypes often made us ignore an interesting person, a fun place, or a watch that is actually quite valuable. Therefore, when I often hear others criticize something for a reason, a certain person, a watch, I always wonder, what kind of basis is this blame, is our pure prejudice? Or do we really have a fairly basic insight and knowledge and understanding of something? Therefore, I would rather choose to try to see the cause and establish a point of view first, and then to judge my preferences, like this to people and things. Unwilling to miss with misunderstanding, love is not missed.
Love or spin
The Tourbillon Cadran Lové tourbillon considers how to express the beauty of precision machinery from the design side
I will start so emotionally in this article, that is this tourbillon watch. Many times I have seen too many watches in my occupational disease, sometimes because of the tight working hours, I cannot consider everything for too long. , But when I calmed down and looked at this watch again, I really felt that I needed more time (maybe everyone needs) to experience everything in life, including a wrist table. In the past few years when Cartier Haute Horlogerie was launched, in the first two years, I still missed the out-of-print CPCP, especially my tank time watch which has long been a dream. It’s like generation after generation of stars, you always miss that superstar that belongs to your age, and it seems like you can never find that kind of temperament. So with such ‘prejudice’, it was only after the new product released in 2012 that I really felt that the aura belonging to Cartier was found again.

Cartier, who has multiple classic series, wants to use watchmaking strength and design ingenuity
I have always been reluctant to describe one thing in the language of too much PR scenes, and it is the same here. In the Tourbillon Cadran Lové tourbillon watch, people may see the tourbillon, and I saw how a designer thinks hard. Secretly reveal one thing: ‘innovation’. For a century-old brand, Cartier, which has multiple classic series, must use the watchmaking strength and design ingenuity. In this actually small but highly competitive field of fine watchmaking, the Tourbillon Cadran Lové tourbillon watch has the logic of assembling the movement parts. Break it all, thinking about how to show the beauty of precision machinery from the design level. It is very common to first bring the tourbillon to the faceplate. If you still want to bring the barrel, winding mechanism and winding drive that were originally hidden under the faceplate, you have to start thinking: How can I list the beautiful parts on the faceplate at the same time, and hide the parts that may not be beautiful? After deciding which parts were exposed, a face plate was separated, and there was a fixed wheel system under the face plate. How to add a shaft under the wheel core to connect everyone together again? Girls all know how to dress, their faces must be clean and beautiful, and the skin on the hands and legs need to be properly maintained, because these are exposed areas, but when the weather is cold, the inside of the coat must be inside out Thoughtfulness can keep you warm and show your clothing taste indoors. This is the same principle. The Tourbillon Cadran Lové tourbillon watch is equipped with a three-dimensional rotating Roman numeral scale on the dial (another very Cartier’s iconic design). The entire reconfigured movement is reversed. With the slightly eccentric structure, it is even more attractive to read a wonderful spinning dance in the Roman Arena that can hold tens of thousands of people.
Unmissable Details

Cartier skeleton pocket watch
If we missed it because we didn’t understand, what a pity? Therefore, I will write here two more models mentioned before, because I really think they are really beautiful. The perpetual calendar hollow pocket watch covered the entire movement with an arched sapphire crystal inside. There is no face plate, even the Roman numerals are hollow. How can a crown adjust the perpetual calendar function of many messages at 12 o’clock? ? The answer is that these hollow Roman numerals are located at the outermost periphery of the movement, and are the only objects in contact with the movement and the middle ring of the case. Therefore, Cartier let all the buttons to adjust the perpetual calendar through these metal Roman numerals (a total of four (Point) Hollowing out, hiding the push lever, it can be completed without breaking, and without adding any more parts, but in fact this task can be done because of the difference and arrangement of the Roman numerals. In addition, the symmetrical and unobstructed design and barely common important movement parts are exposed, and the latest tourbillon watch in 2012 also made the best demonstration. The three-question speed governor voice hammer is symmetrical with the tourbillon device at 12 o’clock and the six-clock position. In order to achieve this symmetry, the hammer and the governor (middle circular body must be moved one step before Quick rotation) The two-wing symmetry is like the golden shuttle that Harry Potter can fly. The three questions originally only emphasized hearing. This one question raised the tourbillon rotation, the hammer strike and the speed governor’s rapid rotation, which improved to vision. In combination with hearing, the important point is that this three-question gong is placed on the side of the face plate, and the sound is pretty good.