2012 Most Eye-catching Watch Inventory

At this year’s Geneva watch fair, we saw the future of dedicated faith and watch development. No matter in legend or in the movie, the mysterious Ark plan has laid the foundation for the rapid revival of human beings. We have carefully selected 6 eye-catching watches for you, which are the best genes to be eligible to board Noah’s Ark.

Largest physique: Montblanc Viller’s new era of the 1858 series ‘standard pointer marine chronograph and marine clock set’
套装 This set includes a canonical analog dual time zone chronograph and a large canonical analog marine clock, which displays the time in three places and has a world time display function. The chronograph is unveiled with a standard pointer dial layout, which is different from the traditional three-hand and one-line standard pointer timepieces, so that sailors clearly know the time of the original port of departure and the time of the current location. time. The nautical clock is 93 cm high, 56 cm in diameter, and weighs 120 kg. The marine clock is only half of the set, so one of the pillars has a small universal joint suspension bracket for the marine chronograph. Even if the sea waves are rough, the suspension bracket is always kept horizontal to protect the chronograph from the center of the earth The effect of suction causes errors.

The simplest dial: Lange SAXONIA ultra-thin watch
The thinnest watch ever made by this Saxony watch factory is only 5.9 mm thick. On the silver-white dial made of solid silver, the two-hand design and the 12-hour bar-shaped scale fully show the minimalist style and give a glimpse Can be identified as a watch design by Lange.

The weirdest look: Richard Mille Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon
Inspired by the classic barrel shape, Richard Mille specially designed a ‘armored’ titanium carbide case with two raised arc-shaped display windows for the polo player Pablo Mac Donough. The movement design and display window are both Tilt at 30 degrees. The display window on the left shows the second hand movement of the tourbillon frame, and the display window on the right shows the hour and minute hands. This angle of view is ideal for riders riding on saddles. The new compact tourbillon movement design uses a highly hollowed movement base plate and splint, and is equipped with a tightly-designed barrel system to avoid the effects of centrifugal and centripetal forces experienced during polo matches.

The most special material: Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Koala Watch
This is a real innovation. Straw has become a precious watchmaking material, appearing side by side with gold, diamonds, etc. on the master craftsman’s workbench. High-quality straws are screened out based on their toughness and gloss, and they are split open section by section, flattened with bone pressure sticks, cut with a fine wood carving saw, and finally combined into a delicate pattern. Straws of different sizes and colors are arranged side by side as closely as possible to achieve a three-dimensional, deep visual effect. The straw has seven different shades from golden yellow to brown, and its natural golden luster gives the koala decoration a lifelike image. This unique rich luster, after being dyed and assembled on the dial, can still maintain its natural state without any protective measures or glazing. The ancient straw inlay mosaic art has provided inspiration for many artistic creations. Cartier has taken this unexpected watchmaking material to the extreme, exuding delicate style and unique poetry.

The most luxurious women’s watch: Piaget Limelight Garden Party jewelry watch
The Piaget rose bloomed on the mysterious watch in a remarkable poppy-like form, and boldly reversed it into a whimsical and playful delicate decoration. The densely set 668 round diamonds weighed 8.7 carats and bloomed. Looking up to beauty.

Most Unique Fun: Cartier Temps Moderne de Cartier Watch
On the Tahiti mother-of-pearl chassis decorated with swirl patterns, three rings set with brilliant-cut diamonds danced under the drive of gears, and the small dial indicating the time kept rotating in the main dial, creating a dazzling Fascinating mechanical beauty … On the watch chassis, a modern ballet is being staged. The jewel’s light bounced between the gears and fell on the crown in a blink of an eye. This new and unique watch brings whimsy from jewellery design to shine under the light of precious stones and play with time.